*Spiritual Message* New Years 2011 (Decrease Anger - Love All - Spiritual Discipline - Relax)

yogeeshashram.org http siddhalishree.com Acharya Shree Yogeesh, a living enlightened spiritual master, gives you a unique and inspirational video for New Year 2011 and suggested New Year’s Resolutions - how to decrease your anger - be discipline in spiritual practices - eating lighter foods - love all living beings (he explains the 6 categories of living beings) - the importance of relaxation for spiritual growth - other practical suggestions to bring you joy, happiness, peace, and harmony this 2011 New Year Website Links: yogeeshashram.org http siddhayatan.org http siddhayatan.org siddhayatan.org siddhalishree.com Tags spirituality new year 2011 eve spiritual message teacher guru master enlightened enlightenment india hindu jain how to personal development decrease anger love higher consciousness discipline relaxation meditation sadhana years celebration acharya shree yogeesh ashram yogeeshashram siddhalishree.com

5 Secrets to leading a Spiritual Life in a Hectic, Stressful and Busy World

siddhayatan.org http siddhayatan.org siddhayatan.org Acharya Shree Yogeesh, a living enlightened master, discusses 5 secrets to be spiritual in a hectic and busy world. Related Tags: acharya shree yogeesh ashram meditation yoga world guru enlightenment enlightened master self realization spirituality spiritualism mantra busy time higher consciousness relaxation stress relief retreat center dallas texas spiritual peace divine india hindu karma buddhism jain jainism healing “Retreat (spiritual)” truth seeker life hectic shri monk teacher oneness samadhi how to tips advice tutorial secrets guruji acharyaji hindi siddhayatan.org http siddhayatan.org siddhayatan.org

Europe 2010 - Meditation, Yoga, and Spiritual Classes by Acharya Shree Yogeesh

yogeeshashram.org Acharya Shree Yogeesh will be traveling to the following countries during his 2010 Europe Visit. You will have the opportunity to attend his spiritual discourses and ask questions for personal guidance. Germany (April 17-19) Romania (April 20 - 21) Germany (April 22 - 23) England (April 24 - 2) Jersey Island (April 26 - 29) Scotland (April 30 - May 2) Norway (May 4 - 5) Switzerland (May 6 - 9) Please email, europe@yogeeshashram.org or visit yogeeshashram.org for more information.

Problems Make you Stronger - Being Spiritual During Life’s Difficulties, Challenges, and Busyness

siddhayatan.org http siddhalishree.com (blog) Acharya Shree Yogeesh encourages truth seekers to remain spiritual despite the problems and issues you may encounter on a daily basis. Acharya Shree states that problems should make you stronger, not weaker, as it helps you to become courageous, brave, and full of will-power. Not practicing spirituality in daily life because of lack of time and too many problems is only an excuse, according to Acharya Shree.

Spirituality: Karma? Reincarnation? What is it?

www.siddhayatan.org http www.siddhalishree.com (blog) Karma and Karmic Theory is full of complexities. Dr. Acharya Yogeesh simplifies some concepts of karma since most are confused on the topic. Karma, Rebirth and Reincarnation are discussed. There are only two eternal things matter and soul. Transcription What can you tell us about Karma? Good deeds bring good karma; bad deeds bring bad karma. Bad karma brings suffering and good karma brings happiness and prosperity. It makes life easy. To collect good karma your intention has to be pure. For example, if a beggar on the street comes across an accident and he makes every effort to help by putting his whole being there, he collects good karma. He did not have money and he couldn’t provide facilities to the injured but his intention was very pure. It means his soul is improving and he could come back as a higher person in his next life. Karmic theory works that way. There is no God that is telling you what to do. There is no “Almighty God” because an Almighty God will not allow suffering, like a father will not let his child suffer. A father will sacrifice anything to save his child from pain. This is an ordinary father not an almighty father. How can an almighty father let his children suffer? This idea of God that churches, synagogues, and temples perpetuate is for the support of the institution. If this idea is dropped there will be no institution of religion. So truth is withheld and those who do tell the truth are

Kali Yuga: A Time of Spiritual Growth & Machinery - Acharya Shree Yogeesh

siddhayatan.org http thespiritualblog.com Living Enlightened Master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, explains that Hindu Mythology and Jainism are wrong in believing that Kali Yuga is a time of weakness, lack of spirituality, disrespect, killing, and illusion. Acharya Shree says that Kali Yuga, according to Sanskrit means, “The Period of Machinery”. He further details the shift coming in the near future where Europeans will be the future teachers of spirituality and soul awakening….

New Years 2009 Message: Resolutions, Inspiration, & Change Spiritual

www.siddhayatan.org http Acharya Shree Yogeesh gives welcomes the 2009 new year with a message of inspiration for change, new years resolutions, and to break habits. Also he encourages everyone to practice yoga, meditation, and kapalbathi daily

Youtube & Acharya Yogeesh: Spirituality Enlightenment: Enlightened Master

www.siddhayatan.org http www.askacharyashree.com Living Enlightened Master Acharya Shree Yogeesh sheds light on his purpose of using youtube. Many people believe that Acharya Shree is trying to attract a big crowd, earn money, and gain fame by using…