Enter The Dojo, Episode 10: “Meditation”

Master Ken teaches his students to contain the power of Ameri-Do-Te through the art of meditation. Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com Special Thanks to Luke Fitch for the animated sequence!!!

HBO PPV: Pacquiao Spiritual Awakening - Intro

Intro - Manny Pacquiao gives a thorough first-person account on his new-found spirituality and how it has affected his life. Pacquiao vs. Bradley happens Sat., June 9 live on pay-per-view.

Get Out Of Your Rut: 4 Methods to Create New Habits

Everyone gets into habits now and then that can be called “ruts”- same place, same thing- and the feeling of stagnation. We need self-protection against these ruts! To-Shin Do Ninja Martial Arts has age old advice which will help the modern individual better manage stress and go forwards to make new opportunities. These new, healthy lifestyle upgrades can allow you to reach your maximum potential.

1. Recognize: be truthful with yourself; are you in a rut? Have you got a troubling internal voice that you’d like to be better, have more, act with more integrity, and be more aware? Recognizing this inner voice is the 1st step in the rut breaker. Once this voice has been recognised, you will consciously have a new choice to make- which gives you power.

2. What steps are you able to do today to make a new pattern? Try making time to read a well-written book,. Reading does wonders for your sense of relaxation. In addition, carve out 5 minutes to sit in quiet meditation and just breathe. Meditation can be as easy as a few long, deliberate breaths. You also can take the time to spoil yourself with 20 minutes of fitness- moving your body helps solidify new habits. The action step doesn’t need to be big, just consistent. Journaling your new habit and the positive effects you felt while doing your new habit will help solidify the process.

3. Be aware of the words you use. Words have power; are you spiteful? Do you complain to attract interest? Do you say that you do not have enough of … Change your talking pattern and change your result

4. Meaning behind your movements. For each action, be aware that your intention matches your action. When you say thanks, really mean it. When you give a compliment, do so from the heart in an authentic way. Folks are far more in tune to intention that most would realize so project clear positive goal.

A private guide or coach can immediately help you to get out of your rut and into new and productive habits to generate a full and meaningful life. To-Shin Do Martial Art is the ideal vehicle to help build a new routine. Having a good teacher is a key factor in helping create and keep new habits. You should make sure that the teacher has habits that are congruent with creating a positive, brilliant life too. Newbury Park Martial Arts Center teachers are honored to provide the opportunity to create new habits.

With commitment and a new energy to fill the void, you, also , can establish productive habits.

Kriss Hurdle is a 4th degree Black Belt is To-Shin Do Martial Arts and enjoys steering others to form new positive habits to form final potential. Her site, www.npmac.com, has many excellent articles on self-defense, fitness, meditation, self-awareness and positive approach.

Interesting Facts Regarding Qigong Exercises

There are rather an amount of rewards of engaging in Qigong. These exercises can drastically raise an individual’s health and wellness. Qigong exercises can also assist in enhancing versatility of the body. They perform the same way as yoga activities although they are much simpler to execute. Qigong activities are likewise expressed to aid an individual become a lot more energetic. In addition, the activities certainly not just help with the bodily health yet also in the psychological health and wellness of a folks.

Qigong has been utilized for plenty of generations to increase the bodily, psychological and spiritual health of people. The deliberate slow-moving as well as mindful movements assist in reinforcing the body and also enhancing blood dissemination. The breathing activities (rhythmic) commonly guidance in greatly improving fluid motion and at the same time resting the body and also your mind. Interest as well as visualization aids individuals to comprehend their bodies and your minds effectively and understand their movement throughout any type of paid space.

A couple of the most preferred advantages of engaging in Qigong incorporate raising bone density, greatly improving the immunity technique of a specific, enhancing the movement of fluids in the body and also greatly improving the functioning of the heart process. Implementing the Qigong trains aids in making the total health and wellness of a different much more desirable. It also aids in raising the span as well as excellent of one’s life.

Qigong physical exercises have indeed been substantiated to be efficient in self-healing. For instance, they can considerably help in strengthening fluids movement in the body. These physical exercises even make the body greater and assist in the stretching of muscles. Some of the main physical exercises that aid in this operation provide muscle-tendon modification classic and five animals.

