Challenge To Christians To Imagine It If They Can…

Seriously. Can you imagine how it would feel if this happened to you?

One Video EVERY Christian should watch!

Almost no Christians have read the Bible, an interesting irony given that it is purported to be the source of their religion. When you do read the Bible, its like entering a mad house. The books of Moses are a bloodbath from beginning to end. The God of Moses appears to be a volcano, and worships in an orgy of blood and dismembered animals. Then you get on to Jesus, and things really dont improve much. Jesus states that all the old laws about burning witches etc, given to Moses by God still stand, and Jesus spends most of his time healing the sick, casting out demons and preaching. The irony being that even after he gives his disciples magic powers to cast out demons, many of them still doubt that he is the son of God. Anyway, this video just cuts out one short segment of the Bible, about witches, wizards and demons. All form part of the narrative of Jesus and God in the Bible. Remove these, and you rip out the credibility of the book on its big claims about Gods, and Sons of Gods and you reduce the Bible to merely a story book. It is my reckoning that people can identify Harry Potter as a work of fiction. Why then should people struggle so much in identifying the Bible as a work of fiction?

Problems Make you Stronger - Being Spiritual During Life’s Difficulties, Challenges, and Busyness http (blog) Acharya Shree Yogeesh encourages truth seekers to remain spiritual despite the problems and issues you may encounter on a daily basis. Acharya Shree states that problems should make you stronger, not weaker, as it helps you to become courageous, brave, and full of will-power. Not practicing spirituality in daily life because of lack of time and too many problems is only an excuse, according to Acharya Shree.

Christians Fundamentalists Creationists Bush -Bill Hicks

. Because for the last 12 years with Reagan and Bush we have had fundamentalist Christians in the white house. Fundamentalist Including that wacky fire and brimstone ending. Revelations Tell me when Lord, tell me when. Fundamentalist Christianity, fascinating. These people actually believe the world is twelve thousand years old. Well how fucking scientific. Didn’t know you went to so much trouble. You believe the world is 12000 years old? Muh-uh. You think it would be mentioned in the …