Challenge To Christians To Imagine It If They Can…

Seriously. Can you imagine how it would feel if this happened to you?

Christian accepts Islam after challenging Zakir Naik - MUST SEE !!!

Christian accepts Islam after posing a question to Dr. Zakir Naik. Young, brave and confident Christian from the audience in Toronto challenges Dr. Zakir Naik on the divinity of Jesus (pbuh). By the end of Dr. Zakir Naik’s answer, brother Patrick becomes convinced, accepts Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them both) as messengers of Allah (God in English) and embraces Islam. May Allah bless him and keep him steadfast, ameen. Amazing Shahadah with Zakir Naik during Q&A at Journey of Faith Purchase your Journey of Faith DVDs today: ————- The time has now come for you to use your reason and ask yourself How could Christ (”God”!) be in the womb of a created woman? Is the mother of this “God” (!) — the Virgin Mary — a creator or a created being? Who was crucified on the cross in the light of this belief that the divine was not separated from the human; was the divine crucified with him or did it leave him at the time of the crucifixion? Was the Lord God unable to find a way to forgive the sins of mankind except this repugnant way in which His only son was killed? Does God want to show mercy to mankind and for that reason He punished His son?! The time has come to think about the idolatrous ideas that Paul introduced to this religion, as he introduced the idea that Christ was created from the divine, after the Christians had been unanimously agreed that he was a created being, a slave or servant of God. Who is Christ according to the

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