Have A Lucid Dream - The Basic Facts

Lucid dreams are the dreams when a person knows that he is dreaming and whatever happening is not a reality. In order to have a lucid dream, many people learn various tricks.

Lucid dreams provide a means to experience exhilarating pleasure. This is an effective way to cure a person of his nightmares also. To have a lucid dream is a good experience for many and they learn different tricks to do give way to their fantasies.

The process to have a lucid dream involves a few steps. The first step is to do reality checks at regular intervals during the day time. This is done so that a person knows that he is not dreaming and everything around him is real. Next step is to maintain a dream journal or dairy. This diary is used to note down the lucid dream and then read it whenever trying to remember it.

A person must be well aware of his sleeping schedules so that he can induce lucid dreams at appropriate times. People often wish to remember their lucid dreams as it is a good source of pleasure and there are no social conditions to stop a person when he is doing something in his dreams. This is the reason that a person must be aware about his sleep times and patterns. This also helps to have a lucid dream without any disturbance.

Usually, an ideal time to have a lucid dream is just a few hours after awakening in the mornings. In some cases, it happens just before a person is about to wake up, that is, in final moments of sleep.

Sometimes, people also get lucid dreams moments after they fall asleep. This is not a healthy sign and the person having lucid dreams at such unusual times must consult sleep medicine specialist.

To have lucid dreams and remember them one must sleep at least for about two hours. This is because most lucid dreams have duration of about 60 minutes. If a person is working on dream recall, trying and waking up during such cycles is an effective way to do so.

There are others techniques such as MILD, WILD, and WBTB that people use to remember their lucid dreams and also to get these dreams.

WILD or Wake Induced Lucid Dreams is considered good lucid dreaming techniques for people who have expertise in meditation.

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What Are Lucid Dreams?

Lucid dreaming is dreaming and being aware that you are dreaming. It is in the middle of a dream that lucidity begins and that the dreamers understand that the experience is not taking place in physical reality. It actually is a dream. The dreamer realizes this when he notices a number of impossible or improbable incidence in the dream like meeting the deceased. But at times people just realize that they are in a dream.

Lucidity quality varies a great extent. When you are at a level of high lucidity level you are aware in your mind that all experiences are taking place in the dream and that there is no real danger. Your awareness is also of the fact that you are fast asleep and will soon wake up.

Although at low lucidity level you may be aware to a great extent that you are in a dream. Lucid dreaming is being conscious while dreaming. In lucid dreaming you suddenly realize that you are dreaming in your dream. At this stage you experience lucid dream, irrespective of the fact whether you have been able to achieve manage of your dream or not.

You get some sort of indication in lucid dreaming which pushes this, an indication to the person that what is being experienced is a dream and not happening in reality. Yet it’s not essential to get those signals to become lucid. It’s very rare that people become lucid without any notice of something strange or distinctive of dreams. People who are unaware of the distinction between having a lucid dream and taking control of a dream are also present. When you take control of your dreams it is simply moving to the next level. This level is achieved by making and= effort to apply your will on your environment.

Attaining lucidity does not straight away mean that your dreams are in your control. Controlling your dreams requires a lot of practice in order to use and preserve control over your dreams. If you are at a high level of awareness that’s the best chance to take control of your dreams.

Despite this, it may be possible that it may be not possible to put forward much control in the initial stage.

Together with your knowledge, your self-confidence and control you can take control of your dreams. But you may be unsuccessful in controlling your dreams just incase you lack confidence.

Instead of changing your dream you can work on changing your behavior. Controlling your dreams is the best during nightmares. Change your own attitude instead of trying to change your dreams. Your fears can get allayed just by the realization that it is only a dream and that you are not able to maintain physical damage. Your nightmare will change into something more peaceful with changes to your attitude in such a manner. Lucid dreams hence are good to defeat nightmares.

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To Lucid Dream Or Not - You Decide!

A lucid dream refers to a dream in which the sleeper is aware that he is dreaming. A person who lucid dream’s has the ability to vigorously contribute in and influence imaginary experiences in the dream environment.