Breathing physical exercises are a commonplace component of the Qi gong activities. To get the leading consequences, one is supported to accomplish balanced profound breathing that entails utilizing the diagram. Inhalation and also expiration will lead to the diaphragm to either step upwards or downwards. This workout achieves the sensation of profound rest that is superb for the intellectual wellness of a folks.

There are Qi gong works out that are able to aid make your body considerably more powerful. For example, there are physical exercises that will imitate the action of practically progressing a hill. This will certainly be accomplished inside. Nevertheless, externally, you have to spread out your arms in an outward direction. As you perform this, breathe in. You can easily that point bring back your arms inward as you breathe out. Daily repetition of these workouts are able to aid boost your energy degrees. It additionally aids in focusing these levels.

After you master the usage of these exercises to get the perks of engaging in Qigong, you will be able to improve your total health and wellness significantly. For example, every time that you feel stressed and also overpowered, the breathing workouts will definitely assist grant you the required relaxations.

Qi gong physical exercises are generally utilized in various religions so as to supply bodily, spiritual and mental nourishment to a consumer. For example, Buddhists make use of these workouts for mind-calming exercise. This aids having the mind to a point of absolute relaxation. This can be terrific in removing mental disorders such as frame of mind swings, misery and stress and anxiety. It soothes the thoughts and also the body at the same time. The activities should be accomplished as regularly as feasible to take the most effective results.

The writer of this report has been practicing internal martial arts for over twenty years, specializing in Qigong exercises. Discover simple methods to improve your health with Qigong at the authors website http://qigongexercises.org.

The History Of Archery

Bowmen have played a major role in warfare and hunting for thousands of years. Primitive bows were made of a single piece of wood, but composite recurve bows were being made from Greece to China as far back as the second millennium BC.

Recurve bows, those with the ends facing the ‘wrong way’ when unstrung, are more powerful inch for inch in length than one piece wooden bows, which made them more suitable to confined conditions such as on horseback, in a chariot or in wooded areas.

Bits of composite recurve bows, usually made from horn, have been discovered in many parts of the world. Early arrows were made from naturally straight twigs or pine needles with napped flint tips affixed. Wooden bows did not preserve so well and exemplars are rare.

It seems that archery was being developed in the early Mesolithic or late Paleolithic Age. Archery was particularly well developed in some Islamic countries and in Asia, where Zen Buddhist monks used archery as part of their meditation techniques.

In the early days of archery, there were mixed sentiments about archers. In those days, people fought hand to hand with swords and spears and some of the traditionalists thought that archers were cowards because they attacked from a distance out of direct danger. This point is made very obvious in ‘The Iliad’, Homer’s account to the siege of Troy.

There are or were many kinds of bows made to match different fighting or hunting conditions. Some varieties of bow are the; long bow, short bow, recurve bow, composite recurve bow, reflex bow, decurve bow, deflex bow and crossbow among others.

The longbow was extremely difficult to learn to use and the archer needed considerable upper-body strength. The bow was often six feet long with a heavy three foot long arrow. The draw weight for utmost power was about a hundred pounds and the function of the bow on a battleground was as long-range artillery.

The heavy arrows and vicious armour-piercing arrow head would rain down on the enemy from a hundred yards or more and penetrate shields and armour as if they did not exist. Shot horizontally, the three-foot arrow could pass through a couple of people.

In fact, the longbow was so essential to the triumph of Great Britain that a law was passed making it obligatory for men over a certain age to practice with their longbows every Sunday on the village green in order to develop the required skills and upper-body strength in case war came.

The arrows are made to go with the different kinds of bows and the different bows and their specific arrows are suited to different kinds of hunting - whether you are hunting men or animals.

There are essentially two styles of shooting: instinctive shooting, which is very demanding as the archer does not take his eyes off the target, but does not sight down the arrow; and sight shooting where the archer makes use of sights to align the arrow with its target. The majority of people find sight shooting simpler.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article writes on several subjects, but is presently concerned with archery recurve bows. If you would like to know more or for special deals, please go to our website at Kids Archery Set.

Archery As A Pastime And A Sport

We are all being encouraged to get out more frequently, so many people are looking for a reason for doing it. You could choose a spectator sport like football, but that is not really going to do your body much good, you should be looking for a participation sport.

If you are younger, then play soccer by all means, but if you are getting on a bit, you will most likely be looking for a sport that is not quite so strenuous. Men like to take aim and shoot things even if not kill them. Golf is an option, but I want to recommend that you give archery a try.

