IIPC 01/05 Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam by Ahmed Deedat IPCI

Sheikh Ahmed Hussein Deedat (July 1, 1918 August 8, 2005) was an Indian-South African author, lecturer, and orator.[1] A Muslim, he was best known for his numerous inter-religious public debates with evangelical Christians, as well as lectures, most of which were centered around Islam, Christianity and the Bible. He aimed at providing Muslims with theological tools for defending themselves against the intense missionary strivings of many Christian denominations. He used English instead of Arabic or any other language to get his message across to Muslim minorities in the western world. Mohammad Shaikh chairman-IIPC tv from Karachi, Pakistan is student of Renowned muslim scholar Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (Late)-President of IPCI from Durban, South Africa. He is a remarkable muslim scholar with charismatic personality, unique in presenting the relevant Ayats / Signs on a particular topic from Al-Qur’an in order to clarify the Spirit / Essence in English and Urdu. Mohammad Shaikh is selected after TOP 50 as the ONLY PREACHER from all over the world to secure Runners-Up position in the book “The 500 Most Influential Muslims 2010″ by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Aman Jordan. This follows his earlier acclaim on account of his life-long dedication to Islam where he was voted as the 4th Most Influential Muslim in the World in an online poll conducted by Reuters - Faithworld in 2009. blogs.reuters.com THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS IN THE BOOK ABOUT MOHAMMAD SHAIKH. KARACHI PAKISTAN

What is manliness? Building Blocks of a Spirituality For Men

What is manliness? The tradition of virtue ethics, which is quintessentially expressed in the classical works of Aristotle, provides the basis for my understanding of manliness. I’m not saying manliness is universal or timeless in the sense of being always true in the same way, regardless of time and place; rather, manhood is relentlessly particular, and is always performed by men in particular ways and in certain places.

Our understanding of masculinity and virtue is always changing and this change is necessary because life circumstances change. However, many of the ideas of virtue ethics are very old and yet still useful despite how much has changed in the 2500-ish years since Aristotle wrote the Nicomachean Ethics.

As a graduate student in theology and ethics, I have spent much time reflecting on the question of identity and the relationship between what we are and how we act. I have concluded that the best way to conceive of masculinity is the use of the ancient term eudaimonia, from classical virtue ethics.

The word “virtue” itself comes from the Latin virtus, meaning strength masculinity or male. According to the tradition of virtue, being manly means living life so that one seeks to blossom as a man, and become what is good for a man.

Following the Aristotelian tradition, the proper goal of human life is to achieve eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is sometimes called “happiness”, which translates a certain aspect, but it more fully means a state of human flourishing and excellence. The meaning of life is to be happy, but happiness is to achieve what is good for a man.

Of course, women are totally capable of living virtuous lives! Virtue is not something that is specific only to men, nor is eudaimonia. Women are certainly full moral agents capable of exercising the virtue and vice, and obtaining the product excellence.

This of course leads to many questions about what virtue is, and how one develops. There are also excellent relevant questions about the nature of gender itself, and the relationship between gender and cultural construction, as well as gender and biological sex.

Moreover, as my goal is specifically to discuss the Christian character and virtue, we must begin with Galatians 3:28 when it comes to gender: it is not “male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” For Christians, the human good is always defined by the person of Jesus and the ways of the early church strove to imitate him. There is no theological reason to restrict the achievement of good in terms of sex.

What makes virtue and eudaimonia “masculine” in this sense is not something inherent in them that is unavailable to women, but the fact that men try to live them as men. Men strive for excellence as male-bodied human beings. They live in response to ways modern societies form (or, perhaps, do not form) men, and the social expectations placed upon them.

Virtues, in short, are character traits that are beneficial to help a person achieve eudaimonia. The list of possible qualities is probably indefinite, despite the Augustinian-Thomist tradition’s tendency to use seven. These are the four cardinal virtues: prudence, temperance, justice and courage, and the three theological virtues: faith, hope and love. Aristotle’s list only includes the four cardinal virtues, of course.

The theological virtues come from scripture and Thomas Aquinas, who later systematized ethics and Christian theology. Even if you do not identify yourself as a Christian, the cardinal virtues are still a good place to start.

What is manliness? Manliness is happiness-but in the sense of virtue and excellence. If a man develops the virtues and strives for excellence in all things, then he is well on his way to achieving true manliness!

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In This Article I Will Be Taking A Look At The Trypnaural Meditation Program

Many individuals have already noticed the power behind meditation when it comes to dealing with stress, depression and even different kinds of fears and additions. However you can still find individuals out their trying to learn these meditation tactics and find the right meditation sounds to help them receive the benefits of meditation. The key is sorting through everything and learning what products actually work. That’s why I have decided to take a far better look at the Trypnaural Meditation Program.