These lucid dreams are mostly concerned with your wishes. These dreams tend to take place when a person is in the middle of a dream. In the middle of the dream, there is sudden realization to the dreamer that he is dreaming. It is at this time that a person is known to lucid dream and also has the capability to enter in one of the many levels of lucidity.

When a person is known to lucid dream at the lowest lucidity levels, there are bleak chances that he recollects that he is in a dream, and may not be able to logically think or be able to recognize that anything that happens in the dream is not real. When a person is known to lucid dream at the highest lucidity level, then the dreamer is totally conscious that he or she is sleeping and have complete control over things occurring in the dream.

Before you make an attempt to lucid dream, you should work on improving your dream recall. If you are able to retain information about a couple of dreams a night, that should suffice. In order to lucid dream there are many techniques to induce them and with time you may come up with your own personal techniques. Let’s take a close look at one of the techniques to lucid dream.

Reality Testing Technique is one technique to lucid dream is very simply and involves making an effort to decide whether you are awake or in a dream. You can find this out by looking at the world around you and to decide if it is real. One of the ways to achieve this is to become attentive to the world around you and look for dreaming signs.

You must also carry out standard reality checks through the day. It’s a simple concept behind this method which is that you are able to determine that what you witness is just not possible, then in all likelihood you are dreaming.

Training yourself to be attentive for signs of during the waking hours is the first thing towards this. This is essentially done to recondition yourself to the acceptance of the world around you. This is not limited in the hours when you are awake only; these should be followed into the world of your dream as well.

When you are sure that whatever you have witnessed is possible and is out of the ordinary, you must carry out additional test which is not connected. You can glimpse at a digital clock or look at or read some text. This needs to be repeated after few seconds. Incase there is change in the text or time mysteriously, then you are surely in a dream. When consistency is achieved in performing these reality checks, your hopes get better to be able to persuade a lucid dream.

For lucid dream you simply need to understand that you are dreaming. A reality check needs to be carried out to check that you are dreaming.

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Secrets Of Advanced Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is about being consciously aware that you are dreaming. Thus, a lucid dreamer unlike other normal individuals has the knowledge that he is in a dream. Advanced lucid dreaming on the other hand refers to not only the mere knowledge or awareness about the dream but also the ability to have full dream control wherein the lucid dreamer can manipulate the dream settings in order to see, do or go wherever or whatever one desires.

A rare and extremely difficult ability to develop, lucid dreaming requires a lot of focused effort, meditation techniques and most importantly, practice. One needs to start from inducing the basic lucid dreaming stage and work up to the intermediate stage and then really put in effort to reach that final stage of advanced lucid dreaming to enjoy the absolute dream control.

If you are in the basic lucid dreaming stage, the technique of MILD is a good way to get yourself some advanced lucid dreaming experiences. The Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream technique known as MILD in short is based on the stimulus-response based approach.

To use the MILD technique of advanced lucid dreaming, a simple exercise would be to stare at your hands and tell yourself that you are going to see it in your dreams. Continue this calm and gradual mental affirmation till you fall asleep and try to recollect your dreams everyday after waking up. Practice this for a few days and within a week, if not earlier, you will see your hands in your dream. Immediately you will connect and realize that you are dreaming, but don’t get too excited to wake yourself up. Try and remain calm to explore your dream settings.

While you are going to the second stage of advanced lucid dreaming, try to set yourself goals and explore your dream setting without waking up. Thus, start by testing your senses like whether you can hear or taste in your dream, then test your memory whether you can remember your address and explore your dream setting by opening cupboards, try talking to a dream character, etc. Once you are comfortable with these, try to set some goals like flying or walking to a different place, sing songs, swim underwater, ask the dream character to explain something and then try to remember the response, etc.

In advance lucid dreaming stages where you have the sufficient ability and experience in doing all that you desire, there will be some questions in your mind regarding lucid dreaming, life, death and reality in particular. Remember that if your mind believes that you can do this much in your lucid dreams and no further, then that is what will be. Hence, keep your mind open to constant lucid dreaming experiences and activities without any boundaries thereof. Hence, fly off to far away planets and stars, ask a deceased person about his afterlife experiences, get to know about your own past reincarnations and the like.

