Introduction to Transcendental Meditation

For more information visit - Transcendental Meditation (TM) is explained by scientists - Dr John Hagelin and Dr Norman Rosenthal. Hagelin Meditation properly understood and properly practiced is a systematic means to turn the attention powerfully within. To experience and explore deeper levels of mind, quieter levels of the awareness until the mind is completely settled in the simplest state of human awareness. Rosenthal: Through Transcendental Meditation one can slip into a zone if you like in which you are thoroughly alert, profoundly relaxed, very joyful in spirit, but unfocused on anything in particular. It’s not a thing your happy about and yet you’re joyful. It’s not a thing you’re thinking about and yet you’re alert. You’re not asleep and yet you’re profoundly relaxed. It’s a really curious state that is a thing in itself. One thing about Transcendental Meditation and you hear this from many people who have tried a bunch of different meditation techniques to get to this state - is it’s one of the simplest, most effortless ways of accessing the transcendent. Hagelin: In this meditative state the body gains a deep state of rest, deeper than sleep and deep seated stress is dissolved, providing an effective prevention to stress related illness, removing the deleterious effects of stress on health and brain functioning. It’s a systematic meditation technique to develop the full potential of mind and body. *Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh

Gratitude - with Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra guided meditation. How can biofeedback help me achieve a longer, healthier, happier life? http The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatio, which originally indicated every type of physical or intellectual exercise, then later evolved into the more specific meaning “contemplation.” Eastern spiritual teachings, including meditation, have been adapted and increasingly practiced in Western culture. - Stress is medically proven to have negative effects on the body and takes its toll on our physical and mental well-being on a cellular level. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 80 percent of the doctor visits in the USA are triggered by a stress-related illness. Healing Rhythms unique biofeedback program is designed to help you uncover your body’s own natural ability to counter the wear and tear that everyday stress has on your health. http healing - Healing Rhythms uses biofeedback to access your innate healing abilities to restore your physical, mental and spiritual health.” You hold in your hands your healthy life balance neurofeedback biofeedback spirituality stress relief headache mental power mind power energy flow aura - a resource of greatest mind body soul spirutal brain and mental power tools explanations psychology mentaphysics quantum physics hypnosis nlp resource recommendation on best spiritual books mind books self-help programs to open your mind

FULL MOON MUSIC - HEALING MEDITATION MUSIC FOR ALL THE SENSES The latest mysoftmusic video is dedicated to the full moon and to all those who are fascinated by the power of this amazing phenomenon. Enjoy the full moon meditation video with soothing and tranquilizing music.

The benefits of exercise will increase your Health

Change is inevitable and time will never stand still, so what are you doing today to take care of your health so you can live a long lustrous life beyond the next five years? Many only think of their health when a crisis arises and they find themselves in need of medical assistance, but what if you moved that thought process of health care to the front of your mind and thought about it everyday in a positive way.

Unfortunately across the United States, where the majority of these people have food supplies in abundance and their lifestyles are sedentary, excessive weight gain has reached epidemic proportions, with more than 1.5 billion adults being either overweight or obese. Being overweight typically means that the body has more fat than is optimally healthy where as to be obese is when a persons weight is more than 20 percent above the normal weight, and to be “morbid obese” means that a person is either 50-100 percent over the normal weight, or is sufficiently overweight to severely interfere with health or normal day to day functions.

We all know stress can have major effects on our health both physical and psychological, slowing down our performance and efficiency. Sadness, depression, anxiety, anger and frustration are all results of too much stress. But not all stress is induced by a situation, in fact, according to Lucinda Sykes, a Toronto physician; “Sometimes we’re having a stress response to situations that is actually more the result of our habits of perception and attitude rather than the circumstances themselves.”

Through medication you learn how to control your body functions with relation to those feelings that come from your own perceptions as well as our environment. By mediating you bring a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and peace. When you make medication a part of your daily lives you begin to control your reaction to situations by bouncing from one thought to another and follow with a more calm emotional and physical reaction.

