The Effects of Music are Powerful and can be used to change

The effects of music on the mind and your life are diverse and can be used to make life changes speedier and effortlessly. Use the impacts of music on a regular basis! Let me explain how.

The frequency of vibration in which you are, can create a change to your well being, your emotions and your entire life. I have often pointed out that you can modify your frequency of vibration with music. This is about the outcome of music on the mind and how music can help you to manifest what you want.

Listen to music, which you heard when you have been in love. When you listen to this piece of music again, you will remember everything from these moments when you heard this music back then when you have been so very happy. If you want to remember something you seem to have forgotten, listen to the music you have listened at the time back then and you will to remember.

I once read that musicians live in general longer in comparison to people who don’t play a music instrument repeatedly. and musician’s memory and recall ability is much better as of non-musicians. Aged people like to listen to music, which they have heard the first time many years ago? It makes them feel better. The music is not old fashioned to them. Something else counts. It is the feeling this music is bringing back.

Music brings back feelings from yesteryear, it changes your emotions, aspects of your life. Music is powerful. Slow music helps you falling asleep, vivid music makes you be vibrant, music increases joy and it can support you to manifest. It can transform your feelings in a matter of seconds and bring you into an elevated frequency of vibration, which is necessary to change anything about your life. Music can change your reality. You can read a lot about the impact music has on your health and your life.

Music is being processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. Separate neurons are responding to a certain type of music you listen to. It even can influence hormonal production of certain hormones. Targeted music as for example classic music, can improve your memory. Music can even improve your health.

Listen to different kind of music to find out what the different kind of music is doing to you. How your emotions change, how you feel in general. When you found out with what kind of music you feel best, use it. Play it often.

Each kind of music has its frequency of vibration. Therefore you can change your frequency of vibration listening to a certain style of music.

When you listen to subliminals, you hear the music and get commands send to your super conscious mind, which you don’t hear consciously. The commands are on a frequency, which can’t be heard consciously, but they are heard from your super conscious mind. If you listen to a subliminal with your chosen topic often enough, you will be surprised how much it can change your feelings and your life.

Never before it was so easy to make big transformations and this for a price so low in comparison to what will happen. The combination of listening to music combined with applied brain research methods is actually a great thing.

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The Instant Manifestation Process Is Possible But Must Be Exercised

There are individuals who can easily manifest very fast, but if you desire to find a way to do it straight away, I have to disillusion you. To perceive a particular item there must be a specific compactness of subatomic particles that came together to produce the materialized thing. A physicist can reveal to you what manifestation is from his perspective and one of the components of the mathematical formula which he might offer you will be Hertz, which is the frequency of vibration.

Fred Alan Wolf published a book with the title: Thought into Matter. If you want to completely grasp manifestation from the scientific perspective, you should study this book.

You have to understand that there is no such thing as matter. That is why quantum physicists state that we perceive, but not see. What you suppose that you see, if you name it an imagination, a illusion or whatever, was produced by thought and vibration and the belief that you can generate it. If you don’t and can’t believe that you could generate a particular object, you will not be able to create it. Your belief is of great relevance.

Not before I found out about people, living today, who know how to manifest instantly, did I consider true what is written in the bible in the New Testament. Jesus could actually manifest instantly. When his disciples told him that the people listening to his preaching were hungry, Jesus let them go with basket that were all of a sudden filled with loafs of bread and fish. It was plenty that after all were satiated there were yet quite a few loafs of bread and fish remaining.

How does a thing get manifested quickly To manifest instantly you must focus strongly on a desire having a certain frequency of vibration over a certain period of time. How to do i?

Pretty much every thing has its beginnings in the mind of someone. To manifest you must focus your thoughts to the desire you want to manifest over a specific period of time or the focus is so strong that it sets off the needed frequency of vibration in a certain strength that radiates far, so that the manifesting operation is quicker. (The frequency of vibration is controlled by the feelings of the person.)

Understand it like a mathematical equation: To manifest a certain object, you need

Focus Frequency of Vibration Time = Manifested Object

A untrained person is able to concentrate so much, but not more. It is possible to accomplish a frequency of vibration that is strong, but barely higher and that long of a period of time, but not longer. This is the reason that untrained people need a long time to manifest anything.