In the final step of advanced lucid dreaming, which is rare and extremely difficult to develop, one can attempt to try basic healing of himself or of a person who is ill in reality, or one may also try to alter the course of an actual event through mutual lucid dreaming and the like.

It must be noted that in the last decade, extensive usage of drugs, pills, amino acids and herbs are being discovered and used to induce lucid dreaming conditions, but it can be concluded by saying that the simple fact remains that unless you possess or develop the proper mental state required, advanced lucid dreaming would be a distant dream.

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A Lucid Dream Guide

The lucid dream guide is for the amateurs and it undertakes to guide these people in the ways of lucid dreaming, where a person can dream, fully conscious of the fact that he/is actually in the realm of dreams.

Thus, a lucid dream guide cannot be complete without the usual beginner’s FAQs such as what is it exactly, how does it happen, how can it be induced, what are the fears, tips to overcome the fears and other drawbacks, the myths of lucid dreaming, so on and so forth.

Any lucid dream guide should start with explaining what exactly the phenomenon is like. That is, why is lucid dreaming is so popular? Imagine someone passing into the realms of dreams from wakefulness with complete consciousness of mind. He/she realizes that he is in the dream world and thus can go anywhere and do anything. The mere knowledge that anything can be done without being able to harm you in reality is a feeling by itself and the core reason why a lucid dream guide is so much in demand.

A lucid dream guide should guide you about how to go about so that the phenomenon is induced in to you. One of the basic preparations you should take up is regular habit of meditation. Meditation is the only process that builds you up, take control of the subconscious mind and then try to make the body drop in to a slumber, but having the mind wide awake and alert.

Let’s have a look at the processes. You will have to lie down in dimly lit room. The atmosphere should be tranquil and your clothing should be comfortable. The idea is to relax and fall asleep having the mind focused and awake. You have to visualize that you are levitating from your body. Think of some props like ropes that you are climbing to get out of your body. Thus you may pass in to the sphere of dreams in a conscious manner being awake in your mind.

There is just one fear factor in the whole process of lucid dreaming. Nightmares. Other common problems arise when the dreamer has no control over the lucidity of the dream. Some dreamers try to float away with their dreams without controlling the situation and find their dream setting fade away. They tend to lose the grip when things do not go their way or according to their will. These reasons make the dreamer lose the lucidity and wake up.

A lucid dream guide would fail miserably if it fails to underline the main weapons to overcome problems regarding its practice. These two tools are therefore those of, dream spinning, where the dreamer has to rotate, standing on one place, and also verbal affirmations where the person has to constantly tell and urge himself to dream exactly what he wants. By using these two techniques a person can change the setting of his dreams from even a nightmarish situation.

Lastly, a lucid dream guide should aware a reader regarding the common myth surrounding this phenomenon. Many call this entire act to be an escapist behaviour since it provides a way to escape from life. But as a counter argument it can be concluded by saying that even if reading a book may be termed as an act to enter another world different from reality, lucid dreaming cannot be put under this, as it does not take out time from one’s normal life since it occurs at a time when the person would have been sleeping and dreaming anyways.

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Lucid Dreams How To Be Successful

A lucid dreamer is a person who has the ability to consciously be aware of the fact that he is dreaming. Hence, the questions about lucid dreams, how to induce it, how to continue it or how to progress in it for that absolute dream control are some common and popular questions where this topic is concerned.

First question regarding lucid dreams, how to get to the lucidity stage is of prime importance. Achieving the lucidity is all about letting your body go off to sleep while keeping your mind awake and focused at its best.

In doing so, the main factors are those of preparation, relaxation and meditation. Prepare yourself for it by arranging for a dimly lit, calm and quiet room where you would not be disturbed. Prepare yourself by wearing loose and comfortable clothing and not having food items like caffeine or non vegetarian which generates heat and increases the number of thoughts in your mind. Do away with all negative thoughts, calm your mind and relax for this one in a lifetime experience.

