Moksha is reached upon the dissolution of the ego through experiences which remove its filter and limitation from the consciousness stream. This is achieved through the removal of ignorance from the consciousness, allowing love, compassion, patience, and insight to enter into the consciousness. The removal of ignorance from the soul involves moral perfection which reflects the true emotion and intent of the true absolute Self, as well as the perfection of the discipline and insight required to observe the reality of the present moment as well as the interconnectedness of all phenomena and consciousness within it. After the dissolution of the body in which the soul is incarnated during Awakening and Moksha, the consciousness is fully released back to the experience of the true Self which is “Nirvana”. “Nirvana” is absolute silence, equanimity, and peace. Within Nirvana, form and vibration arise, as it does so within the potential of the absolute silence, but there is no illusory identification with the form, and thus no formation of ego, so peace and equanimity is maintained and suffering is not experienced, unlike the cycles of reincarnation of consciousness or souls within manifestation, which is referred to in Sanskrit as “Samsara”. One may even say that in reality, what may be called “God”, is, “the ultimate silence from which, and within, all vibration manifests form, and thus experience”. This stillness is in reality, awareness or consciousness itself, as anything

Bollywood World - Priyanka Experiences Spirituality With Brahmakumaris - Latest B Town News

Priyanka Chopra shared her views on spirituality at the Brahmakumaris Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. To watch more bollywood news gossips and inside stories click here www.youtube.com Click here and Subscribe now. To get your daily dose of favorite Bollywood Superstars www.youtube.com

Spirit 101: Religion vs. Spirituality

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The reality of christianity in kashmir by Dr. nazir sb.3gp

reality of christianity in world n specially in kashmir by dr.nazir sb

Art, Science & Spirituality - David Bohm - Dalai Lama

Early 90s documentary featuring artist Robert Rauschenberg, David Bohm, the Dalai Lama. Looks at the fusion of art and perspectives on science and spirituality. Rauschenberg came to prominence in the 1950s transition from Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art. He was both a painter and a sculptor and also worked with photography, printmaking, papermaking, and performance. Rauschenberg lived and worked in New York City as well as on Captiva Island, Florida until his death on May 12, 2008 David Bohm was an American-born British quantum physicist who made contributions in the fields of theoretical physics, philosophy and neuropsychology, and to the Manhattan Project.

“Signs of Spiritual Awakening and 5th Dimensional Reality”

“Signs of Spiritual Awakening and 5th Dimensional Reality” During this show, we will move from 3rd Dimensional Consciousness of Lack and Fear and become aware of the signs of 5th Dimensional Reality so we know when we have made it home. FAIR USE NOTICE This site contains copyrighted material, the use of which, has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance the evolution of humanity. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material. The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who express an interest in receiving the included information for entertainment and educational purposes.

Spirit Science 8 - Meditation

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