If You Were To Die Today, Where Would You Spend Forever?

Created by Jimmie Burroughs

This query appeared on the 1st page of Google, and some fellow was announcing that he saw it on a huge road sign on the side of I-86 in North Carolina and he finished his statement with the “Laugh Out Loud” LOL symbol. He posted it to see what answers he would get from that very same question on Yahoo Answers. I checked out the answers given by different folk, and out of 25 only 5 gave the proper answer. It is amazing how few really understand something as vital as their eternal destiny.

On Yahoo’s best answer 85% voted this as the best answer:” Same place that I have always been .” Hence that the best answer to “If you were to die today, where would you spend eternity?” Since when does any person ever stay where they have frequently been in any sense of the word? Life is ever-changing and no one remains in the same place.

Here are some other answers that were given:

“It does not seem fair or right for me that in 80 years we are going to be judged and sentenced to an eternity of hell or sublime rejoicing. It doesn’t even seem fair. It’s truthfully despicable, but that is just me.”

“I know that I have sinned during the past and that I haven’t been perfect, but who is. The sole good thing about my life and the true reason that explains why I deserve to be in heaven is actually because I always had faith and was true to my word. I am only being who you made me to be god. You didn’t make me perfect or anyone else, why punish me for someone you did not make me to be. I need to be in heaven with my savior, you are my savior.”

“After you die dear, you do not go anywhere. Life is over and that’s it. Your fairy story is pleasant though. I do prefer to fly to Treasure Island with Peter Pan, if that’s OK with you of course.”

If we stopped people at streetlevel and asked them the same query, “If you were to die today where would you spend eternity?” We’d have many various answers and many would think that they were alright and must do nothing. What we think does not actually matter unless it is based on what the Bible says. So what does the Bible say the solution to that question is? It asserts that it is going to be either heaven or hell and it’s up to every individual to decide which. The Bible announces, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23. It also says, “For the wages of sin is death.” Romans 6:23.

It is hard to believe that any person would reject that they have sinned. Nonetheless many would query why that they would be cast into hell due to their sin. The same ones would expect someone who breaks the law, whether it was breaking speed laws or taking somebody’s life, to get arrested and needed to pay the penalty. When we sin, we have broken God’s law and the penalty is death. Not just physical death but also spiritual death which is separation from God.

Being separated from God in this life may not appear to be so bad to most since they have all their things as well as buddies and relatives. But after depth it takes on an entirely new meaning. It implies to be totally alone, separated from God’s love, joy, peace, friends and family and friends and everything for all eternity without end. Whatever else hell may be , the idea of being totally alone in darkness forever is beyond comprehension.

It doesn’t need to be that way, for the same verse that claims that “the wages of sin is death” also claims “but the gift of God is eternal life.” Romans 6:23.

Forgiveness and boundless life is as straightforward as A, B, C:

Admit you are a sinner: “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)

Believe in Jesus as your savior: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Confess Jesus as your savior: “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt trust in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thy shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto goodness. And with the mouth confession is made unto salvationFor whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

It is clear from those scriptures that the sole way you can be sure of going to 1 is by having faith in in 0 Christ. To trust in : includes a eagerness to repent, or turn from a life of sin and to follow 9 in a new lifestyle. When we come to terms with that in our heart, all that is left is to confess that with our mouth according to the scripture. You can do that by telling the Lord in prayer what you believe in your heart and what your motives are.

Here’s a sample of what you can say, “Lord 1 I Know I’ve sinned; I turn from my sins and turn to you for 3. I believe that you died for me and rose from the grave and I would like to follow you for the remainder of my life. Thanks for saving me”

If you have trusted in your heart the book of Christ, that he died for your sins and rose from the grave and you have repented of your sins, according to his word he has saved you.

If you made that call today, please go here and receive some free important follow up information to help understand more about your new life in Christ.

About the author: Jimmie Burroughs is an inspiring speaker and writer who has been concerned in teaching Christian Private Development for at least 30 years. He’s a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ, and considers helping folks to become their very best through personal expansion is his first focus in life. His site contains over 600 articles on preparing yourself for success through private development and the things that go with personal development. His writing centres on the truth instead of fluff that just tickles the ears.

A Mother’s Anguish: Where Is My Son’s Soul?

Dealing with Grief: June (name changed), from Birmingham, UK, writes: my son died in an accident recently. I’m not sure if it was an accident, or caused deliberately by someone, but regardless, I need to know where he is. I read an article of yours about 12 months ago that talked about the scene of a car accident, and you said, whilst you understood why people put flowers at the site, that’s not where they are. I need to know what you mean. Thanks June. Phil G shares his answers on spirit contact.