Archery has the advantage over shooting a gun because it takes some physical fitness. It is not just a question of pulling, sorry, squeezing a trigger. If you take up archery, you will probably want to develop some more upper-body strength, especially if the most strenuous work you have done for the last twenty years is pick up a pen.

Archery is an rounded sport in many ways, depending on how much you get into it. Most beginners will start out by going to an archery club and joining in for the day. People will lend them a bow and show them the safety aspects and the correct way to hold a bow and shoot an arrow. This should give you a good notion of which sort of bow you would like.

After a week or two, you may purchase your own bow and you may move from indoor target archery to outdoor target archery or even field archery, which is virtual hunting. From there, you will almost certainly meet people who take archery a step further. You will meet competition archers, bow hunters and people who assemble their own equipment.

You might find one of these aspects of archery enthralling. You may take up bow hunting or even bow fishing. This will lead you off at a tangent, because you will have to learn about the animals that you hunt. You will have to learn where they live and what their habits are. This involves research.

Or you can take up the archery equivalent of clay pigeon shooting, which is called field archery. In field archery, the archers walk around a course and replica animals or standard targets will become visible at diverse distances. This is enjoyable.

You will also meet people who like to make their own arrows and even their own bows. This is another interesting feature of archery. You can purchase the different components that go to make up an arrow and you can buy a kit to assemble a bow or you can start from scratch with an axe, a knife and a lathe. Again you will need to do a lot of research, in order to get your archery equipment just the way you want it.

This will take you down yet another tangent to archery, but it will improve your understanding of archery, augment your pleasure in the sport and, as they say, add another string to your bow.

Owen Jones, the author of this piece writes on several topics, but is currently involved with longbows for sale. If you would like to know more or for special offers, please go to our website at Kids Archery Set.

The Blade Fighting Technique of Escrima

The name of the Filipino sword and dagger technique is “espada y daga”, which is sometimes also practiced with a stick and dagger instead of a sword and dagger combination. It is one of the more advanced techniques taught in escrima, and is very effective once the user is able to close the distance and enter the vulnerable zone of the opponent. At such close range the technique becomes almost unstoppable.

You can find this technique in many of the major styles of escrima, such as Lightning Scientific Arnis, Modern Arnis, and Lameco Eskrima. But this is only taught much later in the training of the fighter, after he has become fluent in the basics of pure stick fighting. And usually it is taught first with just a stick and an open palm. The last stage of training may include training with live blades which could injure the person wielding them if he’s not careful.

Once mastered, one will be able to do a beautiful succession of alternating attacks, which also has an aesthetic, spiritual quality to it. The master will learn to do without any predetermined combinations but make his strikes spontaneous, and react quickly to any counter-attacks the opponent might try to make. One can imagine the opponent being literally “chopped to pieces” by the two blades.

Scholars have shown that the technique itself is not borrowed from Spanish fencing. The name is Spanish only because of the more than three-hundred year Spanish colonization of the Philippines. But it is likely that the movements can trace its roots back to the pre-hispanic warrior clans that roamed the various islands of the Philippines. It may have even been used against the Spanish colonizers themselves!

You might ask, but what’s the use of the espada y daga technique when facing a criminal with a gun? And it’s not everyday you get to carry a long sword and a combat knife with you (unless you want to get arrested). There is no set answer to this question, but it really depends on the individual practitioner of the art. Some learn escrima as one might learn a dance, in pursuit of a martial art which also has a certain deadly beauty to it. Others will insist that it is actually possible to use the espada y daga technique in the context of modern weapons. You might even be able to use the espada y daga technique with your bare hands.

In any case, one should be very responsible in learning the espada y daga and not use it for illegal purposes. Centuries before, the espada y daga was probably used to defend the “barangay” (community) against tribal invaders. It is a technique used for protecting other people, not threatening or intimading them. Hopefully that aspect of the art can still be continued today.

The author has been practicing the martial art of escrima for more than six years, and is a certified instructor (third-degree black belt). One of his main goals is to provide ordinary people with only the most practical knife fighting techniques. You can learn escrima knife fighting now.

Can You Even Protect Your Girlfriend from a Knife Criminal?

