Ringo4life, An Exhortation to Repentance: Christianity? John 3;16? Answered Biblically

www.taliforgod.com PLEASE READ THESE COMMENTS I make this exhortation in the way i do in hopes that Ringo does indeed have the Holy Spirit working in him; if he does, there is absolutely no way he can deny the Virgin Birth and Jesus being God manifest in the flesh for very long. Proverbs 27:5-6 Open rebuke is better than secret love. 6Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. To his viewers, if you truly love Ringo; you would agree that denying such biblical teachings is dangerous. Before accepting anything said about Christians, consider that the person saying such things; denies the Virgin Birth… Denies Jesus is God manifest in the flesh 1 timothy 3:16. Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. I would rather warn Ringo now, and see him in the Kingdom. Than not warn him and his viewers and not see them. The Virgin Birth is not a “Christian Thing” Jesus as God manifest in the flesh is not a “Christian Thing” 1 Tim. 3:16 This is just some more additional credible sources which demonstrate that the name Christian means follower of Christ. In addition showing that from the 2nd century on forward, the disciples considered this a term of honor. www.blueletterbible.org I even search several credible sources for definitions: New American Standard Keyword Study Bible Strong’s dictionary with AMG word studies page 2312 2008 edition by AMG publishers 5546, Christianos, krhis-tee-an-os’; from

debate Jewish rabbi vs Minister Christian

the Christian Minister is a professor in Christianity that teach for 31 years in Christian University of Manhattan New York www.divineinformation.com

Can you be too liberal to be a Christian?

The video of John Shelby Spong… www.youtube.com His wikipedia entry… en.wikipedia.org

The Virgin Birth

Here are some sources: 1) www.tektonics.org 2) www.amazon.com 3) www.amazon.com 4) www.amazon.com 5) www.amazon.com

Tania Kassis - Islamo-Christian AVE (Official Clip) — Cd available at Virgin Lebanon all branches

www.taniakassis.com An inspired arrangement of an Ave Maria accompanied by the Adhan “Allah Akbar”. An idea of Tania Kassis at the occasion of the designation of March 25 (Annonciation Day) as National Islamo-Christian Holiday in Lebanon. Co-Arrangement: Tania Kassis & Michel Fadel Vocals: Tania Kassis, Mhammad Shaar & Maen Zakaria Musicians: Michel Fadel (piano) & Olivier Leclerc (violin) Maen & Mohammad Voices Recorded & Edited by Eddy Jazra Tania Kassis Voice Recorded & Tracks Mixed by Tony Meggiorin at Studio Labie Album Mastered at Eddy Jazra Audio Productions Video Excerpts from: Opening of the Francophony Games, Collège des Bernardins (Paris), Saida International Festival, Faqra Summer Festival, USJ Editing: Elie Yammine / Yammine Photo Video © Pictures: Elie Bekhazi © 2010 Tania Kassis Production

Christian Myth Jesus pagan solar deity god’s sun Zeitgeist

Egyptian Religions is 95% of the foundational basis of the Judeo Christian religion; baptism, circumcision, afterlife, final judgment,virgin birth, ark of the covenant, easter, passover, holy communion, great flood, death and resurrection, crucifixion, great flood and easter. Justin Martyr spoke of Perseus pagan religions. Devils crafted and created his characteristics in the pagan world. wrong blasphemous and sinful to argue against the religious myth of jesus as god and not the representation of the solar deity the Sun of God as presented in the pagan religious beliefs that the Christian Religion has taken its beliefs from. from zeitgeistmovie.com

Gelsi Corner: Spiritual Works of Mercy 5-7

Hi everyone. Today we’re talking about the 7 Spiritual acts of mercy. They are: Admonish the Sinner, Instruct the Ignorant, Counsel the Doubtful, Comfort the Sorrowful, Bear wrong Patiently, Forgive All Injuries, & Pray for the Living & the Dead. Thanks for watching. Please Rate and Subscribe. Bye :)

What is Christianity? A Visual Explanation

What is Christianity? A visual explanation by “What is” Media. We create simple explanatory videos for important and complex topics. —script— What is Christianity? Christianity teaches that there is only one God and that “in the beginning” this God spoke the entire universe into existence. On earth God creates two people, a man and woman, named Adam and Eve. They are to tend the garden in which they live, and are free to eat from any tree except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil …