Guided healing and cleansing meditation

GUIDED MEDITATION MP3/CD: This is done as follows - Find a comfortable position at any time you prefere, either sitting or lying down. Doing it before going to sleep is a good time as you are more open to receiving external energy and input in a sleep mode. As you sit or lay down, relax your body, and visualize yourself open up to receive the energy of me, Edward Alexander, and say to yourself that you accept the energy I send out to reach you and benefit you and help you with your desired goals. You may also ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel to oversee the process and protect you and assist you in receiving the energy. Then take 13 deep inhalations through your nose, where you hold the breath as long you can for each one, and slowly blow it out through your mouth. As you do this, feel your body and muscles getting more and more relaxed for each breath and each exhalation - your body becoming soft and heavy and comfortable. Feel how you become more peaceful and at rest both physically and mentally from this simple breathing exercice. Once the cycle of 13 inhalations have been done, send your awareness to your body, and feel how relaxed it it, how at peace you are. Imagine at this point a great brilliant pink light in the shape of a ball above your head. Make it grow stronger, try feel and visualize it above your head, and feel yourself becoming even more relaxed from this comfortable, peaceful light that is filled with love and serenity. As the ball

Solfeggio Harmonics - 528 HZ - Miracle Meditation Solfeggio frequency 528 HZ accompanying, a multidimensional sound-scape of healing frequencies and symbols. Audio downloads are available for purchase at: All music tracks are original and the sole property of Source Vibrations. If you would like to use our audio programs for any reason, please feel free to contact us at:

FULL MOON MUSIC - HEALING MEDITATION MUSIC FOR ALL THE SENSES The latest mysoftmusic video is dedicated to the full moon and to all those who are fascinated by the power of this amazing phenomenon. Enjoy the full moon meditation video with soothing and tranquilizing music.

Singing Bowl Meditation: Crown Chakra Set Shakti plays a recently completed crown chakra Master-healing set of antique high-wall (”Jambati”) type Tibetan singing bowls. This custom assembled 7-piece set was commissioned by a clinical health psychologist with a nursing background who now uses it in her integrative practice for stress management therapy. See more info on Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets at

Chakra 7 - The Purple Crown meditation

Buy The Seven Chakras DVD Here: Buy it at amazon here: Chakra 7 - The Purple Crown. The Crown Chakra is located at the very top of the head. This Chakra is associated with devine wisdom, our spirit, our Oneness with the Universe, our Unity with all that is, and Enlightenment. Audio here: Picture/Sound: Ted Chambers

Reiki For People Who Seek To Reduce Stress

Have you ever heard the word Reiki? If you want to get rid of stress that you may experience after work, Reiki is the answer to your problem. You will feel a different form of relaxing and soothing comfort once you practice the techniques.

Reiki is considerably not the same as Yoga, although both of them have a similar definitive goal of promoting relaxation, healing and stress reduction. Furthermore, it utilizes a different form of receiving the so-called invisible life energy. The strategy was first introduced in Japan. It is basically initiated through the laying of hands wherein the invisible energy flows throughout the person’s body and in turn, relieves him or her from stress and making the individual feel invigorated.

The method of Reiki thinks that if the energy that transpires within a person’s body is low, he or she is more prone to different kinds of health problems. Conversely, if it is high, it only shows an active and healthy life for that person. After a client experiences this kind of healing, he will feel a warm radiance inside and outside his body. A treated person normally takes things conveniently because it will heal the entirety of their being. It includes healing of a person’s body, emotions, mind and spirit.

One of the advantages of Reiki is that it complements other forms of treatment. Reiki is often administered to lessen the side effects and symptoms that have been brought about by a person’s illness. Reiki is so simple yet so powerful, and this is what makes it a unique healing system that anyone can learn, because it does not require any previous experience or special ability. It allows you to take an active part in your own wellness, and accelerates your growth on all levels.

These days, numerous clients have already made reports about the success of the Reiki treatment. It has already cured them and has done a marvelous healing. This gives an opportunity for Reiki healing to be loved by other individuals.

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Reiki Therapy And The Powerful Technique Of Healing

Reiki healing is the combined approach to healing by using natural energies. It is quite different from what traditional western medical care has come to acknowledge as traditional treatment methods. This is mainly because that in Reiki healing, there aren’t any drugs or gadgets necessary to remedy disorders, soreness as well as other conditions. A Reiki specialist uses his or her hands to move healing energy in the direction of the body and blends it with restorative meditation.