For lucid dreams, how to relax every part of your body is a difficult task which one needs to master. The best way about this would be to tense every muscle in your body at first and thereafter concentrate on each part and relax them. Moreover, do basic meditation practices so as to rest your body, calm your mind but keep it focused enough to enter a state of deep trance.

Secondly, in case of lucid dreams, how to maintain the lucidity after it has been achieved is the third and perhaps the most important question. Many a times, as a beginner you will find the dream settings to be fading away, or yourself loosing grip on the lucidity, or it may also happen that you force to change something in your dream but it wakes you up. For avoiding all such perils, two of the best methods are those of dream spinning and verbal commands.

Dream spinning refers to standing in a spot and spinning like a kid, and can be used as an effective tool in bringing clarity in fading away scenes or bringing about the changed dream setting that you have been putting so much effort in achieving for so long. Moreover, you can also constantly go on saying to yourself or giving verbal commands regarding what you want to accomplish which also effectively stops loosing control and maintaining the desired lucidity.

Moreover, talking about lucid dreams, how to overcome nightmares is also a frequently asked question. It must be said that the very knowledge that it is only a dream works wonders for the nightmare issue. Moreover, say that there’s this monstrous beast which frequently attacks you in your dreams, try to stay calm and administer dream control by constantly saying to yourself that “this time the beast will be friendly to me” and you will be amazed at how effectively nightmares can be overcome in lucid dreaming.

Thus, it may be concluded that meditation is something that will answer all your ‘pre lucid dreaming how to’ questions while the above mentioned two techniques of spinning and affirmations will answer the ‘during lucid dreaming, how to’ questions for that one in a life time experience.

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Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming - An Overview

Lucid Dreaming refers to being aware that you are in a dream and having the power to manipulate the dream settings for seeing, going and doing whatever one’s mind desires to. Thus, exploring the world of lucid dreaming is an experience of a lifetime and is all about making your wishes come true, solving all your problems in life, giving you the chance to act like your ideal hero, overcoming your fears and doing all those secret things which you have always dreamt about.

When you know that you are dreaming and whatever you try out in it can never harm you after you wake up, exploring the world of lucid dreaming becomes all the more exciting. Hence, it can be stated to be an even better proposition than producing, directing and acting in your own movie.

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming for a beginner is mainly about exploring different techniques as to how to hold on to their lucidity in the first place and getting to know the minute things that can be achieved in the dream without putting in too much force as to wake up completely. Thus, moving around and exploring their dream setting, opening cupboards to look inside, attempting to fly, checking out whether all five senses work are some things one can explore in the dream.

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming for intermediate lucid dreamers involves going a step further and setting goals in the adventures and explorations. Thus, if you had been practicing flying as a beginner, try flying to distant stars and planet now. Ask a dream character to explain the answer to a tough spiritual question that you want to know, or ask a deceased relative if he has any message for you.

Exploring the world of lucid dreams can also refer to exploring all the alternatives of a certain problem in your real life. Thus, if one has been able to attain the required level of dream control, he/she can test the different alternatives in the dream to assess which works and which doesn’t.

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming in advanced stages on the other hand is more about breaking down the boundaries set by your own mind on your abilities. You will find that your scope of exploration is only a function of your mind and what you believe you can do. Once attained, you can attain a different dimension altogether and thereby attempt to explore the infinite powers of your mind. Thus, you can try out things like knowing about a future incident in your life which is yet to take place by getting a dream character to say it to you or write it on a piece of paper. You can also seek different mutual dreams, try healing abilities or even attempt at altering certain events manifesting in your real life.

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming in such advanced stages mainly comprise of dreamers attempting healing abilities to heal an ailing person in his real life, where various avenues of healing can be used or projected in an attempt to reach the flow to the particular ailing person in question.

Thus, it can be concluded that exploring the world of lucid dream is all about wish fulfillment. Be it flying to your desired place, partying with your celebrity dream character, embarking on an sci-fi adventure, solving problems of your own life, healing other people or even getting answers to unsolved mysteries of life, death and reality, it is all about fulfilling what you wish for.

