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Almost everything in religion/spirituality is sexual 1

Especially in fertility and ancestor death cults such as paganism later wicca and arguably christianity, Almost everything has a sexual connotation, shed your puritanical christian brainwashing. Challenge: Give me a spiritual symbol and ill explain any symbol sexually lol. Know means to have sex with in the bible and dictionary. Ken womb triangle sexual fire, knowing tantric sex, a crowely hearthfire womb tomb of the goddess fireplace lamp oven Cunt is cunning, wise, cup, chalice genitalia word etymology/origin: womans dictionary of symbols and sacred objects. b walker Bitch is a goddess word for sexually charged woman womban, dogs and wolfs sacred to the grecoroman goddesses. caves wells fountain sophia gnostics wisdom yoni vesica pisces land personified as godess breasts or spine=mountains witch used to be an insult in christian community, hates liberated females and the goddess and uses grace for itself. Why not reclaim the other terms? free occult ebooks:

Christianity Refutes Itself

Christianity fails to fulfill the condition that John 17 has Jesus saying would communicate to the world that he had been sent by God. Music: “Thank You, Jesus!” (The Holmes Brothers)

Meditation on Violence 1 part

Maya Deren In Meditation on Violence (1948) Deren’s camera is motivated by the movement of the performer, Chao Li Chi. This film is marked by a lack of dynamism and mobility that we have come to expect from Deren’s camera. It also obscures the distinction between violence and beauty. The shadows on the white wall behind Chi amplify the movement of the Wu Tang ritual. In Meditation on Violence Deren experiments with film time, reversing the film part way through producing a loop. Exhibited forwards and then backwards, the difference in the Wu Tang movements is almost imperceptible. the film & text are from:

Critiquing Common Christian Criticisms

I outline some of the less than honest Christian tactics when discussing Paganism, Witchcraft and the Occult.

LSD as a Spiritual Experience - Deepak Chopra

Complete video at: Author and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra remembers his first spiritual experience with LSD at 17, and discusses the cultural uses of drugs and enlightenment. He brings up ritualistic drug use in Native American, Aborigine, and Indian religious tradition. —– “You can’t change the body without changing the self, and you can’t change the self without bringing in the soul,” says Deepak Chopra, a renowned pioneer in holistic medicine. Chopra believes the highest …

Grace Light Meditation guidelines http (Grace Light youtube playlist about the Grace Light) Baba encourages everyone to join together to bring in more Grace Light. Siva Baba provides simple guidelines for the Grace Light Meditation

What is Spirituality? (Lecture 1, Topic 1)

Dr.Matthew Fox: The Stanford Lectures: An Immersion in Creation Spirituality What is the Creation Spirituality lineage and Why does it strike fear in the hearts of Inquisitors and Fundamentalists? What does it mean to be Spiritual and adult in the 21st century? What is the future of spirituality, religion and interfaith in our time? Lectures: 1) Creation Spirituality: The Alternative Spiritual Tradition of the West 2) Creation Spirituality and Indigenous Consciousness 3) Science and Creation …