One of the very first things you should know relating to this program is that it does not take years to master like a lot of other programs. This method can teach you all the methods and also be able to supply results after just a few sessions. One more thing that is excellent about this program as opposed to other meditation programs is that it isn’t going to require hours a day to apply. This method can help you relieve stress and have you sleeping far better even if you just have a few minutes a day to use it.

This meditation system was produced by a professional, not only in the music industry but he is additionally a scientist and created this system with research completed by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Not only is this a very professional method but the results you will see are quicker than you will find with virtually any other meditation program available.

Another thing you will be taught with this program is exactly how and why meditation is so successful at getting rid of stress. The science which was utilized to create this method is what makes the program so efficient. Along with the mixture of all his own research and also the research of Dr. Murphy all this was put together in this program.

When you join this system you will be receiving many modules like the ones listed below. While you will be getting over 13 hours of various audio in this program it is the publications that will help you pull everything together of which there are 3 separate guides. There is one more thing that you will receive when you join which is a free membership on the Alchemy Sound Therapy membership site.

The one thing that might hold some people back from buying this program is the fact that it is $97. But when you think about all the positive results this program can have on your life and also your health, that is seriously not that much. If you break everything down you will find that separately everything would wind up selling for over $1,000.

The 60 day cash back guarantee ends up taking the risk away from you and setting it on them in order to prove this course works. This is certainly great because you can make use of the program for 2 months and if you don’t get the results they claim you can obtain a refund. The refund policy and everything you get with this program is why I would recommend this program to any person wanting to figure out how to meditate, mainly because you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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Spirituality will End with an Equal Money System

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Abstinence Video By Busted Christian Republican!

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Radical Christian Daughters Movement

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Understand Migraine Relief And Finding A Cure

There are lots of people that are looking for simple steps to find a cure for their attacks. There are plenty of things sufferers can do to get rid of the side affects quickly. Most people that are having problems are over 18 and these attacks are predominately affecting women. Understanding how attacks work will allow you to get effective migraine relief quickly.

Keep this in mind; an attack can last for up to 72 hours, but the mild side affects can last for weeks. Learning to understand why they happen could help you cure them for good.

#1 Triggers Of Attacks

There are many triggers that can cause an attack. For women, it might be during or just after menstrual periods. Other triggers include the likes of stress, lack of sleep, or even hunger.

Here is something to think about; some foods and drinks can be triggers as well. Rich cheeses and wines, alongside too much alcohol can trigger an attack. Migraine relief could be achieved by simply reducing consumption.

Remember this; different sufferers will need different cures. Depending on what type of sufferer you are the likes of excess caffeine, bright lights or a change in sleeping arrangements might affect you in a negative way.

#2 Diagnosis

Diagnosing a migraine is actually really easy. Usually the pain will be in one side of the head and sometimes nausea and vomiting will occur. Migraine relief can be achieved if you take notes and identify exactly what is causing the problem.

#3 Prevention

As mentioned, taking notes will allow you to understand exactly what is causing the problem. You will soon start to see patterns and will be able to adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

#4 Treating The Problem

The treatment for migraine relief can vary depending on the cause of an attack. A lot of people tend to find relaxing in a dark room or a short nap will do the trick. Drugs such as Aspirin or ibuprofen and also vitamin B2 can usually soften the blow of an attack.

The great thing about eventually achieving migraine relief is that is will change your life for good. There are plenty of solutions to ensure that this is a long term fix, not a short term one! http://www.themigrainerelief.com

Keep Away From Health Risks - Never Take Alcohol Together With Sleeping Pills

It is highly recommended not to take sleeping pills together with other medicines like alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and when taken with slipping pills another form of drug, with interact with one another to cause very serious health hazards and even risk a life.

Being a depressant, alcohol just protracts the reflexes of human body. Fatigue is the final outcome after normal breath and heart beat decelerate and this can lead to louder snoring from that time when you are not drunk. Even people experience the symptom sleep apnea, a state when a person stops breathing for few seconds when he is fast asleep when he takes alcohol with sleeping pills which is very dangerous. Sleeping pills are a sort of downers and when these drugs are taken together put a lot of stress to body organs like liver which cannot handle the load to filter these drug molecules and allow it be reabsorbed and cycled in the whole body.

When an individual takes these drugs together, their reflexes do not work properly and even few cannot concentrate or focus. Do you have problems with visions and muscle relaxation? You are affected by insomnia; you will have difficulty to move. Driving is forbidden to people who have taken the alcohol with sleeping pills together. As during this time oxygen content becomes very low in the whole body which can lead one to coma. The most affected organs during coma are Kidneys and livers which may lead to cardiac arrest and death. Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills together.