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Awake Dream Techniques

Every one like to dream and while passing through the magic world of dreams all may think oh! If I were awake. Have you ever tried to dream while you are not sleeping? In most cases no, because you have had told that dreams are coming from unconscious mind and nothing can control unconscious mind. Have you ever dreamt of dreaming awake or do you think that you can dream when you are awake. If your answer is no, ready to prepare for awake dream.

How is it possible? If that question is disturbing your mind, I assure, you can dream even though you are not asleep. If you are able shape your thoughts and control your thoughts you can enjoy awake dream or in other words lucid dreams. First you need to gain control over your mind through some intellectual exercises.

To achieve your aim of awake dream you need to shape and improve your mind. If you want to happen voluntarily in your life, you need to shape and improve your mind. You must achieve a state of mind which can disconnect to world and able to completely focus on things when ever you desire.

The best way to learn control your mind is practice meditation. There by, you can improve your concentration ability. It helps you slow down frequency of thoughts and to reach in to alpha frequency which is necessary for intellectual exercises.

Once you gained control over your mind, it is easy to have awake dream. Before you go to sleep lied flat on your bed and think about the incidents of the day. Let them flash before your eyes and gradually you will loose connection with surroundings. Then gradually your desire that you have deep in your mind will come up to that flash and you can see the visualization of your desires.

Once you disconnected with your material surroundings, you will thrown up to a state between awake and asleep, turn to awake dream and you can aware of whatever happens or pass through your mind. When you loose your awareness of surroundings, mind will take you to images which lie deep in your mind. So you can see flash of images which are not actually happened in your life but desire strongly to happen.

By doing this you can go through the aspirations of your life and you will get flash of its visualizations or you will feel it realized. This can inspire your potentials a lot because you have seen the visuals of your success and enthusiastic applauses that claps around you in your procession. Dreams and strong desire to deliver make men hard working and enthusiastic. If enthusiasm and hard working combined together nothing can break that bondage and block its way to success.

Awake dream can benefits you in many ways. You can make it as inspiration to your life goal. By gaining capacity to bring your desires in to thoughts you can visualize your aim. When visualizes your goals and people shower prizes upon you, you will get an experience of wonderful world that going to happen in your life. This will induce great energy and encourage you to your goals.So if you are able to control your thoughts and sharpen your mind, you can see dreams even though you are awake.

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Understanding What Dream Control Means

Many of us think of our dreams as something which is largely beyond our control; they happen while we are asleep, after all and whether they are pleasant dreams or nightmares, we shrug and assume there is nothing to be done to direct the course of our dreams. However, it is entirely possible to have dream control thorough the technique known as lucid dreaming.

What exactly is lucid dreaming though? How can you start using dream control? Are there benefits associated with being able to sit in the directors chair for your dreams? In this article, well look at how dream control works and what it can do for you.

What Is Dream Control?

Dream control, using lucid dreaming, means that not only are you fully aware that you are dreaming, but that you’re also able to control what happens during the dream. While totally asleep, you realize that what seems to be going on is actually a dream and you are solely in control of the events that play out as well as the final outcome.

People who suffer from nightmares frequently can find relief with dream control. Once they learn to use this powerful technique, they can banish their nightmares and get the restful sleep they need.

Common Techniques For Inducing Lucid Dreaming

Binaural audio is a very effective method of inducing lucid dreaming. Binaural audio consists of two slightly different frequencies simultaneously; this brings about the necessary state of relaxation and the synchronization of the brain waves needed for lucid dreaming to occur; namely, REM sleep.

Before the availability of binaural audio on CDs and DVD’s, the methods of choice for bringing about lucid dreaming were meditation and self-hypnosis; these are effective methods, but it can take a long time for people to master these techniques to the extent necessary to have lucid dreaming experiences at will.

Other than these methods, many others have been used by psychologists and sleep researchers. However the mind is trained to assert dream control, the object is the same; to enable the dreamer to realize that they are dreaming and to begin taking the reins of their dreams.

