The Well-known But Often Misunderstood Voodoo Dolls

The voodoo dolls have also become very popular and trendy. They have indeed become very easy to sell. Many think it’s a cute thing to have. And because it has become a fashion accessory, many want to acquire more knowledge on the real voodoo dolls too. If you are one of them, then read on. This article will tackle on the different voodoo dolls that exist in the voodoo belief and some of the reasons behind making these voodoo dolls.

Making your very own voodoo doll is simple, the more difficult part is making the voodoo doll work for you. There are many people who make voodoo dolls in hopes of performing spells but their attempts never succeed. This is because they don’t have enough faith in it. You should concentrate very deeply.

There are two types of voodoo dolls - the first voodoo doll is the guardian doll. The guardian dolls must be carried all the time and it must be kept like a fetish. You can also have the option of displaying it in your house so that it will protect your house from evil.

The second voodoo doll is the one that is used when you perform spells. This type of voodoo doll is being created to perform either a noble or a crooked deed. You can bless, heal, and bring happiness to the person. But you can also harm the person by cursing them.

How is the voodoo doll being used?

The voodoo dolls is commonly used along with spells and different colored pins. The pins’ colors have different meanings: red - power, blue - love, green - money, purple - psychic development and dreams, commanding presence, yellow - success, black - repelling negativity. You will also need to have some personal belongings of the person. If you are adept in spell casting, even a picture of the person will be enough.

For you to perform a voodoo spell, it is important to have basic knowledge on doing simple spells first before embarking on the making of a voodoo doll or attempting to make the more complicated spells. You should become fully concentrated on the nature spirits around you too.

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Here Are Some Simple Steps In Making A Voodoo Doll

Exactly how voodoo began cannot be traced. However, it has been known to exist for already thousands of years in Africa and has become a major religion in the area. With the passing of time, this religious belief has become very mixed with many other religious beliefs since the practice of voodoo is not limited to be just voodoo alone. You can try to mix ‘how to do voodoo’ with ‘how to do wicca’ and many other spell casting beliefs. As to how voodoo spread worldwide, it obviously began when the African slavery was widely practiced by the whites. Although the original practice of voodoo is all about goodness, many African slaves practiced voodoo to supposedly harm their cruel masters. They took delight in harming their cruel masters. Voodoo therefore became a means to threaten the whites. Many whites turned to voodoo practitioners for help when they needed help. One of the most popular voodoo queens was Marie Laveau. She lived in the 18th century and was well known to mix the practice of voodoo to Catholicism. She lived in New Orleans, and at that time, there were many voodoo practitioners in New Orleans.

The New Orleans Style voodoo doll is the simplest to do among the voodoo dolls that are available. Here is how to make a voodoo doll, New Orleans style.

Materials needed for the voodoo doll: - 2 strong sticks - the other is preferably longer than the other - Spanish moss (or some other herb such as lavender and lemon grass) - Left over fabric, cut into 2-3 inch strips, you must have enough to cover the sticks and the Spanish moss. Remember that the colors have meaning, red - power, blue - love, green - money, purple - psychic development and dreams, commanding presence, yellow - success, black - repelling negativity -Yarn (to represent hair in case you cannot obtain the person’s hair), string, hemp cord, or waxed thread -2 beads, buttons, or black-eyed peas that will become the eyes of your doll needle and thread in a color to match or contrast your fabric -glue

Directions in making your voodoo doll:

Make a cross shaped figure with the sticks. The shorter sticks will be the ‘hands’ Use a string to tie them. Make sure that they’re securely tied. Get the Spanish moss and wrap it all around the cross stick. Then get the fabric strips and wrap those to the spanish moss. You can also have the option to add real hair with the spanish moss to make sure that you have secured a personal property of that person inside the doll. Make eyes by attaching the beads, buttons or the peas to the ‘face’, then you can personalize the voodoo doll by adding more personal belongings of the person to the voodoo doll. It is very important for you to have intense concentration while you are making the voodoo doll.

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Simple Steps In Making A Voodoo Doll

As to when exactly did voodoo and the making of the infamous voodoo dolls began cannot be traced. What is positive is that it took place since ancient times. This practiced has become modernized through the passing of time. The full understanding of why the voodoo doll is essential in the voodoo culture will lead you to become a better voodoo practitioner in the future. In America and other Western countries, where slavery has become as common as bread, voodoo flourished in the African slave community. The slaves used this practice to threaten the slave owners, who were very much superstitious then. As we know, witches and any form of witchcraft always caused panic in the olden days. There were also many whites who eventually practiced this, mixing it with Christianity for their ‘voodoo’ to somehow have some holiness in it. Marie Laveau was the most feared and respected practitioner of this form of ‘mixed voodoo. She was constantly sought by many white clients, some of them learned the craft from her. Because of its popularity, the practice became eventually known as New Orleans Voodoo since the city was known in the 18th and 19th century to have been the home of the most powerful voodoo priests.