At this lady’s request, I have changed the name and left some of the details of her enquiry out. However she is happy for me to share my answer with others so that might help them also. I can’t recall the exact article or reply that you are referring to be but I have talked about this a few times and I mention it in my book “Soul Matters - You Can Talk With The Ones You Miss”. I understand your despair and grief at losing your child.

You wanted to know if it was an accident or on purpose. I am not in “reading mode”, but as I read your words “an accident” it feels wrong. My next feeling is that it was an event that didn’t turn out the way they (the ones who caused it) wanted, and it went considerably worse than what they expected. I say this because I am being shown surprise and despair at what they can see is about to happen. So, whilst I feel it was on purpose, I don’t feel there is a laying of blame against these people for the final result (your son’s death).

If I can just elaborate on this point for a moment because I do receive many enquiries from people who want to know about tragic circumstances. Whether there is blame either officially laid or unofficially laid at a person or group of people, the message that comes through time and time again to me is this: Whilst they may be angry or upset or showing me the blame, there is also a feeling that there is no point doing anything about this.

One gentleman in the New York particularly felt the need to retaliate, for the death of his son, who was coming home to celebrate his birthday when tragedy struck. The boy understands the tragic situation that occurred to him and the trauma it has caused his family, but he was at pains to explain to his father to “let it go”. They don’t want us to do dwell on what has happened or on retaliation. That statement isn’t for them, it’s for US. They understand the immense stress and heartache that causes us and holding onto it over a period of time will do nothing more than make you ill. At worst, you may end up doing something you regret. Always in this type of situation that feeling comes through, and it’s coming through now in your particular case, June: that it doesn’t matter and you need to let it go. For your sake. And yes, I understand you know who caused it all, or who would most likely have caused it. You are right. But you need to let it go for your own health, which I feel is deteriorating.

I say that the scene of an accident (where sometimes people put a cross or flowers), is not where the spirit, or soul is now. I often have that feeling when someone is about to pass away. They leave and quite often before everyone else realises (including the medical people) that they have died. I was surprised by a TV series that I saw recently in Australia, where they showed a girl dying in a hospital bed. It’s unusual for a TV show to get it right. I suspect that whoever wrote this scene deeply understands what really happens. They wrote the scene that the person was leaving the soul and walking off to the white light, prior to everyone else realising she had died. I don’t necessarily feel they go into the white light, at least straight away, but I do believe the soul often leaves their bodies before they have passed away.

The TV show had the girl’s soul leaving her body about two minutes before the alarm sounded. The doctors race in trying to revive her unsuccessfully. Whilst some would be distressed by that show and what I just shared, I wanted to share it here because I believe that is what really happens.

Why do they leave their body before the very end? I believe maybe somewhere in the deep distant future science will catch up to this and prove it right. With all our knowledge and understanding of the human body there is so much that we don’t understand particularly of the mind, of souls, and I personally believe our understanding of what happens at the final moments of death is grossly misunderstood by doctors and science. They are looking at what appears to be correct, but I don’t believe it is. What is in the reason we’re spared from the final moments of death, such as in an accident? They don’t want them to go through that final moment of pain and suffering, and they take them away from the situation. I believe that happened in most cases in the Twin Towers and other tragedies.

So if their soul is not in their body at the final moment, where are they? The problem I have with people who think they have to keep going back to the site of an accident is that I firmly believe that’s not where they are. That may be where they were, physically, when the accident occurred. At the moment it happened their soul has left, protected, shielded. In many many cases, they will have already travelled over to where we are, where the most important person or persons in their life are, and visited them briefly. I have had many e-mails from people who share exactly this point. It may have happened to you. It’s happened to me. My mother was in hospital and she had been there for several weeks and was recuperating. We saw her earlier in the day. We were told by the doctors she was coming good. I’m in bed at night, and the phone rings. I knew the moment the phone rang she had passed away. Why would I think that? I had received many phone calls prior to this to say she is not well come over straight away. On none of those occasions did I feel she had died. And I know there are many others who have a similar experience to share.

So, if they can be with someone perhaps miles or thousands of miles away at the time they’ve passed away or just after that it suggests to me that they’re not still at the site. When I have done readings in a situation where there has been an accident like this, I often get a little image of people standing around in horror looking at what’s happened and I can feel or see the souls leaving the body, stepping back, and looking on with wonder. Just like you see in the film “Ghost” where Patrick Swayze is standing, looking, not sure, not understanding what has just happened.

