182 - Charlie’s Spiritual Growth

This was the last week on Our Pagan Opinions but the video upload failed several times. I decided to give you guys something to watch and upload it on my personal channel. :)

Singing Bowl Meditation: Crown Chakra Set

www.Bodhisattva.com Shakti plays a recently completed crown chakra Master-healing set of antique high-wall (”Jambati”) type Tibetan singing bowls. This custom assembled 7-piece set was commissioned by a clinical health psychologist with a nursing background who now uses it in her integrative practice for stress management therapy. See more info on Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets at Bodhisattva.com

Wide Is The Gate The Emreging New Christianity Biblical Christianity

WIDE IS THE GATE: The Emerging New Christianity Vol 1 Part 2 - Biblical Christianity

Evolutionaries — Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea

Carter Phipps speaks with Big Think’s Jason Gots about what he calls ‘evolutionaries’ - individuals whose evolutionary perspective on personal and social development enables them to radically improve their own lives and drive human culture forward.

A Meditation “How To” - When Bad thoughts Arise

How to Meditate — www.noahhammond.com Today, I am going to give you a little meditation advice. We are going to talk about what you do in meditation when bad thoughts arise or when negativity arises. How to Meditate — Release Negative Thoughts It’s really quick and simple advice, but it’s a very common question because you will be sitting there in a blissful state and all of a sudden you’ll get these HORRIBLE thoughts! “I want to murder my boss.” or “I hate my parents.” or “I want to go beat somebody up.” Something awful, or maybe WAY more awful than that… What I want you to know is that these thoughts are actually a good thing. People get REALLY frustrated “Oh, I have reached this peaceful state for 20 straight minutes and then I think about murdering someone. What’s up with that?” They think that they are not making progress. But it is actually the OPPOSITE. When these thoughts come up during meditation, it is those thoughts coming to the surface to be released. It’s old karmas. It might be from this life. It might be from a past life. Whatever it is, it’s coming to the surface so it can be RELEASED. So, if you ever meditated before or if you plan on meditating, trust that these thoughts will come. When these thoughts come up and you have them — and everybody will - do not make yourself wrong from them. Understand that you are actually progressing exactly as you should be. It is a really quick advice. If you would like to learn more about the type of meditation I

Spirit 101: Religion vs. Spirituality

NEXT WEEK: Good Religion - we will examine the necessity for proper religious practice and the one practice essential to spirituality (that’s right…there is only one). PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! E-mail me @themetachannel@gmail.com | www.meta-station.com PDF E-BOOKS NOW AVAILABLE! - Mastering Time - bit.ly - What Every Creator Should Know - bit.ly - 2012: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - bit.ly PDF E-BOOKS COMING SOON! - Ascension: A Practical Guide for the Rest of Us — COMING SOON! - Who Are We? 7 Billion Consciousnesses Explained — COMING SOON! JOIN THE META SPHERE ACADEMY 44 Lessons in metaphysics principles, techniques, and technology taught over 12-months, along with 4 books FREE! Take advantage of our 2012 REGISTRATION SPECIAL & GET OVER 0 OFF the regular annual tuition!!! Also, lock-in this AMAZINGLY-LOW rate for year-two of the two-year program by registering before July!!! The price WILL GO UP, so act now! META SPHERE (Click here) - bit.ly What we cover in Year One: • Consciousness • Money (altars, karma, energies, wealth) • Enlightenment • Prayers & Mantras • The Whole Being (chakras, bodies, breathing, & human health) • Signs, Symbols, and Sacred Geometry • Reading Technologies (pendulums, tarot, numerology, astrology) • Histories I (meta theory, religion, philosophy, teaching stories) • Ritual Technologies (candles and colors, crystals, herbs, breathing) TELEPHONE CONSULTATION One-half hour phone consultation — bit.ly E-MAIL CONSULTATION Five questions

Chakra Balancing

Mantras increase the flow of energy throughout the body and help ensure it is steady and uninterrupted. During chakra meditation, energy is transferred from one wave to the next. If there is interference with the energy flows than the waves also malfunction. Thus, an object of chakra meditation is to avoid interference with the energy flows through the chakras and nadis.

Acknowledging and feeling earth harmonics in chakra balancing meditation can accelerate the expansion of consciousness. The central role of earth vibrations in chakra balancing is indisputable. The most cherished mantras are said to be the primordial sounds of creation, including Om and Ah. Ancient religions tap into the vibrations of the earth in many other ways. Tibetan Buddhists use singing bowls to capture the harmonics of the earth. Think of earth harmonics as one of your tuning forks.

By tuning into these frequencies, we can unblock energy channels, improve the circulation of energy and experience a deeper meditation. Brain waves activated during meditation include Delta waves (1-3 Hz), Theta waves (4-7 Hz), Alpha waves (8-12 Hz) and Beta waves (13-40 Hz). Trouble is, manmade technology has cluttered the extremely low frequency band with electric power grids, airplanes and cell phones that interfere with the Schuman resonances. Nicolas Tesla invented wireless technologies after discovering the Schuman resonances.

