Moksha is reached upon the dissolution of the ego through experiences which remove its filter and limitation from the consciousness stream. This is achieved through the removal of ignorance from the consciousness, allowing love, compassion, patience, and insight to enter into the consciousness. The removal of ignorance from the soul involves moral perfection which reflects the true emotion and intent of the true absolute Self, as well as the perfection of the discipline and insight required to observe the reality of the present moment as well as the interconnectedness of all phenomena and consciousness within it. After the dissolution of the body in which the soul is incarnated during Awakening and Moksha, the consciousness is fully released back to the experience of the true Self which is “Nirvana”. “Nirvana” is absolute silence, equanimity, and peace. Within Nirvana, form and vibration arise, as it does so within the potential of the absolute silence, but there is no illusory identification with the form, and thus no formation of ego, so peace and equanimity is maintained and suffering is not experienced, unlike the cycles of reincarnation of consciousness or souls within manifestation, which is referred to in Sanskrit as “Samsara”. One may even say that in reality, what may be called “God”, is, “the ultimate silence from which, and within, all vibration manifests form, and thus experience”. This stillness is in reality, awareness or consciousness itself, as anything

Am I Spiritually Progressing?

Guruka Singh answers this question by saying “don’t worry about it”. Don’t worry if you are spiritually progressing. There is no measurement for it. You just need to keep following your path to spirituality with sincerity and you will go where you need to go. This question also comes from the thought that some people are spiritual and some are not, which is incorrect. We are all spiritual beings.

What is a Spiritual Teacher? Do you need a Guru?

Why do people want to go to a saint, Gyani, follow some person or interpretation of someone’s else. What is a spiritual teacher? Why would we need one if we have the Siri Guru Granth Sahib? Do you need a Guru?

The Process of Meditation

www.sikhnet.com In this video Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., (Director of Training at Kundalini Research Institute - KRI) shares his thoughts on the topic of meditation and in relation to Guru Nanak’s bani/prayer of Japji Sahib. He explains the mental process of meditation.

Kirtan Kriya Meditation

www.sikhnet.com It’s been a while since I posted one of the videos with Guruka Singh so I thought it might be a good time to share another one. I didn’t want to post too many of the meditations at once and allow some of you to try them out. I am curious to know if you have tried any of the meditations that I posted earlier and what your experiences were. Obviously you have to do them in order to experience them. The Kirtan Kriya meditation is one of the first meditations that I ever learnt …