182 - Charlie’s Spiritual Growth

This was the last week on Our Pagan Opinions but the video upload failed several times. I decided to give you guys something to watch and upload it on my personal channel. :)

The Origins of Christianity

The true origins of some of the bible stories, linguistic terms, and other christian concepts are explained truthfully for the first time.

Wicca Self-Initiation: Spirituality and The Priesthood

This is the second video in my series on Wicca self-initiation; in this video, I talk about what reason you may have for choosing this path of spirituality, and the differences between everyday spirituality and the spirituality of the Priesthood. Would you like to see me in a live, interactive broadcast? Visit the web link below on Monday and Tuesday evenings, 9pm eastern USA time. Once on the page, enter a nickname that you wish to be known by in the Nickname box, then click on Log In, and you will immediately be logged into the chat room (IRC chat server sorcery.net). Once you are logged in, you will see two boxes on the right side of the page; the top box will be Wicca Radio, an internet radio station playing all Wiccan and Pagan music all the time; the bottom box is a Ustream video player, and that is the one you want to watch me live! At 9pm (often beforehand), you will see a small, triangle-shaped icon in the lower left corner of the video player - just click on that triangle icon to watch the broadcast. Alright! I have said enough (I hope, heh), now here is that link: www.witcheschat.com Oh, I almost forgot: you will know I am in the room by my nickname WiccaHP-Ba`lith. Hope to see you there! Blessed Be! B )O(

[09.29.] Religion, Spirituality, and Science

First off, I am so sorry for the length of this video!! It was longer but I cut 10 minutes out of it. I am discussing the difference between Religion and Spirituality and then I discuss the relationship of those two concepts to Psychology (specifically the brain, dreams, and extending out into Near Death Experiences). The website I reference is: www.nderf.org (Near Death Experience Research Foundation). I have to make it know that I believe Spirituality is extremely broad, and you do NOT have to believe in a deity/God/Goddess in order to be Spiritual.

242 - My Spirituality Up ‘Til Now

Sorry this is soooo overdue! This is a very brief look at my spiritual evolution, I’ve missed out a ton of info as I didn’t want to go on and on, so check my blog every so often for a better look into my life. The book was ‘Spells for Teenage Witches’ by Marina Barker. sycalaelen.wordpress.com =] sweet!

VR to Customizing Your Spirituality

A short VR to WitchontheRocks video Customizing your spirituality

Almost everything in religion/spirituality is sexual 1

Especially in fertility and ancestor death cults such as paganism later wicca and arguably christianity, Almost everything has a sexual connotation, shed your puritanical christian brainwashing. Challenge: Give me a spiritual symbol and ill explain any symbol sexually lol. Know means to have sex with in the bible and dictionary. Ken womb triangle sexual fire, knowing tantric sex, a crowely hearthfire womb tomb of the goddess fireplace lamp oven Cunt is cunning, wise, cup, chalice genitalia word etymology/origin: womans dictionary of symbols and sacred objects. b walker Bitch is a goddess word for sexually charged woman womban, dogs and wolfs sacred to the grecoroman goddesses. caves wells fountain sophia gnostics wisdom yoni vesica pisces land personified as godess breasts or spine=mountains witch used to be an insult in christian community, hates liberated females and the goddess and uses grace for itself. Why not reclaim the other terms? www.multiart.nu free occult ebooks: darkbooks.org

Angie & Samantha: Discussing Spirituality & Religion

This is the introduction to our channel for discussing spirituality and religion as well as any variation of that topic. We’re starting a community for people ranging from those who wish to discuss the path they’ve followed for years, to those who are still trying to find their way. It won’t always be serious and stone-faced, but it will always be a learning experience. Everyone is welcome, so don’t be afraid to get involved! It’ll be fun! Yay! ^_^ Hope to see you soon! ~Samantha

Your Spiritual Self…..Where to start??

Want to begin your new path of Wicca or simply just “being” spiritual?? Need a few ideas what to do? Whats may be holding you back? Well this is my personal perspective on a simple, yet very effective approach to start from the VERY beginning on becoming the “better you”. This video touches base describing aa few approaches and ideas where to begin. Conducting a personal reflection? Admitting your vexations and facing your insecurities? Learning about your Chakras and how truly important balance is for achieving your full spiritual potential. Each of us is very different but very much the same. The key is being secure in your own identity. Making decisions from a balanced place leads to balanced decisions in which allow and encourage to lead a successful and fulfilling life. Missed the Blog Radio Show?!?!? Here is the link and be sure to check out the others shows available as well weekly!! www.blogtalkradio.com