Or will you just stand there pale and lifeless, not knowing what to do? Knife crime happens in the streets of every city in the world, and you just have to look at the pictures of victims to see that it’s one of the bloodiest and most traumatic events that could happen to a person. However, before even thinking about fighting against a knife attack, we need to share with you the best advice you’ll ever hear, which has truly saved many lives. If you can avoid the fight by just handing over your wallet, cell phone, or some cash, then just do it. None of these things are worth risking death for, and this is even more important if you have someone else with you. It is wiser to protect that person by giving up a few material possessions, which you can always buy again later. Human life however can never be bought back once it’s lost.

Another really good advice you’ll hear, if you can avoid the fight by just running away and leaving the scene, then go for it. Again it’s not worth risking your life for, especially if the person is just taunting you or intimidating you in a bar but without any serious intention to kill. You have better things to do with your life than pick on this person, such as earning a decent living for your family, and just enjoying time with your special girl.

But then there’s the last possibility, where you just have to fight or die. This happens in cases when the aggressor is someone who is not in his right senses, perhaps because of being drunk or high on drugs. In such cases he may have a serious intention to kill. Hopefully this will never happen to you. But this is the part where we have to ask, are you capable of defending yourself or the people you love if and when it comes?

You might think this is all about enrolling in some expensive martial arts class, but it’s not. There have been many cases where people with black belts have been severely beaten and even killed, because the moves and drills they’ve learned in the gym simply don’t work on the streets. A criminal can have absolutely no martial arts background, but still do a lot of damage because of the intensity and unpredictability of his attacks, the kind of attacks which you don’t find in martial arts training.

Instead of fancy martial arts classes what you really need is an instinctive and instant response with just a few moves. A few moves proven to work, which will be able to deflect the knife and do enough damage to the criminal so that he will be incapacitated, and so you can safely run away or get help.

The Floro Fighting System taught by Ray Floro is considered one of the most effective systems for knife defensein the world, focusing on real life situations. It can be learned by ordinary people who do not have time for regular martial arts training, and focuses on just a few moves that can be practiced at home. The only thing to remember is to practice it often, until it becomes almost automatic. Ray Floro has had experience in several martial arts such as Kali-Escrima (master instructor), Karate, Fencing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, etc. and has only chosen those moves which are guaranteed to work.

I remember when these videos used to cost as much as $119.00 (and it still is in their official website!), because it was first taught mostly to military personnel and law enforcement, who have all praised its effectiveness. But finally it’s available for only $44.00 (that’s a 60% discounted price!), if you download it as movie file from the link below. It also comes with a 45-day money back guarantee. Learn what it takes to defend yourself now.

Learn Escrima Knife Fighting Now The writer is a certified instructor (third-degree black belt) in the martial art of escrima. His passion is to share only the most practical techniques of self-defense to ordinary people who cannot be full-time martial artists. Visit his website, for knife fighting techniques.

Raymond Floro Knife Fighting Reviewed

This is my personal review of the Floro Fighting Systems Edged Weapon Instruction Course. The course is divided up into five video lessons, each lesson presenting certain aspects of the knife fighting system uniquely developed by Ray Floro. Ray Floro is both a master in the Filipino Martial Art of Escrima, and also a fencing champion in the Italian style. His knife fighting technology has received praises and commendations from professional martial artists, law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. But is his knife fighting system really that good?

In video lesson one Ray Floro starts with the essentials of his system. Beginning with his very unique grip on the knife, which is the reverse grip. The first time I saw it I thought it was odd, since one gets the impression that most of the knife blade is directed at your own body. But Ray Floro quickly shows the effectiveness of this kind of grip. He doesn’t use any slashing or circular motions in any of his attacks, but only straight linear thrusts. This gives the fastest attack possible, since a line will always be shorter than a curve. As it turns out, the reverse grip is almost perfect for this kind of attack. He also introduces a strong, basic knife block in what he calls the “clap block”, which forms a strong triangular shield of the arms to protect the face.

The second lesson is still in the area of long range, adding more nuances to the basic strike presented in lesson one, such as the linear slashing strike, which I believe is also unique to FFS. Also, one is introduced to the fencing footwork of FFS, such as the lunge. The same speed that you find in fencing is also applied here, in fact it seems even faster because of the lighter weight of the weapon. Ray Floro repeatedly demonstrates arm strikes which hit in 0.27 seconds. With the legwork it might even be faster.

