Almost everything in religion/spirituality is sexual 1

Especially in fertility and ancestor death cults such as paganism later wicca and arguably christianity, Almost everything has a sexual connotation, shed your puritanical christian brainwashing. Challenge: Give me a spiritual symbol and ill explain any symbol sexually lol. Know means to have sex with in the bible and dictionary. Ken womb triangle sexual fire, knowing tantric sex, a crowely hearthfire womb tomb of the goddess fireplace lamp oven Cunt is cunning, wise, cup, chalice genitalia word etymology/origin: womans dictionary of symbols and sacred objects. b walker Bitch is a goddess word for sexually charged woman womban, dogs and wolfs sacred to the grecoroman goddesses. caves wells fountain sophia gnostics wisdom yoni vesica pisces land personified as godess breasts or spine=mountains witch used to be an insult in christian community, hates liberated females and the goddess and uses grace for itself. Why not reclaim the other terms? free occult ebooks:

The Mental And Spiritual Aspects Of Melanin - Part 1: Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

Dr. Booker T. Coleman is now known as Kaba Hiawatha Kamene. This is a fantastic interview that deals with what Melanin is and how it effects us. To purchase this video and others like it, please visit