To answer Jean’s question, where is her son? I differ in my opinion from many others on this topic. Everyone is entitled to their own belief. But I am very confident that what I am about to say is right. They don’t go away. After a while, they don’t need to be with you because you’re getting on with your life and coping and they go off and do what they need to do. But they can come back any time you need them to. In the case of someone who has only recently passed away, I promise they are with you. They are beside you. They are watching you make the dinner, look at their things, their belongings, holding onto things that remind you of them.

I know they’re not interested in the things you do right or wrong, to judge you, or wanting to watch you have a shower! That doesn’t come into it. They are around when you grieve and cry and mourn the loss of a loved one. They can see that, and you can feel it if you let them in. They share your tears. They can be with you when you sit or stand, putting their arm around your shoulder and comforting you.

You can prove this yourself. You don’t need to just take my word for it. Have a look at my site on the spirit contact (afterlifephilg.com). In particular, think about my book or CD or have a look at the YouTube video there. When you grieve, June and you wonder where your son is, think of him. Talk to him. Thank him for being with you. Just be aware of what you feel. Not always, but nearly always, you will feel them near you. It might be a feeling like someone touched you, or spoke to you, or a shiver up your spine. Don’t dismiss it as being silly or being imagined. Embrace the feeling that your son is wish you. If you want to cry, do so, but cry because you’re pleased he’s with you. Not that he is gone.

By all means make a memorial for them, a nice gravesite, or a cross on the side of the road. A special place in your house, where it reminds you of him, honours him, makes you feel he is near. Do these things for you. Not for your son. If you made a particular spot where you feel comfortable that your son can visit you, then he will be there when you want him to be. But you don’t have to keep going back to a particular spot to be with him. Your son is safe in the afterlife. The Afterlife is the energy that is all around you. And any time you need him to be, he will be with you, beside you, sharing as much as possible with you. Be aware of and embrace the feeling. Follow the advice on my web site on spirit contact (afterlifephilg.com), and learn how to verify that he really is with you.

So for June, and all those grieving the loss of someone special, someone dear, trust they are wherever you need them to be, whenever you need them, and feel their presence, love and tears. Take care. Phil G

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Do We Have Emotional Wants, After We Have Crossed Over?

From Cincinnati, a reader asks: Is it possible that those who have died have any emotional needs, like belonging or comfort or just to know someone loves them? Do they hold anger, and what range of emotions can they feel?” Here, ‘Afterlife Phil ‘ shares his insight and answer:

Thanks for your questions about how we feel after crossing over. I think they want to be with us, help us, and guide us. I say this because I’ve just replied to someone who was almost involved with someone, but never quite got there, and now feels closer to this person than her actual husband, and she’s quite frustrated by it all. But I don’t think they want to be in a relationship like we picture it. I think it’s more a case of simply wanting to be with us, or help us.

Find a purpose in life was my advice to her, and perhaps even let the person coming through from the other side to help her find that purpose. I know several who have done this, and found much joy and purpose in life, still connected with their special person who has crossed over, but with a purpose for their own lives.

Emotional needs? They absolutely have emotion. It’s like the end line in the film “Ghost” where Patrick says “The love inside, you take it with you” I feel is so true. I know in readings, it’s quite common where there’s a strong emotional bond (e.g. partners, or parents) for me to feel totally overwhelmed by their grief (on the other side) and it’s not uncommon for me to be in tears not able to adequately share the words, but totally share the feeling, with those sitting in front of me. So whilst I don’t feel they “blame” us, they most certainly hold the emotion of love, caring and so on.

I don’t generally feel they NEED our acceptance or love, but certainly there are times when they do. And I know they do try to help us. My own father-in-law desperately wanted my wife to forgive him for not treating her better (he wasn’t bad to her, just didn’t accept her and support her as he should have). In suicide cases, I know there is a desperate longing from those who have crossed over, to be forgiven by those they leave behind - like they didn’t realise the devastation they would leave behind.

The range of emotions they feel? To answer this question, I’ll hand over to my guys on ‘the other side’ who are helping as I write this: “We’re comfortable within ourselves (on the other side), but especially for those who have recently crossed, it’s like they have so much homework to complete and they need to tick things off the list before they can become calm. Like going to sleep. If there’s a whole lot on your mind, you can’t rest properly until you’ve done those things, then you can relax and go to sleep.