But there are people who are able to strongly focus and keep their focus on a particular thought and these people are needless to say vibrating with a high vibration. These are people who are meditating daily and who are not influenced by too many things.

We are influenced by TV and internet, the traffic on the street, the internet, phone calls and a lot more. Very few people can keep their focus strongly on one thought. Those are usually monks, who live far away from civilisation.

Is it possible for you to get to the point to be able to manifest instantaneously

To get to the stage where you are capable to manifest instantly is complicated and it is almost unattainable to reach this stage quickly. You have to start to meditate steadily, exercise to keep your thoughts focused, goto the mountains or to a monastery and reside there for a long time.

Using the word meditation I mean serious mantra meditation and get taught and be supervised by a monk, who does meditation for a good amount of time. I believe that Buddhist monks are optimal. It also is helpful to learn martial arts as you learn how to focus.

Despite the fact you are unable to manifest instantly, having been taught meditation and martial arts, to practice focusing, you will manifest faster and faster.

People who use Mind Movies during the day I hear that they manifest quicker with each attained materialization. Mind Movies is absolutely a method to manifest quicker each time. Would you combine Mind Movies with subliminals and meditation you might get near to instant materialization.

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The Law of Attraction - Stop Fixing and Start Allowing

One of the main errors most people make when attempting to manifest their desires using the law of attraction, is that they set out to “fix” everything in their paths. They begin their journey of personal creation from a judgmental place of harsh criticism. It’s as if they say, “This is wrong, therefore, it must be fixed.” Then they proceed to use the brain’s power of intention (rather than the heart’s) to go out and make the necessary corrections in life, as well as in other people.

This mode of behavior can work, at least for a while. But usually what ends up happening is their reality becomes polarized. This is because the brain is polarized. In other words, not only do they get what they want, they also get what they don’t want. Opposition swells. Obstacles form. Challenges arise. And while all these scary things are happening, these “life-fixers” are becoming more and more stressed out. Tempers flare and drama ensues.

There are plenty of “positive people” out there who do very well — at least financially — at manifesting their dreams and desires. But as long as their intention is egoic, their results will consistently bring to them more problems that they can handle — right along with the mansion and Mercedes. Many of them become chronically ill because they allow their businesses take priority to their health and well-being. Some never get a chance to enjoy the fruits of their endeavors because they get cancer and die.

The key to implementing the law of attraction for personal creation is to manifest from a place of completeness, not a place of neediness. People who set out to fix their lives do so because they judge their lives as being “wrong” or “incomplete.” The same thing goes with relationships. Instead of codependently looking for another human to be with, however, they are codependently looking for a bank account to make them whole. But no amount of money, status, or accomplishment can complete you. This is like chasing a mirage in the desert. When you finally get there, it’s gone.

So, begin your journey of manifestation from a place of wholeness. Instead of setting out to fix everything in your path, begin from a selfless, heart-based place of allowing things to change on their own time, in their own way. Only then will you naturally attract the “ready-made” situations, help, people, and circumstances that will set the stage for your dreams becoming a reality — without the consequences of stress, drama, conflict, and the chronic disease to go with it.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company dedicated to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the world. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely synthesizes spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, wellness coaching, life path astrology, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.

Personal Coaching — The Key to the Law of Manifesting

The key to the law of manifestation is to acclimate yourself to a specific vibration and allow the universe to orchestrate matching vibrations. That is how the universe/life works. The Universe has always been responding to your specific resonance or vibration. It resonates to you.

People who are constantly complaining, criticizing, condemning, and blaming others and/or circumstances for their personal failures have firmly established a beacon of frequency that emits from their core outward — into the ethers. The ethers collect that frequency and then mirrors it back to them in the form of what we call “reality.” The dismal reality of one failure after another is manifested by these individuals who are unknowingly sabotaging their own success by their own thoughts, speech, and attitude.

On the flip side, when you accept things as they are, rather than resisting or reacting to them with severe judgment, you won’t allow them to have a negative effect on future events. You don’t become “stuck” in the past by recreating it, over and over, as was depicted in the movie, “Groundhog Day.” Remember that you are always projecting a frequency to the universe based on your own thoughts about a thing, subject, situation, person, or event in your daily life.