For all the talk of “60 is the new 50″, and “50 is the new 40″, baby boomers should stop saying it and start moving it- baby boomers have some of the biggest waistlines in the nation. With heart disease and diabetes on the rise, baby boomers need to start getting active of they will not be the new 50 but instead an unhealthy senior finding themselves at the doctors office more than they are on any golf course.

Everyone is different and it might not be as easy to know if you are on the verge of a “stress” breakdown especially if you have dealt with stress for a very long time, your body may in fact have shut down to the symptoms. Ask yourself a few of these questions and if you say yes to at least three, then you my friend are what we call “stressed out”.

When an idea does not agree with you do you think about it a lot? Do you dream about bad decisions or continue to bring it up with family or friends? Based on your last week at work or home was there ever at time when you got so angry you forgot what you were angry about? Do you get upset and have physical reactions such as headache, stomachache, or your heart gets to pounding? Have you found yourself avoiding people, or places so you don’t run into possible confrontations? Do you startle easily? Are there angry outbursts that quickly form and launch from you? When it’s time for sleep do you find it difficult to fall sleep or stay asleep?

NYC offers free classes taught by expert fitness instructors who know how to make fitness fun, there are classes ranging in ability levels from aerobics, and yoga, to Pilates and zumba, the key is to have fun while moving that body.

If exercise has not been in your regular routine up till now, will you please check with your doctor if you have any concerns or have a chronic disease such as a heart condition, diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis. When you are under the care of a medical expert it is important that you both work together to plan out the different types and amounts of physical activities that are appropriate for you.

Live with no regrets, take care of yourself today and prevent disease and illness from coming your way. There are so many services that are free, so check around and find ones that interest you, recruit a friend or two if you don’t want to exercise alone, and remember it is ok to miss a day or two of exercise- don’t berate yourself, just try to stay on track and remember to realistic, you will not look like a body builder over night but your heart muscle just might and for that your whole body with thank you.

Retirement is just around the corner, everyone should have a strategy; with Social Service Coordinators, the leading health care advocates in the nation. They will provide you with an excellent network of quality health care professionals for planning your healthy future.

Tips On Doing Sleep Meditation

By using sleep meditation you can actually get so relaxed that you get a great full nights rest. Learning meditations for rest or anything else are fairly simple. All you need to do is find the most comfortable position lying on the bed first.

Your place of meditating should be cool, dark and not have any type of noise unless you are using music or guided visualizations on CD. See all of the days worries moving out of you into a big gold box.

Release any tensions in your muscles you may have, visualize them being light as a feather. You are clam and relaxed. Visualize a bright golden chest. This chest is where you are placing all the things that have worried you throughout the day.

Take each issue and place them in this golden chest. Once they are all inside, close the lid and place a lock on it. They are no longer with you, you are free of them. Feel the weight of these issues lift from you and disappear. You are released from them.

You can also keep a notebook by your bed and write all of your days problems and issues within it before going to sleep. This has been known to keep them from running through your brains all hours of the night and messing up your cycle of rest.

Envision a place like the beach or cabin in the woods. Somewhere you favor above all else. Place yourself within this place in your mind, smell the fresh air, feel the relaxation this place gives you and the sense of peace you have here. Visit here as often as needed to rejuvenate your soul throughout the day.

Another easy way to release stress is to sit comfortably, close your eyes and pick one certain word. Visualize a blue calming light and chant this word to yourself for as long as is needed to feel relaxed and to the point you can rest peacefully through the night.

If you are at work or anywhere you cannot lie down or take a break. Simply close your eyes breath taking the air in through the nose and then feel it move out through your mouth. Do this for a count of 15 and you will be more calm and relaxed and ready to finish the day.

You can try an easy sleep meditation by just visualizing yourself floating freely on the clouds above. You feel weightless and relaxed, there are no worries here just calm. Feel the breaths you breathe in and out for a count of 60. Afterwards drink some hot tea and climb under the covers for some great shut eye.