Sleeping pills makes a body relax and tired and the body demands rest and you can get approximately 8 hours of good sleep. The negative side of this pill is it can keep you in trance to such an extent that you become unaware of your surrounding including being rape. Sleeping pills may help you sleep better but is never a right option for people suffering from insomnia. Pills give temporary solution and several things should be considered before taking it; for instance checking your medical history from your doctor and undergoing physical examinations. Your doctor is the best person to judge whether your conditions permits you to take sleeping pills eliminating all possible risk.

If you are an alcohol addict, try to avoid it before sleep. If you wish to sleep well or recover from insomnia avoid sleeping pills and embrace other steps like fixing your sleeping time schedule. Do not sleep for long period during the day as 30 minutes short nap is enough to recharge you. Take warm shower to relax your muscle which will help you to sleep easily. Do regular exercise and avoid eating suppers. Use your air-con for only 30 minutes to keep your room cool and sleep silently without any noise around. Follow other steps well but always avoid consuming alcohol together with sleeping pills before going to bed.

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Natural Migraine Cure - Adjusting Your Lifestyle To Gain Migraine Relief

Are you suffering from severe headaches and migraines? Have you been looking for a way to reduce the pain, or at least the intensity? Do you want to find out how eating the right food can help you?

Keep reading and find out how a balanced diet could act as a natural migraine cure.

Here is something that is incredibly noticeable; many people that suffer from attacks are on a low fat, high carbohydrate diet. This means that their blood sugar levels are extremely low and this causes neurotransmitters to become unbalanced. This essentially creates the attack.

Things such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, mackerel, sardines and halibut have been known to help give some kind of healthy balance. Whilst they might not be the natural migraine cure you thought you were looking for, in most cases they will give instant pain relief.

Alongside this, people in Europe have found that using Petasites hybridus, also known as Butterbur can be an effective headache treatment. Again, some sufferers have suggested that it did not act as a preventer of attacks, but it certainly helped to decrease the pain.

Imbalances in the body are essentially what cause the attacks in the first place, so it is important to control them. Magnesium is one of these things, as sometimes our bodies run low on it. This will cause the brain to not function correctly and can lead to an attack.

The great thing about a natural migraine cure is that it can be incorporated into your every day lifestyle very easily. Take Feverfew for example, it is harmless, natural and helps to reduce the likes of pain, nausea and vomiting.

Having these attacks is not something that anyone should have to suffer from, but in reality, thousands of people suffer every single day. Hopefully this has given you an insight into what a natural migraine cure can do for you.

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My Top 6 Tips for Instant Migraine Relief

There are thousands of sufferers, just like me, that live with the realization that an attack may strike at any time. Even if one is not present, then it is always in the back of my mind, and probably is in yours as well.

The more I know about attacks, the better prepared I am to deal with one, and the more it puts my mind at ease. Knowing exactly what triggers a migraine will enable sufferers to get instant migraine relief.

#1 Keeping relaxed

With jobs becoming harder to find and wages stationery, but inflation increasing, it seems that our lives consistently get busier by the day. Of course, it is our bodies that take the full strain of this busy life style, and they need to relax!

Simply sitting down for 10 minutes or going for a short walk in the fresh air could be enough to relax your body.

#2 Diet and weight

Whilst people can be obsessive about dieting, this does not need to happen when trying to achieve instant migraine relief. The reality is that simply controlling your diet and lifestyle to achieve a reasonable weight is all that needs to happen. An unhealthy lifestyle and diet can contribute to attacks.

Try to avoid fatty foods and lots of alcohol for instance, as they are known to be triggers of attacks.

#3 Preparing for the worst

There is no way to know when an attack is going to take place, so we need to prepare. Think about the things you have learnt in the past and have a plan for when it actually happens.

#4 Try out different methods

There are plenty of solutions out there, from herbal remedies, reading books, right through to going on medication prescribed by a doctor. Do not be afraid to try any of these methods out.

#5 Take care of your eyes

Suffering from migraines is a lot to do with vision. Ensuring that you do not need any glasses or contact lenses is probably the first thing to do. After that, try to reduce the amount of time you append watching TV or on the computer.

#6 Keep a record

A lot of migraines seem to happen in some sort of pattern. This could be when you watch too much TV, read too much or drink too much. Keep a diary of events and times leading up to the migraine and this diary may help you to achieve instant migraine relief when you realize what is causing them.

Finding a solution to finally achieve migraine relief is not an easy task. There are solutions out there though, so do not be afraid to try something new! http://www.themigrainerelief.com