Most individuals don’t believe that you can easily attain your goals without stress, conflict, or drama. They say, “Life is stress.” In truth, life is not stress, but it is the reaction or resistance that we give to it that creates the stress in our bodies. People who go through life constantly stressed out about this drama or that problem are causing tremendous harm to their body’s immune system, hormonal regulation, and ability to repair and rebuild tissue and cells. They are on their way to a chronic state of dis-ease. That’s simply the way the body’s divine intelligence works.

When you learn to stop reacting to every challenge that comes your way, you’ll soon realize that the problems that you are accustomed to having will stop being created — by you. That’s right. All problems are created by ourselves, not others, and certainly not life. Life is not designed to be one long series of problem solving, combined with stress, anxiety, and disappointment.

One of the most common statements I hear from people who attract failure to them is: “It’s always something.” This statement is frequently repeated by those who frequently fail at everything they set out to accomplish. But little do they realize that it is they who are ensuring their own failure because their frequency is completely aligned with the truth of their own divine power of manifestation. And that power repeatedly and consistently commands the universe to throw obstacles into their paths, all in an imagined conspiratorial effort to shatter their dreams.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Self Realization to the masses. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely synthesizes spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic wellness coaching, life path astrology, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifesting, and relationship coaching.

Spiritual Life Coaching - A New Equation for the Law of Attraction

Our beliefs are the most powerful manifesting tool we have. Without belief, no amount of thought or emotion would be able to manifest as a single form. When we fail to believe in what we are attempting to create, we fail to create. It’s that simple. The law of attraction does not work on thoughts alone, no matter what you’ve read or heard. It can’t. Thoughts are only the beginning of the equation. The second part is emotion. Thoughts combined with emotions become very powerful indeed. But the third and most important part of the equation of creation is belief. And so summed up, the law of attraction equation is as follows:

Thoughts + Emotion + Belief = Reality

Now, since most people are unaware of the law of attraction, they are creating their own reality with a mixed bag of positive and negative emotions combined with frequent mind changes, or they simply give up on whatever it is they want to create. Once you decide on what you want, don’t stop creating it simply because you don’t see it manifest instantly, because it won’t. Patience and persistence are also required to see your creation through to its intended destination.

Creative thoughts, of course, are necessary to initiate an idea but that is only the first step. A metaphor for thought in the equation is much like the spark that ignites the fire. It’s not the fire and it’s not the fuel that burns the fire. It’s just the initial spark. Your emotions, whether positive or negative, are also obligatory, but even thoughts combined with emotions are not enough to construct the reality that you intend. A metaphor for emotion in the equation is much like the paper or kindling you use to get the fire going. It’s enough to expand the spark but certainly not enough to keep the fire steadily burning.

The true power of intention must be completed with the belief that you can create whatever it is your heart desires. And this is the final element in the equation for the law of attraction. Belief is like the logs that you put on your fire to keep it burning bright. Throw on some logs on top of the burning kindling and see what happens. Now that’s fuel for the fire!

Anything you can imagine is on the menu but the universe can only cook up what you’ve ordered. This means that negative thoughts combined with negative emotions combined with belief in those negative thoughts and emotions will be just as powerful at manifesting your reality as a positive-based equation. But of course, you would have to be unconscious to do such a thing. Unfortunately, most of humanity is doing this right now, both individually and collectively. The universe is simply giving to us what we’re ordering. It all begins with a thought. Then add emotion. Finish it off with belief. And there you have your reality. Positive or negative; the universe doesn’t discriminate. But the choice is ours.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company with a mission to teach Spiritual Enlightenment to the masses. His Personal Life Coaching program uniquely combines ancient spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, holistic wellness coaching, life path astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.

