Discovering Your Mind Power

If you were asked that what is that one weapon which you need to face life and come out victorious, what would you have answered? Let me guess, your answer might have been any of those of money, fame, success or maybe a fit body. But the correct answer is your mind power. The power of the subconscious is something that is like a magic wand, having the capability to bring to you whatever you want in life. If you can unleash your mind power fully then the word ‘miracle’ would cease to exist.

It is said that we only use 10% of our brain’s potential. Since childhood we have been taught how to do mathematics, how to swim, how to cook and how to play cards and the like but have we ever been taught by anybody how to use our mind power? The two things that we have actually learnt since childhood is the fact that success is only a function of backbreaking hard work and secondly, focusing on negative aspects of life.

In the first case, it can be said that the only thing we have ever heard or learnt since childhood is that if you want to make anything out of your life you have to stay up nights and slog in order to achieve it. Nobody ever actually told you that success or for that matter all abundance that you desire in your life or your destiny is only a function of your mind and nothing else. It is your mind power that has the ability to create your destiny the way you want it to be.

The second bad habit that we have developed since childhood is to always worry regarding things that we don’t have sufficiently. For example, money, fame, Jewellery, electronics, cars, houses, etc are some of the things we always crib about while the mere presence of a job, a house, a family and a fully functional body goes unnoticed.

Everything in universe in energy. Hence, if you focus all your energy in a particular thing that you want in your life, visualize its attainment strongly and go on affirming your own mind that the event will take place, you will see that your mind power, or rather your energy would affect the entire cosmos and result in the event or thing getting manifested in reality.

Moreover, since like attracts like, thinking of abundance will bring in more abundance. We are always distressed about what we don’t have instead of being joyful with what we have. You should realize that your subconscious mind power or the power of your thoughts of distress will bring in more distress while if you feel joy and gratitude, it will be these emotions which shall get manifested in your life.

Thus, it can be concluded that your mind has tremendous power and potential which you are not aware of, if you direct your attentions, channelize your energies, constantly visualize and affirm in your mind then your mind power will manifest your desires and create your destiny in the way you want it to be.

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Extrasensory Perception - Can This Phenomena Be Manipulated?

There has always been a vast debate as to whether extrasensory perception (ESP) is actually factual. Still today ESP is misinterpreted by many who don’t understand the concept. What this means is one receives information that is gained through the deep subconscious.

It is understandable that extrasensory perception is difficult to accept if one has not recognized the experience for themselves. Although this is a totally natural experience that all people have some or other time especially when they state clearly that they have a hunch about going there or their sixth sense tells them not to trust someone etc. This is definitely not mind control as well as the mind is not been controlled by a second party.

Scientists have stated that extrasensory perception is outside the realms of science as well as parapsychologists and wanted hard core evidence by using the ganzfeld methods in hope that they would gain factual evidence of ESP existing. And again due to lack of circumstantial theoretical evidence scientists were still apprehensive and would not accept this as true.

Over the many centuries extrasensory perception has been well noted in cultures gone by as well modern day where these people had extraordinary powers or a sixth sense and because they voiced this ESP they were burned or drowned as well as being termed witches. It is still practiced in many indigenous tribal cultures today whereby communication with spirits as well as those that have passed on is very much alive and probably more accepted as the norm.

Later scientists started to devise experiments in order to test the extrasensory perception ability. A simple set of cards was designed and called Zener cards and later changed to ESP cards. These cards were designed with symbols such as squares, stars, circles, crosses as well as wavy lines which made up the full set and the pack of cards comprised of twenty five cards.

The professionals selected cards that were very well shuffled and only they knew what the symbols were and in turn asked the person professing to be able to mind read what was on these cards. As well as later even a dice was used to try and obtain the same effect and both methods proved fruitful. When scientists and psychologists could not prove a definite yes or no explanation after extensive trials extrasensory perception was accepted. But research did not stop there; the professionals went onto to investigating how the unconscious mind functions as well as evaluating the human personality so that they would come to some understanding of ESP.

Those that were extremely aware of extrasensory perception and believed it existed took the card and dice tests and produced very high scores as opposed to those that were bordering on the sceptical side of things. The professionals then categorized their findings into two sections as follows - believers were defined as sheep and those that did not believe as goats. Today this test is still applied by the professionals and is known as the sheep-goat test. Meditation and REM sleep were also used giving more solid theoretical results.

In modern day this is now accepted as the norm and extrasensory perception is termed as parapsychology and making certain types of psychic phenomena such as astral projection and telepathy as well as telekinesis a standard phenomena accepted by science as well as these being accepted as spontaneous occurrences. It was also found that these experiences were not able to be controlled or replicated in any way.

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