The New Orleans voodoo doll has become the simplest type of voodoo doll to create. Here’s how:

Materials needed for the voodoo doll: - 2 strong sticks - the other is preferably longer than the other - Spanish moss (or some other herb such as lavender and lemon grass) - Left over fabric, cut into 2-3 inch strips, you must have enough to cover the sticks and the Spanish moss. Remember that the colors have meaning, red - power, blue - love, green - money, purple - psychic development and dreams, commanding presence, yellow - success, black - repelling negativity -Yarn (to represent hair in case you cannot obtain the person’s hair), string, hemp cord, or waxed thread -2 beads, buttons, or black-eyed peas that will become the eyes of your doll needle and thread in a color to match or contrast your fabric -glue

Steps in how to make a voodoo doll:

Make a cross shaped figure with the sticks, the shorter sticks will be the “hands”. Use a string to tie them together. Make sure that they are tied securely. Wrap the Spanish moss or any powerful herb (in the voodoo world’s belief, that is) to the cross figure. Wrap the fabric strips to the cross, make eyes by attaching or sewing the beads, buttons, or the peas. Add the yarn or the real hair. You also have the option to add the real hair with the Spanish moss, that way, it will always be inside and not have the possibility of becoming destroyed. Decorate your voodoo doll with personal belongings of the person whom you’d like to cast a spell on. It is very important for you to have intense concentration while making the voodoo doll.

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Think First before Getting Or Making A Voodoo Doll

Becoming hooked up with the spiritual world and magical forces will naturally lead you into finding out more about voodoo. Learning about voodoo will lead to a knowledge on voodoo dolls. Considering a training on how to do voodoo the proper way is a pleasant prospect for a person with great intentions of doing benevolent and merciful acts. Let’s have a short explanation on voodoo, voodoo dolls, and knowing how ready you are to proceed in making a voodoo doll.

Negative portrayal of voodoo.

Many movies have pictured out voodoo as a religion which doesn’t even have an inkling of sacredness. This makes us have horrible images into our minds. This is actually a false idea. You having a better realization on this practice will not think of the scary images at all. Voodoo emancipated from the negative ideas associated with voodoo will allow you to constantly practice voodoo as a sacred spiritual connection to the forces of nature. The law of attraction is always at work and will eventually be giving you positive auras in every aspect of your life.

Now, for our main point - the voodoo dolls.

What are the main purposes of making a voodoo doll? There are actually two main reasons for making voodoo dolls - good purpose and evil purposes. You will hopefully not choose the latter purpose. Let us focus on making the world a better place. Look at it this way, if somebody has wronged you, you have the power to soften their hearts. Thus, you’ll be avoiding this “greedy, selfish” individual to hurt more people. You choosing to feed on your anger and bitterness by casting revenge spell on the voodoo doll will have nothing to gain, but more to lose really. Your contentment after the vengeance will be short lived because the evil released will bounce back, twice as powerful. Nothing, not even the most potent protection spell will prevent it from happening.

Should you buy or make your own voodoo doll?

Searching the term itself in the internet will amaze you! There are so many who actually sell this voodoo doll. Making a doll on your behalf will spare you from gathering materials. However, it will also spare you from the possible effect desired of the spells that you will cast. Don’t be fooled by those who want to steal your money. It is relevantly very uncomplicated to make a voodoo doll. There are loads of information on how to make a voodoo doll.

Do you think you are ready to make a voodoo doll?

In the website that I visited, frank Stevens’, he has realistic and simple DIY spells to perform. He doesn’t recommend making a voodoo doll immediately. Instead, he gives a free training on making very simple steps to try on. After you have done several of the easy spells, you can avail of his really cheap paid trainings and be more prepared in making your own voodoo doll. What I love about him is that he never teaches to do voodoo spells for evil purposes.

This brief informative article will hopefully make you assess your capabilities as a future practitioner of the sacred voodoo arts. This will help you not become frustrated in your quest.

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What You Need To Know About Voodoo And Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo originated in Africa. It is a mysterious and highly powerful magical arts that depend on nature and the spirits in nature. Voodoo literally means “spirit of God”. The voodoo practitioners believe that one God exists. But unlike any other God believed by many other culture, this God is someone who don’t directly preside over earthly matters. He just allows the spirits (called as loa) to take control over man’s life. They are the ones who are in control of man’s daily existence. The loas are the ones called upon to aid the voodoo practitioner whenever they are performing the magical spells.