There are many tools available to help us circumvent the clutter in the lower electromagnetic sphere. Crystals resonate with the Schumann resonances. Today, crystals can be purchased that have been tuned to a wide range of frequencies. A more sophisticated instrument is the Schumann resonator.

The OM mantra is the most commonly used. OM is used with different techniques. It can be recited with the natural flow of breath-Inhale, Ommm, Exhale, Ommm. A popular OM technique used in yoga classes is similar to TM breathing. It involves three long exhales while reciting Ommmm. You may allow Ommm to resonate with the natural vibrations of the body. It is also pronounced as A-U-M with each sound associated with a level of consciousness. Feel free to make up your own mantra. Some meditation practices, such as Transcendental Meditation and Primordial Sound Meditation, have a special technique for developing mantras. Primordial Sound Meditation, developed by Deepak Chopra, has its origins in ancient India. The mantra is calculated through the use of Vedic mathematics to determine the vibration of the universe at the time and place of your birth. Tibetan Buddhism offers a rich trove of mantras, as do many other meditation practices.

Find out more about chakra balancing

Spiritual Distractions

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Coming Out of the Closet: My journey out of the Christianity pt 1 of 2

Nobody I have heard of who is a believing Christian chooses to leave Christianity, neither do they think that they (a “real Christian”) would ever de-convert. It happens slowly, piece by piece of information. It’s like trying to swallow something very large… at times it gets stuck in your throat, you get hiccups, you drink water and it goes down but then your stomach might get upset. It can take a day to fully digest! Leaving isn’t even a choice! Instead researching leads to the inescapable conclusion for most that Christianity just isn’t what is taught. Interestingly, most former ex-Christians that I have connected with are surprised to find a better inner life, more spiritual life… after de-conversion! We gained an enormous life affirming nature of honesty, freedom, and became more loving. We gained a new passion for knowledge and interest in the world. No divine judging, spiritual separation from others or easy condemnation of different lifestyles but instead the discovery of the vulnerability of life. We attained a fresh desire to be moral because we can truly empathize with others in their messy humanity.

Learn The New Ways To Understand The Knowledge of Metaphysical Being Kryon. Reach the Enlightenment of New Age!

We all heard of angels but not many people heard about Kryon. Kryon is the name of a metaphysical entity. It is believed to be the guide of our planet. Kryon communicates with humanity using people who have channeling ability. Those people are usually born with this ability and are able to receive information from Kryon and other metaphysical beings.

Kryon is also considered as an angelic guide of our planet Earth by many. Kryon looks over us and guides us in the process of our evolution and awakening towards the new consciousness of the New Age.

One of the most famous people with channeling ability in the world is probably Lee Carroll. He is believed to be the main channeler of Kryon. Lee Carroll travels around the world to promote the wisdom of Kryon. During his travel he conducts live Kryon channeling sessions.

Kryon messages have wisdom and can give answers to many questions. You should read books by Lee Carroll or listen to the Kryon channeling recordings if you want to know the purpose in life, what is our Universe, what is the true nature of a human and what is the true Love.

Lee Carroll began to record his channeling sessions with Kryon in late 1980s . He also began to visit major cities around the world to conduct live channeling sessions and spread the wisdom of Kryon. Lee Carroll was the author of many bestsellers and was one of the first to write about Indigo Children.

There is also a new science that gives own explanations to what Kryon is saying it the channeling sessions, however this science uses the laws of physics to explain things.

This science offers a lot of practical knowledge about the laws of Universe and teaches many different techniques that can be used by people in their everyday life.

This science is based on the 20 years of research by one Russian scientist. His name is Vyacheslav Gubanov. He is also a president of the International Institute of Social Ecology, St. Petersburg, Russia. The name of the new science is Infosomatics. It gives very similar explanations to what Kryon is saying in its messages, the only difference is that it has a scientific base and can give practical proof of the theories.

Infosomatics and the research by Vyacheslav Gubanov gives its own explanation to what is purpose in life, what does it mean to be awakened or enlightened and what is so called New Age is all about. The scientific way of explaining things could be a much easier way to comprehend the concepts that are considered metaphysical. Research of the International Institute of Social Ecology can be very interesting to those who have followed Kryon teachings for a long time as well as to those who just starting to learn about Kryon and its wisdom.

The science of Infosomatics has its own unique techniques that can help one discover the true potential of the human brain. When a person discovers the true potential of own brain he or she can be healthy, successful in business and in relationships. One of the main laws of Infosomatics is the law of transforming information into energy. The theory of this law tells us that our physical bodies are objects on the material plane and their state depend on the informational processes that occur on the higher planes or dimensions.

This new science has its own ways of diagnosis and techniques that are very unique. The diagnosis allows an expert in Infosomatics to find the true cause of a disease or a problem and then the techniques are used to fix those mistakes in the informational field connected to the person. Infosomatics can help people better understand the knowledge from Kryon channeling messages and show the way to the New Age and Enlightenment.

Find out about the scientific research that can help you comprehend Kryon teachings better and get yourself acquainted with unique easy to use techniques that can help you in your everyday life