If we have a lot to do, a lot to say, it’s like when you want to tell a friend lots of things, and they want to hear about something else, but you can’t talk about that yet because you HAVE to deal with these other things first”

I’ll leave out a few things that were for my reader, personally, but she asks about anger. Where there is anger from those who have crossed over, it generally subsides after a while. I rarely find they hold the anger.

Do they have needs we can meet? Acceptance. I think they can TRY to influence us, help us, guide us, but they can’t MAKE us do anything, and I think they derive enormous satisfaction that we first of all listen, and secondly accept they’re there. The ‘asking for proof’ that I suggest (on my website afterlifephilg.com) only works for a while, because after a while, you KNOW the difference between your own thoughts and theirs, and it gets tiresome to them to keep proving things - and that shows them you don’t accept what they share. I know that annoys them after a while! So I think our greatest gift to them, that they want, long for, perhaps not need, but strongly desire, is an acceptance of them, their actions in the physical world whether they were good or bad, their presence in our lives now, and their willingness to help us where needed.

I think the negativity that you talk about will gradually float away. Like when you meditate, as you relax, no matter how much ‘negative’ feeling you have, if you relax long enough, you just give up on that feeling and let it go, so in that sense, I think they probably have those feelings to start with, but let them go.

I hope this helps you, and my readers, have a greater understanding of how to accept and deal with loved ones who have crossed over. For more information visit my website on spirit contact (afterlifephilg.com) and especially have a look at the CD “Contacting The Afterlife”.

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Dealing With Grief: Deeply Grieving For A Loved One

Dealing with grief: Those who deeply grieve the loss of a loved one represent a large portion of the mail sent to “Afterlife Phil G”. One such enquiry recently is from a lady who doesn’t want to be named, but she deeply and profoundly grieves for the loss of her mother. Caring for her until the end, but unable to be there for the final moments, she is distraught, and wants to know how to deal with her grief and move on, when she feels so deeply that she will never be able to. Phil answers with comforting advice about spirit contact from the Afterlife.

Thank you for your enquiry. I understand this is a sad time, and different people deal with grief in different ways. In my own case, when I lost my mother, although I was naturally upset, I felt it was all right, that she was all right. And somehow she was around. I can’t describe it as being any more than that. At that stage, I didn’t really have any signs of proof and I was not what people would call psychic then, but I just felt she was all right and around.

For other people, the loss of a loved one is devastating. They feel their loved ones are out of their life permanently, and they are very sad. I receive many enquiries from people who are deeply distressed at the passing of a loved one. One of my very early clients when I first started doing readings, back in 2005, was a lady who deeply missed her husband. When I was sitting with her, I had the overwhelming feeling, deep down, she KNEW he was around but was afraid to admit it or accept it - she much be crazy to think such a thing. Because she was overwhelmed with grief, she couldn’t deal with and couldn’t believe that he might be around. I think this is a common occurrence with those who are so deeply distressed, that they miss the signs. Perhaps not even signs, but rather their own inner feelings that the person they miss is around.

A story goes: A man was stuck in a flood and he was standing on the roof of his house. A man in a boat came past and offered him a ride to safety. He said: “No, thank you, I am waiting for God to rescue me”. Not long afterwards as the waters rose higher and higher, another boat comes past and again he is offered a ride to safety. And again he declined the offer, saying that God will rescue him. Eventually, with the water at the top of the roof of the house where he’s standing, and with his feet in the water, a helicopter comes past. They lower the rope ladder down; a rescuer climbs down and offers a ride to safety. Again he declines, saying he knows God will rescue him. The water comes up higher; the man’s washed away and drowns. He goes to the pearly gates, and when he’s there he is very upset. He demands to know why, when his faith was so firm and so solid, why wouldn’t God rescue him? The reply? “We tried to rescue you three times but you would let us!”

I strongly believe this is what happens with spirit contact from loved ones who have crossed over. I believe they are trying to come through to anybody who is either missing a loved one who has crossed over, or needs to be warned or guided about something. And that’s irrespective of whether you believed in an afterlife, and spirit contact or not. In the same way as electricity doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not. It will still kill you if you touch it. You’re belief or otherwise, in electricity running through a power point is irrelevant. And so too with spirit contact from the afterlife.

Anyone who writes to me about dealing with grief, receives this advice: The ones you miss are still with you, and you’re getting signs from the ones you miss, now. Now I do understand that contacting someone in the afterlife is not nearly as good as having them here in the physical world, beside you, when you want them to be. However, I have found that understanding that they are still around, and that they are contactable by you, and you can verify that you’re not imagining it, is of enormous relief to so many people I help. I know it’s not the same as them being here with us physically. Nevertheless, I know from all the thank you letters and e-mail’s, that my ideas have helped many. I want to help you.