Lesson three sort of changes the rhythm a little bit, focusing now on basic unarmed defences. I think this is a great component for the video course, and is what will make it useful for the ordinary unarmed civilian. The “universal shield” is something you can teach to almost anyone, and takes advantage of the flinch response that people have when attacked by surprise. It just needs to be practiced for several weeks to commit it to muscle memory. The more advanced unarmed defense, which is a latch-on variation of the universal block, is definitely harder to do. But Ray Floro clearly shows its advantages, such as when the opponent pins you to a wall and starts stabbing you in the stomach.

Lesson four covers an element which I think few martial arts really deal with in their curriculum, faking and deceiving the opponent. It’s such a shame, because fakes often come out during sparring sessions, and also in real life fights. The Floro Fighting System has clear theories in this area. One of the simplest and yet most startling techniques is “the stare” which uses the opponent’s tendency to look at your eyes, and use it against him. I think the stare technique plus the non-telegraphic strikes of Ray Floro make his system one of the most unpredictable fighting systems out there. You just can’t anticipate what the person will throw at you, because deceiving is part of the very system itself.

The fifth lesson gives some of the advanced concepts of the system, such as the pivot leg movement which completely evades a lunging knife attack, useful when you’re facing an experienced FFS fighter. Ray Floro also introduces an elbow and forearm jam which resembles some moves in Wing Chun. And finally my favorite is the shuffling legwork he uses to close very long distances. If I might add, it confuses the enemy too. It’s like a faking motion with the legs.

Given all these lessons, I don’t hesitate to call the Ray Floro video course the best knife fighting video course I’ve ever seen. What makes it so good is its emphasis on simplicity and fatal efficiency. There seems to be a tendency to treat knife fighting as something completely out of reach for even professional martial artists. As if it can only be learned by Green Berets or NAVY Seals. Ray Floro has done a great job of making all these knife fighting skills accessible to anyone who wants to learn them.

The author has been practicing the martial art of escrima for more than six years, and is a third-degree black belt (official instructor). One of his main goals is to provide ordinary folks with only the most practical knife fighting techniques. You can learn escrima knife fighting now.

Escrima Workout Guide

In this article we give a sample outline for an escrima training routine. Escrima is a very specialized martial art, which is weapon based and relies on very quick and effective moves. Because of its focus on intense and short movements, it needs other conditioning exercises to complement it, and to ensure the best physical condition of the escrima practitioner.

Begin with a slow and steady pace jogging, say of around 1 kilometre. Unfortunately escrima is not famous for being a cardio sport, so you have to have a different cardio workout like this one. Make sure that you have consistent and constant breathing while you jog, which is important to master, especially since many of the escrima moves make you literally hold your breath. But holding your breath causes more tension in the body, and less fluidity in your body movements. So you have to keep your breathing in mind.

Then you can proceed to wake up the various parts of your body through dynamic stretches. You need to make it dynamic since your body is not yet fully stimulated to perform the full stretches. Stretching at this point in your routine can only do harm to your muscles. Make sure that you dynamically stretch every major part of your body.

After the dynamic stretches, you can begin some stick warm ups. You have the freedom to choose your stick warm ups, since you arent yet going to practice any of the combat movements. Just make sure that you target some of the most important joints for weapon training, such as the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

At last you can start practicing the combat moves. The key here is repetition. A great master once said, for you to say youre proficient in a certain move, means youve executed that single move for 10,000 times. And thats just for basic proficiency. For a true master, he must have executed that move for about 50,000 times, meaning its seared in his muscles and almost unconscious to him as breathing or blinking. So you really need a level of discipline and motivation to be able to do the same drill over and over again. It might get boring at times, but thats where the benefit of good training partners come in. You can encourage each other to just keep it up until youve completed your assigned set for the day, say, 100 repetitions of the basic strikes for the day.

After the stick drills are accomplished, do some relaxed full breathing exercises to cool down, preferably while walking. Make yourself as relaxed as you possibly can, to prepare you for the stretching exercises. Although standing stretches are good enough, the best stretching routine is a ground stretching routine. Here youll be able to stretch your joints and muscles up to the maximum reach. It feels great after youve done it too! This ends our very basic escrima workout plan. Good luck in your martial arts training!

The author has been training for more than five years in the martial art of escrima, and has just recently received his third-degree black belt as a certified instructor. He is also interested in computer technology, and popular examples of metaphors.