182 - Charlie’s Spiritual Growth

This was the last week on Our Pagan Opinions but the video upload failed several times. I decided to give you guys something to watch and upload it on my personal channel. :)

Occult secrets: Powers of Magick & how it works (spiritual conspiracies)

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Wicca Self-Initiation: Spirituality and The Priesthood

This is the second video in my series on Wicca self-initiation; in this video, I talk about what reason you may have for choosing this path of spirituality, and the differences between everyday spirituality and the spirituality of the Priesthood. Would you like to see me in a live, interactive broadcast? Visit the web link below on Monday and Tuesday evenings, 9pm eastern USA time. Once on the page, enter a nickname that you wish to be known by in the Nickname box, then click on Log In, and you will immediately be logged into the chat room (IRC chat server sorcery.net). Once you are logged in, you will see two boxes on the right side of the page; the top box will be Wicca Radio, an internet radio station playing all Wiccan and Pagan music all the time; the bottom box is a Ustream video player, and that is the one you want to watch me live! At 9pm (often beforehand), you will see a small, triangle-shaped icon in the lower left corner of the video player - just click on that triangle icon to watch the broadcast. Alright! I have said enough (I hope, heh), now here is that link: www.witcheschat.com Oh, I almost forgot: you will know I am in the room by my nickname WiccaHP-Ba`lith. Hope to see you there! Blessed Be! B )O(

[09.29.] Religion, Spirituality, and Science

First off, I am so sorry for the length of this video!! It was longer but I cut 10 minutes out of it. I am discussing the difference between Religion and Spirituality and then I discuss the relationship of those two concepts to Psychology (specifically the brain, dreams, and extending out into Near Death Experiences). The website I reference is: www.nderf.org (Near Death Experience Research Foundation). I have to make it know that I believe Spirituality is extremely broad, and you do NOT have to believe in a deity/God/Goddess in order to be Spiritual.

242 - My Spirituality Up ‘Til Now

Sorry this is soooo overdue! This is a very brief look at my spiritual evolution, I’ve missed out a ton of info as I didn’t want to go on and on, so check my blog every so often for a better look into my life. The book was ‘Spells for Teenage Witches’ by Marina Barker. sycalaelen.wordpress.com =] sweet!

Evangelical Christian Terrorists? (Video)

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Real Magic Spells For Beginners

When working any type of a spell, whether it’s an intricate witchcraft spell or a free voodoo spell, it’s always wise to remember The Law Of Threes that states that whatever energy you send out into the world will be returned to you three-fold. So if you cast a spell that produces positive energy like a healing spell or a love spell, that healing energy or love energy will be returned to you three-fold.

Likewise, in case you cast a unfavorable spell like a spell for making somebody ill or cause some sort of accident, or maybe death, that negative vitality will also be returned to you three-fold. Therefore no matter whether it’s a cost-free voodoo spell or an high-priced Wiccan charm, magic and power aren’t to become taken for granted. Be terribly thorough in your castings.

Depending on how you employ it a love spell might not necessarily produce positive energy. If you cast a love spell to attract love into your life that’s one thing. However if you cast a love spell attempting to force somebody, against their will, to love you in return, you’ll get more than you bargained for. Voodoo should never be used to try to force somebody to do something against their will. Rather, use voodoo to generate a positive energy that will have an effect on you surroundings and your aura and make it possible for that person to be drawn to you if that is what he truly desires. Use voodoo to make yourself seem more enticing and appealing to him rather than trying to force him to come to you.

If you think someone has put a hex or a curse on you there are several spells you can cast to break it. However bear in mind the Law Of Threes again. It’s better to cast an uncrossing spell or a hex breaker spell but you ought to be very careful when casting a hex, or curse, reversal spell. A reversal spell sounds the negative energy from you back to the one that put the curse on you. And if that person detects that you’ve sent the curse back to them, it can be returned to you once more with so much worse results. If you feel that somebody has put a hex or a curse on you, here is a free voodoo spell to help break it.

Reverse A Curse - You will need one white candle, some black pepper, a piece of thin string, Sandalwood oil, a piece of paper and pen, a wok or cauldron. If you’re feeling you’ve been plagued by a curse, whether it’s an evil curse or not, you can try this spell to break it.

Meditate for some moments on the curse that you wish to reverse all the while concentrating on the curse and nothing else. Now, take the piece of paper and write down the curse that you want to reverse. Roll the paper into a scroll and tie it with the thin string being careful to form five complete rounds round the roll of paper and then tie a perfect knot to finish.

Now, ignite a little fire in the wok and use it to light the candle and place it next to the window. Hold the paper scroll and pass it via the flame of the candle 3 times even though concentrating on the curse you wish to reverse. And whisper the following lines three times: “As I say this blessed verse, unwanted curse, you shall reverse”.

Take care that you’re only concentrating on those lines as you cast this free of charge voodoo spell. Once you recite these lines 3 times drop the paper roll into the wok and add three drops of Sandalwood oil and sprinkle some black pepper. Now wait until the flames die out and if the paper has burned down fully, the curse has been reversed.

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You Can’t Learn To How To Do Voodoo From A Horror Movie

Contrary to widespread opinion, if you wish to learn how to do voodoo you don’t need to join up with a caravan and travel across central Europe looking for vampires and werewolves while wearing cloves of garlic around your neck and earrings made of chicken bones. Those images made popular by the old-time classic horror movies in no way resemble modern practitioners of voodoo. In fact, individuals who are interested in learning how to do voodoo are usually shocked to find that it’s more closely connected to a religious ritual than it is to a horror move.

However, caution ought to be used when performing any kind of magic ritual, particularly if you’re just learning how to do voodoo. It’s very easy to make a mistake and even the tiniest error might have terrible consequences. While not all practitioners of the magical arts believe in the Power Of Three, the majority are still very careful regarding the type of energy they send out into the realms. Most will state that whatever type of energy you expel will be returned to you three-fold. Which means that if you send out positive energies like love and luck and healing, those same energies will be returned to you to the power of three. However if you send out vibrations of hatred and harm and even death, those same energies will be visited upon you three-fold.

It’s best to learn how to do voodoo from someone who has been practicing the craft for a while who can teach you the special precautions you need to take for your own safety.

Of course the first thing that new practitioners of voodoo invariably want to learn is how to do a voodoo doll. Most people still have the misconception that if they produce a voodoo doll that closely resembles another person they can stick it with pins and cause that person to jump around in pain or have a headache or, worse yet, a heart attack. However this simply isn’t the case. While it’s possible to cause great harm with a voodoo doll it is not really possible to stick a pin in the doll’s head and cause your intended victim’s hair to immediately fall out.

However, if you’ve created a voodoo doll in someone’s image and keyed it to that person through the use of various voodoo spells, you can cause harm to that person, even though that’s not your intention. As an example, if, after consecrating your voodoo doll, you were to leave it on a table and leave the house your cat may think it’s a toy and start playing with it and batting it around. While that’s happening, the person in whose image you’ve created the doll might feel nauseous and dizzy and will not feel better until you return home and rescue his doll from your cat. But you have also inadvertently released negative energy out into the world which may now be returned back to your - three-fold!

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