This training begins while you are still awake. The goal is to remember to perform some kind of cue which will remind us that we are dreaming; this allows dream control to begin.

This can be as simple as telling yourself that you will be dreaming and that you will do or say a certain thing in the dream; which will tell you that you are dreaming, setting off a state of lucid dreaming.

This particular method to dream control is referred to as MILD, or mnemonic induction of lucid dreams, which was discovered by scientist Dr. Stephen LaBerge. With this approach, your brain is then in complete control as to what occurs in the dream, meaning that nothing could or would come of harm to you as it’s simply all in the mind and you are only limited by your own imagination.

A dream diary can also help you to get started with lucid dreaming. Immediately after you wake up, write down each and every detail that you remember from your dreams. After doing this for a while, you’ll train your mind to remember your dreams; this is the first step to dream control and soon you’ll start having lucid dreams!

When you know how to use dream control, you can dismiss your nightmares and have incredible experiences which would never be possible in the physical world; you can go anywhere and do anything that your imagination can conceive!

The experts say do that there is, however, one potential drawback to lucid dreaming, as much like anything in life, too much of a good thing can actually have the opposite effect. The main reason for this being that one of the most valuable aspects of dreaming ‘naturally’ is that it often tell us important things about ourselves that otherwise would have remained hidden forever. So enjoy dreaming lucidly. It really is an amazing experience, but remember to give yourself a few nights off!

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What is a Lucid Dream?

If you are not yet familiar with the phrase, Lucid Dreaming is a relatively simple concept. A Lucid Dream is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming, even while in the middle of it. The degree of lucidity depends on a few things ” how much control you can exert over events in the dream, how much of the dream you can remember upon waking and how stable the dream is.

Having control over the dream is the most important part of a Lucid Dream. It’s an amazing thing to be in a dream yet to know that it is in fact a dream. You are in the driver’s seat of your dream and you can experience anything you have ever wanted to.

Just consider that for a moment. Lucid Dreaming looks, feels and engages all of your other senses as if it were really happening but you know that you are only dreaming and will be totally safe no matter what you do. This is the kind of virtual reality experience which computer experts can only dream of.

Lucid dreaming is an incredible skill that more and more people are mastering. Having a Lucid Dream is something almost everyone experiences very occasionally, but just imagine how exhilarating it would be if you could Lucid Dream whenever you want to!

A Lucid Dream can be a doorway to some amazing experiences! Meeting and interacting with your favorite celebrity, having untamed erotic fantasies, taking a trip to distant planets, visiting fantasy worlds and touring them, conversing with a lost loved one, in fact anything at all; there are no limits to your imagination!

But experiencing regular and controlled Lucid Dreams can actually be fairly complicated to achieve. Certainly until recently people would spend months going through an instruction training and self-conditioning procedure prior to obtain familiarity to their first lucid dream. Often people would manage to have but brief instants of lucidity, whereas others never succeed in it at all.

So are there any simple ways of experiencing a Lucid Dream?

Some people report that certain foods can encourage Lucid Dreaming if consumed shortly before sleeping ” Mustard, Orange Juice and dairy products among them.

Also recommended by some are ice cream, popcorn, pickles and fish. Some people say that these foods are ideal for preparing your mind for Lucid Dreaming ” but of course, many of these are high in salt and fat, which isn’t very conducive t a good night’s sleep.

Can Technology Assist You?

Technological developments have made it easier than ever for people to have Lucid Dreaming experiences. Devices which can assist you in having Lucid Dreams include sleep masks and eyeshades which flash a LED when REM sleep is detected, reminding the dreamer that they are dreaming and lets them take control over their dream!

One of the most exciting developments in Lucid Dreaming comes to us from the world of audio technology. Audio researchers have discovered a process called binaural beats, in which different frequencies are played into each ear.

These binaural frequencies synchronize the hemispheres of the brain; by listening to these frequencies, the brain is helped to achieve REM sleep, the sleep state necessary for Lucid Dreaming.

For anyone wondering what it is like to experience a Lucid Dream, then this is definitely the easiest and most reliable way of getting started!

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