In the USA, voodoo has flourished in New Orleans. This is mainly due to Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen who lived during the 1800s. Her popularity and capability of helping many poor black slaves to improve their lives became the reason why she had many followers. She mixed voodoo with her Catholic faith. It has been said that Marie Laveau rarely does evil spells, and only agrees to do so if the situation calls for it. But her daughter ruined her name. Since her name was also Marie, she carried on her mother’s legacy, but opened a brothel and threatened the authorities who wanted to close it with voodoo. Because of this, Marie Leveau’s daughter never had the reverence of the people.

Given the legend of the original Marie Leveau and her daughter, we can conclude safely that voodoo can be used for both evil and good intentions. The danger with using voodoo for harmful intentions is that there is always a backfire that awaits all of those who engage in it. Even with the presence of protection spells, voodoo believers believe in karma, and highly adheres to taking responsibility for all their actions.

The voodoo doll can be deemed as an essential aspect on the voodoo faith. This is very true. This was originally used by the voodoo doctors to cure the persons who cannot be able to attend the voodoo ceremonies physically.

The original purpose of how to do voodoo was never meant to hurt others. In fact, it is still greatly discouraged by the voodoo priests since they believe in the law of sowing and reaping. If you sow evil, it will return and if you sow good, it will return. The misconception that voodoo is limited only to voodoo dolls are pathetic since there are still many other aspects to consider on voodoo.

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Examples Of Magic Spells

Magic spells continue to be practiced currently, and have a lengthy range of use in our heritage. They have been employed by men referred to as sorcerers through the Dark Ages, mainly because of increased superstition at that time. As we have already pointed out, although, they’re still made use of today through quite a few different groups and organizations.

You’ll find a variety of varieties of magic spells offered by different cultures that carry out various jobs. Some claim that magic spells are separated into two different principal classes, as they are generally either white or black. White magic is believed to be made use of to help a person or aid the spell caster. Black magic is used to harm or cause the caster to get mind control over somebody else.

These two aspects are disputed as genuine types by a number of people, however, as modern day magic enthusiasts say that magic cannot be good or bad (as quite a few notions of black and white magic declare) but can only be linked to the purposes of the caster. And to add to the concept that magic isn’t black and white will be spells such as levitation, as those spells plainly aren’t to assist or hurt anyone.

A good example of a spell of the white magic category would be a spell of luck. There are many spells of luck available to a sorcerer who would like progress in this particular area, and these spells require a variety of actions, speech, relative times, or resources. One particular spell for good luck necessitates a full moon, and is usually a spell performed for the honor of Lady Luck.

You can find other versions of luck spells too. One calls for the caster to basically focus energy into their arms, put their arms together, then release them and rub them around the entire body, and this specific spell offers good luck to the spell caster.

You will discover in addition illustrations of black magic such as the nightmare side of magic spells. Nightmare spells are generally made use of to negate nightmares, so that you can help one sleep or simply keep one from alarming nightmares. But for black magic purposes, nightmare spells or chants are used to produce an enemy with nightmares. These usually require candles and a photo of the enemy. These types of spells are said to trigger great torment on the target, and if they are cast a number of times they have the ability to lead to injury and even death.

Different cultures are connected to different types of magic. The voodoo used in some areas of Haiti is known to be linked with the dark magic arts. This involves spells that are said to damage others, for example resurrecting the dead to assassinate a person’s opponents, or even the well-known voodoo dolls which are also made use of for harm.

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Real Magic Spells For Beginners

When working any type of a spell, whether it’s an intricate witchcraft spell or a free voodoo spell, it’s always wise to remember The Law Of Threes that states that whatever energy you send out into the world will be returned to you three-fold. So if you cast a spell that produces positive energy like a healing spell or a love spell, that healing energy or love energy will be returned to you three-fold.

Likewise, in case you cast a unfavorable spell like a spell for making somebody ill or cause some sort of accident, or maybe death, that negative vitality will also be returned to you three-fold. Therefore no matter whether it’s a cost-free voodoo spell or an high-priced Wiccan charm, magic and power aren’t to become taken for granted. Be terribly thorough in your castings.

Depending on how you employ it a love spell might not necessarily produce positive energy. If you cast a love spell to attract love into your life that’s one thing. However if you cast a love spell attempting to force somebody, against their will, to love you in return, you’ll get more than you bargained for. Voodoo should never be used to try to force somebody to do something against their will. Rather, use voodoo to generate a positive energy that will have an effect on you surroundings and your aura and make it possible for that person to be drawn to you if that is what he truly desires. Use voodoo to make yourself seem more enticing and appealing to him rather than trying to force him to come to you.