Sometimes when I reply, I get a specific comment to say to that person to help verify that I’m not just making this up. It’s not like a “reading”; it’s just a little statement that comes out of the blue. And more often than not, I get a reply email saying that was wonderful, because it confirmed I wasn’t just making things up. But that’s not how I want to help you now. I want you to know they’re around, and confirm it yourself. I share much information on spirit contact at afterlifephilg.com

I want you to try sometime if you are deeply grieving the loss of a loved one, such as the lady who wrote to me recently, who misses her mother so terribly. My advice is this: Put aside your grief for a moment. Grab something that reminds you of him. In my video “CoffeeTime” (there is a link from my website to the video), and also in my Book “Soul Matters - you can talk with the ones you Miss”, I talk about setting up a reference point. It can be something that reminds you of them. It could be a coffee cup. It could be a photograph. It could be a piece of clothing. It doesn’t matter what it is, it just needs to be something that helps you feel them near you. On my CD “Contacting The Afterlife - A Spoken Beginner’s Guide” I t you step-by-step through this process, and that makes it very easy, particularly for people who don’t feel they can do this themselves, to make their own connection and verify it. When you’re holding or looking at this object, think about them, talk to them, as if they’re here right now.

A film which came out a few years ago, and available on DVD is called “PS I love you”. Take a look at it. The girl who has lost her husband in the film talks to him as if he’s really there. It doesn’t feel old or strange to her. She doesn’t really worry about whether it’s real or not. She just does it. That’s what I want you to do. Talk to them about things in your life, things that are happening, things that happened in the past, good times, fond memories, some funny things that you did together. And just enjoy the experience as if they’re there. You will probably feel overwhelmed. Not with grief, but with a feeling that they really are with you.

But I want you to go further. I want you to approach the whole exercise as if it’s real. Whether you believe this or not. When you’ve finished talking to them, thank them for the experience and for the time spent with you. I’m not worried at this stage whether you believe this is possible or not, I just want you to do it.

You will find each time you do it the experience becomes easier and the contact more recognizable. In my book, and particularly on my CD, I share specifics about the questions I want you to ask, to verify your experiences are real. But you will find after awhile, you won’t even need to verify. That’s because you’ll know the difference between thoughts that are in your head and feelings that seem to hop out of nowhere into your mind. There is a difference. And to start with, you may not recognize it. But if you keep doing this you will.

You will find, if you follow my advice, have a look at my website on spirit contact (afterlifephilg.com), my YouTube video, or think about obtaining my book or CD: you’ll begin to understand that you don’t need to grieve for them as much as you do. Miss them? Certainly. But it eases the pain and is enormously comforting to know the ones we miss, when they die, it’s not the end. So to the lady who deeply misses her mother, and for anyone who is reading this article, who has had a son, daughter, parent, brother, sister, or friend pass away: You can understand that they are still wish you and I hope I can help you to understand that you can connect with their spirit and confirm it. Take Care, Phil G.

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Are We Blamed For Death? More On Life After Death From ‘Afterlife Phil G

“Is my Mum at peace, now she has crossed over? She died when I was very young and living with my Nanna. Am I to blame? Does she forgive me? I need to know she’s okay, watching over us and at peace”. This question to “Afterlife Phil G” comes from England, and Phil shares his view on this.

Writes another [USA] “Weeks before my husband died (unexpectedly), a thought came in my head that he was going to die of a heart attack. Not long after this he died in his sleep (heart). Should I have taken this as a warning? Am I to blame? I need to know he forgives me. I know visits are possible. Should I have used this ‘whisper’ to save him?

Phil writes: “After someone passes away, I feel they adjust and come to understand things better than we do. During ‘readings’ I have had many instances where someone feels enormous guilt, and the person on ‘the other side’ does not share than pain. They understand things from a greater perspective. Are forgiving. Accepting. A little like the loss of something important, perhaps a favourite car - whilst it’s sad, and terrible, you get over it, and accept it as it is, and move on.

Whenever I write an article or reply along these lines, there’s any number of people who may laugh at my words, but I want YOU to be the judge, to be the proof. You don’t need to take my word for it. On my web site I share much free information about contacting the afterlife. I have coached many in my simple technique, of recognizing the signs of contact from family in the Afterlife, and it is from this perspective that I help people to go a step further and ASK or share their concerns of guilt or blame, with the person they miss on ‘the other side’ and ask for verification to confirm they are not imagining it.

