Outdoor Christmas Lights Viewing Tours

“Hey, Mom, let’s go to look at the Christmas Lights”

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, a group of people get together to experience a Christmas tradition. They go out in buses or vans to take a look at how people have decorated their property this year. It’s more like an event than a tour for most people who go out. Especially the senior citizens living in retirement homes look forward to this excursion every year. It is one of their expected outings. At the beginning of the light tour season, there is a published list of homes that should be viewed on the tour that have especially gone out of their way to decorate in as tacky a way as possible. This is called the “tacky light tour”. It is one of the fun things people like to do, especially in Virginia. The “tacky light” neighborhoods deliberately set up the display every year, just as amusement for (probably themselves) those who make it a point to ride by. Everything in the yard is blinking and blowing about with figures of all types and descriptions included. Some of them with no connection to Christmas whatsoever.

Viewing Christmas lights , whatever type they may be has become a tradition…one that lots of people look forward to. After their light tours, many stop off for hot chocolate or at a Starbucks for a latte. It is a kind of fun thing to do.

Do you set up your same favorite display each year?

Clear white lights, in my thinking, are used to decorate the most tasteful and beautifully displayed homes. The newest icicle lights make a grand showing on the eaves of large homes. In one instance, a home was completely outlined in the icicle lights … the entire front. Because of the cost of installing these lights, particularly to that extent, most homes leave the lights up year around. There is an electrician required to connect them properly, and the cost of the lights is no small amount. If there is water anywhere on your property, it is a great idea to place these lights where they will produce a real show when the light sparkles on the water.

LED Lights; Also a good choice

The newest innovation of LED lights that use roughly 80% less energy is very good to consider for your lighting. With all the recent talk of “greening up the planet”, this is a fine start to working toward that goal. Take measurements with you to your local lighting expert in order to purchase the correct length of lighting that you will need for your particular application. Ask about sturdy electrical extension cords that are suited to using outdoors and make sure everything that you buy for your Christmas outdoor lighting display is UL approved. Whatever you use for your Christmas lighting display this year, put your heart and soul into it. There are a lot of people this year who need to catch the holiday spirit.

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How To Proceed With Outdoor Christmas Lights

A guide for the outdoor lighting novice

This may your first Christmas in your beautiful new home. Or, it could be that this is the first year you have had the time or inclination to proceed in that direction. Doubtlessly, you do need some advice to begin. If you’re a little weary about working with electricity, you might want to consult a professional electrician to assist you. An electric shock is no fun and certainly no way to begin the Christmas season.

Small home owners have an easier time of deciding how to go about decorating their property for the holidays. After all, it only takes a small number of lights on the front of a small home to make an outstanding showing. Add to that a few wreaths on windows and the front door and perhaps over the garage door and you’re all set. You will probably be shown some very energy efficient lights to get you start on the right foot to participate in the “greening of the environment”.

Ideas for Small areas

If you would like to accentuate your front stoop or porch, a small lighted tree in a beautiful planter or holder is very special. Sometimes just the front porch light on this particular decoration is enough to emphasize the display.

No doubt if there are children in your home they’ll want to have some say in the decision of setting up a lighted Christmas figure in the front yard. Santa Claus, or maybe Rudolph are always popular and give the children that “can’t wait” Christmas excitement that is so much a part of the holidays.

Equipment to shop for

Most everyone chooses to put their light display on a timer so that at a specified time each night, around dusk, the lights come on, and at a time that you select, they automatically turn off at night. This can serve as a good security measure as well. No one will know whether you or home or not. This is a great feature if you plan to be away at Grandma’s for a couple of days/

One good thing about the second year you decorate, all you need to do is gather everything from the year before and you’ll know exactly where to begin. And especially with children, you won’t forget to decorate; they’re sure to ask you about it early on. Have fun with them!

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What Type Of Lighting Will You Choose This Year?

Trying for a New Look - Christmas 2009

If you’ve been using the same outdoor Christmas light display for years and years, maybe this is the year you should consider making a change and choosing a more updated look. If you’ve always used small white bulbs in a series, you might opt for colored lights this year, or use a couple of spotlights to shine on some specific part of your home, or an especially beautiful tree decorated and placed on a porch or patio.

Shop to see what is new

If you like the look of different Christmas shapes projected onto the front of your home, look at the new projection type lights. This type of lighting is used for many occasions, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, so it is an economical way to go. Music can be added to some of the projection programs. Darker homes are especially nice with these projected images. I believe you have the benefit of choosing among several different selections as your image.

Lighting tips for new displays

Energy efficiency is a big deal this year, so opt to purchase Christmas bulbs that are economical from that standpoint. The LED type bulb is especially energy efficient and durable. Rope lights are also economical and conveniently sold on spools in several lengths for your convenience. These are a snap to wrap around a porch or deck railing for a festive look.

Most people are looking for decorations that are pleasing to the eye as well as practical. Outdoor security is a good reason to use extra lighting around your home. Lighting specifically placed can add to the ambiance of your Christmas display, as well as giving you the feeling of adding a little more security to your property.

Show off a swimming pool

If you’re really into adding something beautiful to your home this year, don’t forget the backyard swimming pool. There are so many ways to add to the ambiance of your property by placing lights around the swimming pool edge or placing a brightly lit Christmas tree on the pool deck or diving board for emphasis. Especially if you live in a southern state you will probably be using your pool during the holidays. What could be more cheerful than a festively lit swimming pool area at Christmas or New Years to greet your guests. A swimming pool is an expensive investment, why not make it a year round place to spread goodwill and cheer. Check with your local lighting professional about ways to safely light your pool area, however.

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