Using the techniques of sleep meditation not only improves your ability to gain a restful sleep, it can help with goal setting. For more information on techniques, visit the website at now.

Jack Kornfield Body Meditation

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45 mins Transpersonal Meditation HQ

Buy CD version here Second Awakening — A Transpersonal Disidentification Meditation An integral part of Transpersonal thinking/study, is the use of the Disidentification Meditation The purpose of this practice is to find our way back to a deep sense of self identification, of knowing who we really are — often referred to as ‘The Second Awakening’ This Transpersonal Disidentification Meditation is designed to help you remember who you were really born to be, before the pressures of life encouraged you to develop a false sense of self This meditation also helps reduce anxiety and stress whilst creating a sense of purpose and wellbeing We present this meditation to you under the creative commons license agreement. You may redistribute it and share it but you may not alter it or present it as your own. You may not profit from this audio/video which is copyrighted material. Please respect the positive intentions behind this video.

Stress Management: Lessen Your Stress with Massage Therapy

There is so much stress in our lives in this modern era that we live in. We are hit from all sides whether from home or from work. These pressures seem to be increasing. In previous eras danger from physical harm was the major cause of stress. This acute type of stress caused what is called the fight or flight reaction. We are under less physical danger these days as stress has shifted to more mental stress. The type of stress has changed, but not our reaction to it.

What happens when we come under stress? Our body’s natural reactions take over. Our breathing is increased as well as our heart rate. The major organs shut down all but the most vital functions to support hands and feet. Adrenaline is released to get the body primed for taking action. We feel a nervousness and tension as we are facing the unknown. All this chemical reaction is occurring with the build up of a physical action about to take place. However, when the stress is mental there is no physical release.

You know when you have a big meeting, you have a nervous reaction which is similar to the fight or flight reaction. Part of your stress management is to redirect this nervous energy into helping you perform better in the meeting. This takes discipline and training. Many top athletes are able to channel this nervous energy into higher levels of performance. But again with athletic performance there is a physical release of this built up energy.

Effective stress management requires a physical outlet to release the chemicals that the body is releasing when under stress. Physical exertion is one of the best methods, since that is what the body is primed to do. Another excellent method to release stress is massage therapy. There are many benefits with massage therapy. It is great to loosen up tight muscles and relieve tension. It can relax the organs in the body activated by the stress reaction. It will release toxins that are in our muscles and help to flush them out of our system. And best of all it helps us relax our mind and bring harmony back to the body.

Receiving massage therapy from a masseuse is an excellent method to help you relax. It may not always be convenient, so another method is with a massage chair. The massage chair recliners on the market today are very advanced. They offer all the top massage techniques like Shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, reflexology and many others. All of these techniques relieve tired, aching and sore muscles. They can target specific areas like your neck and shoulders where stress seems to build up. They will improve your circulation of the blood and lymph systems. These systems remove the chemicals that build up in our body which are in need of periodic flushing.

Massage cannot eliminate the causes of stress. Stress comes in many forms and individuals all respond differently to them. However, massage therapy can be an essential tool in stress management. Especially massage chairs which offer unprecedented convenience and availability. These massage chairs offer full body massage capability. They can massage from head to toe. Many advanced massage chairs have stretching capabilities to elongate and relax the lower body. They also may have built in music players which help take your mind off the mental stresses impacting you.

Imagine the convenience of having your own massage chair recliner at home. You start to come under stress situations. You can just sit down and let the massage chair work you over. Your body starts to feel better and your mind starts to clear. You now are in a better frame of mind to come up with better ways to overcome the problems at hand. You now have a powerful stress management tool, your massage chair recliner at your disposal.

Get an effective arsenal of Stress Management tools from the best massage chairs currently on the market today. We carry the top name brands like Omega, Sanyo and Panasonic. We have a library of articles to assist you research and decides what is right for your needs. Check out the Montage Premier or the DR7700 for daily stress relief.