If you follow my advice on the web (philg.net.au), you will start to understand the contact you’re already having with family or friends who have passed away. Then you can move on to ASK them your concerns. You won’t have to take my word for it, or that of a medium or spiritualist.

For the two questions noted earlier, this is my advice: Tell them what’s on your mind. In your head, or out loud. During ‘CoffeeTime’ (see my video on YouTube - under ‘Afterlife Phil G’), or when you’re relaxed and almost asleep, talk to them. Share your feelings and concerns. For the lady who lost her mother, talk to her about how you feel. What you remember. You were so young, I am sure there will be a flood of emotions. For the lady who lost her husband so unfairly, talk to him about your premonition.

Stay in the moment, and forget about the world for a few minutes. That’s the reason we don’t hear from loved ones in the Afterlife - we’re so busy and rushed and worried about so many things. You will get caught up in the emotion, but that’s fine. Let it flow. Stay in the moment. Don’t worry about if it’s imagined or real.

If not immediately, certainly gradually as you stay ‘connected’, you will find random words and thoughts pop into your head from nowhere. You get images, words, feelings, unexpectedly. Don’t try to block them. Don’t try to decipher them. Don’t ask or think what they mean. Just let those thoughts mingle through your mind. If you start to sense meaning, go with the thoughts. After you do this a few times, it’s really easy. A bit like having a conversation with a friend. You start discussing boats, end up on cars, and you don’t have a clue how the subject changed!

Those thoughts, images, words, feelings that seemed to randomly pop into your head are from the person you want to connect with in the Afterlife. You can prove it (much information on my web site to help you). The important thing here is to accept things, even if you’re not sure or skeptical. In your cases, you will feel, I am sure, an enormous weight lifted off your shoulders. You will feel the forgiveness or ‘non-blame’ shining through from somewhere you can feel, but can’t see. Follow my advice to confirm that feeling is real.

Demi Moore in the film “Ghost” agonizes over the loss of her friend, played by Patrick Swayze. Patrick still wants to be part of her life, to help her, comfort her, protect her, but he struggles because she expects too much in the way of proof. In the end, it’s a silly random remark that makes her believe. And as shown in the film, certainly not all psychics are the real deal, but there are some who just want to help you, and help you understand that loved ones who have passed away are with you. Now. Beside you. Anytime you want them or they need to be. And whatever issues, concerns, or words you want to share, they can hear, and you can verify they hear it, yourself. - Phil G

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Afterlife Phil G’s Poem On Life After Death Comforts The Grieving

‘Afterlife Phil G’ has shared his touching poem of comfort with thousands around the world. “My body is beyond your reach but my soul is touching yours. I am the one who enters your dreams, caresses your face, hugs you, misses you”.

Many have framed the words. Some have used the poem at funerals; still others have just passed it on to those who dearly miss a loved one. The full poem is available on Afterlife Phil G’s website on life after death.

An email to Phil asks: “My wife passed a few months ago. I cannot bring myself to remove everything of my wife’s. I want to keep everything as if she’s still here. My friends say I need to let go. What do you advise?”

“It depends on the age of the person involved. If we are talking about a younger person, who still has their life ahead of them, there is a point where they should move on, let go, but they don’t have to live life without being able to contact them. Accepting of the situation, yes, but still being able to retain contact.

For parents who have suffered the loss of a child, or for older people who have lost their partner, it can be of enormous comfort to leave a room untouched, and be able to walk into it and feel as if they are still in the room. This is not just a wish but a reality, and if you follow my advice, you will be able to feel them in the room and verify it.

My ‘CoffeeTime’ video combined with my poem and thoughts about contacting the afterlife have worked well for many, to sit in a room untouched, or holding an object or photo, and feeling the presence of the one they miss. My website on life after death shares my poem, video and more to help you.

The poem came to me in a light dream a few years ago. Visitors to my site will know that I accidentally found a way for ordinary people to contact family in the afterlife and verify it, and not long after writing my book, I felt a strong need to have something I could share for free, to help a large number of people gain comfort from my simple technique on contacting the afterlife. The result is a poem which came to me one night, which I remembered vividly in the morning, made even more strange by phrasing I would not normally use. It truly is a gift I am pleased to share.

If you would like to know more about contacting the afterlife, my video or poem, perhaps you would like to visit my websites philg.net.au or afterlifephilg.com. Above all, do not grieve for the ones you miss theyre just a whisper away. Phil G

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