Reiki therapy and Reiki healing are essentially the same. However, the technique of healing is more involved when compared with therapy treatments. To participate in Reiki therapy, just find a Reiki specialist and let them begin therapy treatments with you.

Reiki therapy utilizes the transfer of organic energy from the Reiki practitioner and steering it into the patient. The therapeutic power is summoned by successfully visualizing Reiki symbols renowned to contain energy. Remember, these types of symbols are merely representations of the healing energies. The symbols are not the actual supply of the healing powers.

The human body is governed by energy. This energy may either be moving openly, or stalled at certain locations. The ultimate life source of energy, otherwise known as Universal Life Energy, is the fundamental grounds for Reiki. The main focus of this therapy is to steer that substantial energy, working with it to heal and improve your well-being. Reiki also provides you with equilibrium. Reiki can also help others.

Reiki treatments are known to boost spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. It possesses the capacity to prompt heavy relaxation and lessen soreness, pains and other bodily suffering. After having a therapy treatment, the patient’s vitality harmony is revitalized. Now, your body is primed and eager to begin its healing functions.

Reiki treatments can provide incredible assistance to people, particularly towards the terminally ill. In case all conventional medicines and healing tactics are unsuccessful, Reiki can step in and enhance the caliber of that person’s well being. The Reiki remedy therapy is frequently used to assist people with cancer, auto-immune issues and MS, so they may manage their conditions more effectively.

This may also help out with confronting destructive addictions, mental difficulties, along with emotional conditions. Individuals experiencing episodes of depression symptoms, anxiety, along with panic attacks may benefit greatly from this therapy as well. It can also aid with combating detrimental and destructive behaviors like drug abuse, alcohol consumption, and smoking.

Reiki treatments are thought to have been developed by Buddhist priests. “Rei” indicates “universal spirit” and “ki” means “life energy.” Consequently the literal interpretation of Reiki is “universal life energy.”

Reiki is known as an “energy medicine” treatment because Reiki healers believe that the strategies increase the circulation and equilibrium of energy. The main philosophy suggests that it’s the imbalances of natural energies or hindrances with the flow of natural energy, which result in health problems.

People going through Reiki therapy generally may encounter tingling sensations, drowsiness, as well as relaxation. People can find relief from soreness, stress, queasiness or other illness signs and symptoms.

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Fitness center Ones Intrinsic Strength

Sometimes finding a faith to devote oneself to is a great self-help idea. During hard times we tend to dwell on what is troubling us and lose sight of the bigger picture. A religious faith helps one focus on that bigger picture while altering the focus from hardship to a higher power.

When someone does something remarkable or demonstrates improvement, give them a call on it! Our society causes it to be increasingly hard to recognize everyone for his or her progress and talents. If your waiter or cashier was friendly and attentive, create a special effort to call the company and pass on that information for their manager. Getting recognition, for the tiniest things, has the ability to totally make someone’s day.

Put around you nature, orgonite and look for the healing power in enjoying God’s creation. His creation testifies to his name, and finding yourself in nature is extremely soothing and comforting. Have a nature walk, sun yourself outside, have a swim, go bird-watching; whatever you decide to complete, incorporate this to your plan.

Educate yourself on the power of saying “no” if you want to. This is simply not easy the slightest bit, however it is the best way to remain focused about the significant things in your own life. Tallying to everything may lead to loosing power to accept the most effective things. Decline more frequently and restore the treating your schedule along with your life.

Do not be afraid to smile at yourself, your friends, and even strangers. Answer your phone and speak with a smile on your face; the person on the other end of the line will be able to detect it in your voice, making it easier for you to interact freely and respectfully of one another. The power of a smile should not be underestimated; practice it often!

Releasing your inner power is simply by believing in yourself. One of the primary items you ought to do is list your pros and cons. This list alone will allow you to realize exactly how almighty you might be and exactly how much that can be done. And also the set of weaknesses handy it is possible to work with every one to slowly acquire a a feeling of empowerment on them.

Jalaili Woodruphi is a radionics guru and orgone energy expert.