The Law of Attraction and Doomsday Theories

Because the universal Law of Attraction draws to us what we resist, react to, or fear the most, then all of the “doom and gloom” conspiracy theories that are out there regarding the Illuminati, the Luciferians, the Reptilians, the Anti-Christ, and the Mayan Calendar end date are reinforcing, strengthening, and perpetuating the possibility that these theories will manifest as our reality. The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we focus on expands. Illnesses or failing businesses accelerate when we share the drama with others. The power of our words will always magnify our problems. This is called the Law of Attraction.

In this third dimensional plane of form and duality in which we dwell, reality is always in flux. It is never static. It is also dependent upon the ever-changing level of consciousness of the collective that occupies a particular plane in any given time. So if you have a critical mass of individuals who are projecting a negative “doom and gloom” image onto what is likely to occur on the world stage, i.e. “the end is at hand,” then that is probably going to be the outcome. If, on the other hand, you have a critical mass of individuals who live in a state of eternal presence and have aligned their intention with the heart vs. the mind, then a negative outcome will not be likely. This is another example of the power of presence; the power to change the reality of an entire species as well as the planet in which it inhabits.

Higher frequency souls or what I call “Next Humans,” will automatically raise the collective frequency of the realm, and as a result, keep the low frequency-emitting masses in check. Some have called them “Indigo Children” or “Crystal Children” but whatever you call them, because they live in a state of eternal presence, they are not influenced by the negative fear-mongers who persistently try to persuade you that there is a hidden one world government or that the planet is going to endure an asteroid attack, or that there’s going to be an ice age, or that the sun is going to emit dangerous solar flares that is going to fry us all into cinders. Of course, there is always the possibility that one or several of these things may happen, but the probability of them happening will be lessened severely if we learn that we are collectively manifesting our own presence at any given moment. In other words, we’re making it up as we go.

Unquestionably, there is a global warming in effect (whether you believe it’s man-made or not) and certainly there have been catastrophic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, forest fires, mud slides, torrential floods, tornadoes, and the like, especially in the last few decades. However, this is something that we have the power to avoid once we realize that we don’t have to be dependent on oil for energy.

There’s no one else here but us. And yes, the planet, Gaia, is a living, breathing soul, just like you and me. She just has a very different type of body. And so just like any life form, she doesn’t want to continue to be in a state of dis-ease. We can give her body a chance to heal itself if we only acknowledge the fact that we are contributing to her imbalance. When we stop polluting the air and the water, get off of oil-based energy, and stop raping the rainforests, we can give the Earth back to her Self so that she can heal.

But there is something else that we contribute to these “natural” disasters besides our physical neglect. Our mind. Or more specifically, our thoughts. Because nearly all of humanity currently lives in a state of non-present, psychic disharmony, that is the inevitable outcome played out on the world stage. The physical realm is always a reflection of the psychic or mental realm, not the reverse. The chaos that we continually observe in the headline news from week to week is only a mirror of our own inner state of fear being revealed to us. It all begins with a thought.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the masses. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely synthesizes spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, wellness coaching, life path astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-brain manifestation, and relationship coaching.

Personal Life Coaching: Law of Manifesting

Abundance exists all around you; leaves on the trees, blades of grass in the fields, insects, birds, air, earth, water in the ocean, cells in your body, atoms in the cells, and on and on. In the world of form, there is unlimited abundance. So, there’s no need to “create abundance” because, in truth, abundance is all there is. What you can do, however, is create abundance in the forms that you choose, such as financial income.

The key to manifesting abundance for yourself is to begin by identifying and being grateful for the abundance that is already in your life. Even if you are in dire straits, you can certainly be grateful for the air that you breathe through your lungs, for being alive, having your health, being able to walk, see, or hear. Simple things that we tend to overlook can be seen as abundance in our lives such as a having cup of tea and a sandwich for lunch. As you begin to be thankful for the abundance that already is, you will begin to naturally attract more abundance to you in the forms that you intend.

Manifesting abundance begins with a thought. Once the creative thought is determined, you’ll want to add some positive, heart-based emotion to that thought just as you would water a germinated seed. For example, if your creative thought is to start a new business venture, then you’ll want to be filled with excitement and joy at the prospect of making this simple thought a reality. That’s the second step; emotion.

