Obama’s Christianity

Obama is capitalizing on dumb-downed Protestants and Catholics. www.politico.com www.churchmilitant.tv www.churchmilitant.tv

60 Minutes (CBS) - Persecution of Christians in Israel (NEW) Bob Simon Vs. Michael Oren

CBS 60 Minutes on April 22 2012 aired a segment entitled “Christians of the Holy Land” that offered American viewers an unprecedented look into the lives and circumstances of Palestinian Christians and warned about the potential effects of Israel’s Illegal occupation, wall and policies toward Palestinians on the continued presence of Christians in the Holy Land. It alerted viewers to the fact that, if continued, these policies will likely lead to the end of a Christian presence in the birthplace of Christianity itself. The segment, which can be seen here, was undoubtedly eye-opening to many Americans who have, for too long, remained unaware of the conditions suffered by Palestinian Christians, the self-described “living stones” of the Holy Land. The segment was also notable in that the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, called the Chairman of CBS News and the Executive Producer of 60 Minutes to protest the reporting of the piece, before it was even aired, a fact that veteran 60 Minutes correspondent, Bob Simon, noted in the segment and about which he confronted Ambassador Oren on air, saying that he had never received such a call in his many years as a journalist. The disclosure of the Israeli Ambassador’s attempt to prevent the segment from even airing offered Americans a revelaing look into the kind of censorship and behind-the-scenes efforts to stifle public discourse about Israeli occupation and discrimination that the Israeli government and its

How to Meditate - Part 1

Part 1 of 3 videos on how to perform passage meditation. It helps you to slow down, concentrate, work more efficiently, and number of other things. For more information, visit www.easwaran.org

“Beware of Christians” High school Promo

Bring Beware of Christians to your school! Go to BewareofChristians.com

Local Atheism vs. Christianity Debate

A local pastor has challenged me to a public debate. I am allowed to bring one guest with me. Who’s interested?


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The Zohar, An Entrance To Spirituality - 5 Minutes Of Light

www.laitman.com Each time we will study The Zohar, we will absorb an impression, which will enter us & take care of our spiritual progress. Taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson of 23 November, 2009

Archangels Meditation Music - Archangels Michael Gabriel Raphael Reiki

Angels meditation to soothe and uplift your soul, This archangels visual meditation video is filled with many healing vibrations and relaxing music… If you are interested in Healing and Reiki then please visit www.reikihealinglight.org …The Music is by a wonderfully talented musician called Michael Hammer www.michaelhammer.com …relax and enjoy the beauty and magic of this angel music meditation. The archangels are archangel michael archangel faith archangel gabriel archangel hope archangel jophiel archangel christine archangel archangel chamuel archangel archangel charity archangel raphael archangel mary archangel uriel archangel arora archangel ariel archangel zadkiel archangel amethyst metatron archangel sandalphon archangel raziel and they are in charge of the divine attributes and energy flows of the planet…they are in charge of the seven rays, red yellow blue green orange violet pink and other colours…they bring healing and harmonious frequency’s to the earth they also have a big influence on the solar cycles and the energies of the sun. Stars ie… Suns around the universe carry the signature of life encoding our beings on many levels…this is why astrology has a big influence on the way that energy is distrubuted throughout the universe. So suns (ie stars) are very important and bring about changes on the physical and mental and emotional bodies of humanity. Sometimes our interpretation of astrology is completely wrong because we place human