If you think someone has put a hex or a curse on you there are several spells you can cast to break it. However bear in mind the Law Of Threes again. It’s better to cast an uncrossing spell or a hex breaker spell but you ought to be very careful when casting a hex, or curse, reversal spell. A reversal spell sounds the negative energy from you back to the one that put the curse on you. And if that person detects that you’ve sent the curse back to them, it can be returned to you once more with so much worse results. If you feel that somebody has put a hex or a curse on you, here is a free voodoo spell to help break it.

Reverse A Curse - You will need one white candle, some black pepper, a piece of thin string, Sandalwood oil, a piece of paper and pen, a wok or cauldron. If you’re feeling you’ve been plagued by a curse, whether it’s an evil curse or not, you can try this spell to break it.

Meditate for some moments on the curse that you wish to reverse all the while concentrating on the curse and nothing else. Now, take the piece of paper and write down the curse that you want to reverse. Roll the paper into a scroll and tie it with the thin string being careful to form five complete rounds round the roll of paper and then tie a perfect knot to finish.

Now, ignite a little fire in the wok and use it to light the candle and place it next to the window. Hold the paper scroll and pass it via the flame of the candle 3 times even though concentrating on the curse you wish to reverse. And whisper the following lines three times: “As I say this blessed verse, unwanted curse, you shall reverse”.

Take care that you’re only concentrating on those lines as you cast this free of charge voodoo spell. Once you recite these lines 3 times drop the paper roll into the wok and add three drops of Sandalwood oil and sprinkle some black pepper. Now wait until the flames die out and if the paper has burned down fully, the curse has been reversed.

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You Can’t Learn To How To Do Voodoo From A Horror Movie

Contrary to widespread opinion, if you wish to learn how to do voodoo you don’t need to join up with a caravan and travel across central Europe looking for vampires and werewolves while wearing cloves of garlic around your neck and earrings made of chicken bones. Those images made popular by the old-time classic horror movies in no way resemble modern practitioners of voodoo. In fact, individuals who are interested in learning how to do voodoo are usually shocked to find that it’s more closely connected to a religious ritual than it is to a horror move.

However, caution ought to be used when performing any kind of magic ritual, particularly if you’re just learning how to do voodoo. It’s very easy to make a mistake and even the tiniest error might have terrible consequences. While not all practitioners of the magical arts believe in the Power Of Three, the majority are still very careful regarding the type of energy they send out into the realms. Most will state that whatever type of energy you expel will be returned to you three-fold. Which means that if you send out positive energies like love and luck and healing, those same energies will be returned to you to the power of three. However if you send out vibrations of hatred and harm and even death, those same energies will be visited upon you three-fold.

It’s best to learn how to do voodoo from someone who has been practicing the craft for a while who can teach you the special precautions you need to take for your own safety.

Of course the first thing that new practitioners of voodoo invariably want to learn is how to do a voodoo doll. Most people still have the misconception that if they produce a voodoo doll that closely resembles another person they can stick it with pins and cause that person to jump around in pain or have a headache or, worse yet, a heart attack. However this simply isn’t the case. While it’s possible to cause great harm with a voodoo doll it is not really possible to stick a pin in the doll’s head and cause your intended victim’s hair to immediately fall out.

However, if you’ve created a voodoo doll in someone’s image and keyed it to that person through the use of various voodoo spells, you can cause harm to that person, even though that’s not your intention. As an example, if, after consecrating your voodoo doll, you were to leave it on a table and leave the house your cat may think it’s a toy and start playing with it and batting it around. While that’s happening, the person in whose image you’ve created the doll might feel nauseous and dizzy and will not feel better until you return home and rescue his doll from your cat. But you have also inadvertently released negative energy out into the world which may now be returned back to your - three-fold!

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Casting Real Spells That Work

Many people feel that a spell can be easily cast without much thought about it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Casting real spells involves a meticulous series of thoughts and considerations.

You should never cast a spell if you don’t truly understand what a magic spell entails. It can be dangerous to mess around with forces that you have no understanding of, and your results could be a disaster.

Spell casting

In order to cast a real spell you will have to feel the intent fully and truly. If there are any doubts within you then the spell will not turn out the way you planned. It will else not happen, or it will happen with different results than you wanted.

Knowing your intent is very crucial to a successful spell. You will need to think of what you are trying to achieve and how it will affect the world around you.

Don’t get frustrated while waiting

Whenever you cast a real spell it is important for you to have some patience. You probably won’t see any results right away.

Once you have given it an ample amount of time to work and it still has not, then you may want to modify your spell.

Not having the right intent could be another reason why your spell did not work. A spell that is cast in order to harm another will not work well. That is not what spells were intended for.

One more thing that could affect the outcome of your spell is that you may be requesting too much at once. Try to focus on the one thing that you are truly wanting.

Casting spells has been a practice that has lasted through many centuries. If you follow the steps of your spell precisely and have clearly defined intentions, then you will be able to cast a true real spell.

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