The third part of the manifesting equation is visualization. Begin and end each day by spending a few minutes in a quiet, meditative state where you are visualizing your new business grow, take off, and become a success. Visualize your customers or clients, and your interaction with them. Visualize your bank account increasing from $5,000 to $10,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 until you reach a number that you’re happy with. Remember, when it comes to manifesting, the sky is the limit.

The fourth element in the manifesting equation is taking action. This begins by having a solid, practical, and organized plan to actualize your business from start to success. So you’ll want to begin writing down all of your ideas and then reviewing them. Goal-setting with dates is also very important. Be sure to separate short-term goals from long-term goals.

After these four steps are completed, you’ll be ready to apply the fifth and most important step of the equation; belief. Without belief, the prior four steps will not matter. You have to believe in your creative thought in order for it to become your reality. This means not reacting or resisting to temporary failures or setbacks. Every new venture will always show signs of failure, virtually on every step of the way. Belief will allow your mind to stay focused on the here and now and not be deluded by what may or may not happen in the future. As long as your business is still up and running, you will always have the potential for success, no matter how bad things seem to be.

And so, the law of manifesting equations is as follows: thought + emotion + visualization + action + belief = manifested reality

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Self Realization to the world. His Personal Life Coaching program uniquely synthesizes spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, wellness coaching, life path astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.. This article, Personal Life Coaching: Law of Manifesting is released under a creative commons attribution license.

The Real Key To Manifest Wealth

We all are successful in our lives in one way or the other. But we can always use the advanced law of attraction to manifest more wealth and get more happiness in life.

You can see that there are various exercises for the advanced law of attraction which can be effectively used to manifest health, get success and to be happy in life.

The first exercise that is prescribed for a person is to meditate. An individual will need to focus on a particular concept which is about existence of all possibilities of life. He needs to think that all the possibilities of reality that he dreams of owning it are already present. And his task is to simply choose among them.

This law is not a recent discovery. It has been a proven theory of physics. This law came to existence in 1920s and is based on the work of the quantum physics pioneer Mr Nils Bohr.

Dr. Bohr has challenged the traditional view of reality. Based on Copenhagen School of Quantum Physics, he expressed that there are infinite number of “potential universes”. All these universes are present at the same time and one just has to choose among those realities.

The Second exercise is mainly based on the law of attraction that focuses on the abilities of the human beings. The exercise is also known as the transmitter exercise which focuses on a person’s abilities to send strong vibes into the universe which simply means that if you are sending out strong vibes about manifesting your wealth, you are in turn attracting wealth into your life as well.

If an individual takes this thing seriously and literally works on it effectively then he is sure to see positive results, he can also manifest the wealth easily when compared to others. But then he also needs to make sure about the conscious effort to send out strong vibes about manifesting wealth. This can be done by getting a strong image of a person who is already very wealthy. This will surely help to attract more wealth into ones life.

The key rule to manifest wealth and prosperity is to send out very strong and positive vibes about being wealthy. Similarly, one can use the advanced law of attraction for his many other desires and purposes as well.

Another exercise in the advanced law of attraction is known as the gatekeeper exercise which is completely reverse of the above mentioned transmitter exercise. This exercise focuses on the vibes that a person takes in.

For this, a person needs to fix up a time. At fixed time, he must focus on all things in environment. Think of all things that surround you and only allow those things that you want in your life. Move away from thoughts that will not give you any positive energy.

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The Power Of Abundance Affirmations

Generally speaking, abundance is the most basic in well-being. It is one of those things that are not based on external factors. It is something that happens within yourself, a process of improving your worth. This is why people use abundance affirmations. Abundance is not something focused on worldly things. It is the hope with which we live our lives. Our ability to absorb the levels of abundance being given off by the universe is a way by which we can rate our ability to pay attention. The hope of abundance is what pushes us to go on. It is a purpose that transcends our humanity.

In essence, abundance is our fundamental well- being, which is not affected by exterior conditions. It is a process of enriching self on an absolute level, rather on materialistic level. It is a “Messianic Hope” that bestows our life each day. The quality of our attention reflects our success in absorbing the abundant energy that exists in the universe. This integral hope convinces us to continue our life journey, a divine purpose that sustains our reality. In spite of despair and darkness, difficulties and doubts, this grand purpose holds a space for us, even though it may be presently obscured. It is the affirmation of our faith in goodness and wisdom that allows us to move forward through the most difficult circumstances of life.

Abundance affirms the beauty of lives and reminds us that the ugly parts are only there for a while. Our lives are filled with abundance but we do not access it because of our own desire to not cultivate it. We do not want to accept the gifts of life. We just want the kind of abundance that we believe there is because of what our emotions and thoughts tell us. Creation is a well-spring of abundance and the individual’s quest to look for abundance in life is through our experiences of money, love, power, and health.

We are held back by our selfish desires and we fail to see the abundance in our lives. Our minds are darkened by our presumptions and so we fail to see that the universe wants us to be abundant. Our social participations also inhibit our experience abundance. Governments teach us to have a capitalist view on everything and that supply and demand are the controlling factors of this world. That is why people are indebted, because we want to accumulate as many goods and services as we can.

Citizens experience poor health and living conditions but instead of fighting against these, they accept it and therefore inhibit abundance. They can do the opposite by having an open mind and a welcoming attitude towards abundance. By obtaining information about it, we can receive abundance all the more.

The Bible says that if we seek, we will find. Attracting abundance relies on this saying. If we seek to know abundance, we will attract it towards ourselves.

Our creativity and intellect should be geared towards a life filled with abundance. Avoid procrastinating and keep yourself healthy. Spend time for yourself because poor health hinders you from living a life of abundance and well-being. Assert yourself and you will get closer to abundance.

Procrastination is your enemy and so is being unhealthy and failing to take time for ourselves. This will hinder us from gaining abundance. Abundance affirmation is a great way to find a balance in our well-being physically, financially, spiritually, and relationally. By maintaining our health and knowing ourselves, and by having a relationship with the universe or with God, we are attracting abundance for ourselves.

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More About The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction has been recently gained the prime position among widely discussing topics. What is law of attraction? That is the question most of the people asking today. It is a fact that the human thoughts in their conscious and unconscious can influence the chances of fulfilling their desires. That is our chance to satisfy our wishes depends on the intensity of our desire. We can see hinds of the theory in many ancient scriptures and orations. To day it is not mere talk but an established scientifically proved truth.

The talk and experiments over this got wider attention when the Australian writer turned producer Ronda Byrne produced a movie The “Secret” regarding the subject. People’s quest for much information about this characteristic of human mind turned them to pay keen attention to national and international debates and park them before internet. People turned to different ways of practicing law of attraction. So how can we practice law of attraction? That is the question of the hour. Here you have a few simple thoughts that will help you to practice law of attraction in our life and make your life beautiful

The key concept of law of attraction is you get what you desire. If you desire much, you will get as much as you can. If you desire less you will get as less as you could .It may be wealth or glory, friendships or relationships jobs our attitude only work out. So always focus on big: big digit, big people, and big position. Nature’s attitude is the reflection of your attitude. Go and stand in a valley and cry aloud I hate you, the whole world around will reply unanimously I hate you. Change your attitude and shout I love you then the whole world around us will declare I love you. So fill up positive energy in your mind.

Just a fancy wish is not enough. A scattered idea about your wanting can’t help. Think about what is so deep in your mind. What you lack the most. Nothing can prevent you from gaining some of your extreme desires. Be focus on your desires.

Brush up your mind. When your mind is full of positive feeling, ask deep questions to mind, ask yourself how you can gain your wishes, how to make yourself attractive, what are your strongest desires, and focus on your desires. You’re free and auspicious mind will reply truly to your questions. Spend time every day to practice this meditation and find out answer from your own soul.

Appreciate yourself and as well as others. Don’t be tight fisted while you appreciate others achievements. While you appreciate other a positive feeling will spring up in your mind and that will help your mind to get in to yours desires.

Start easy: start with something very easy and simple thing that you want to possess strongly in your mind, for example, a friend, visualizes the character and qualities that you wish to have in your friend. Then write it in a paper the specific qualities of your dream friend in distinctive words. Spend a little time everyday to call to mind the image of your lovely friend and keep it in your conscious every time and spend some exclusive time in every day.

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