Shit Christians Say

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Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (Youtube channel CANSWERSTV) & Steve Morrison, Ph.D, director of Research for Christian Answers (Steve is the webmaster for our three websites: BIBLEQUERY.ORG, HISTORYCART.COM & MUSLIMHOPE.COM; & he has also written 4 books on Islam: “Reliability of the Bible & Christianity vs. the Qur’an & Islam,” “Answering Muslim Objections to Christianity,” “Letting Islam Destroy Itself in a Muslim’s Mind,” & “Christian Dialoging with Muslims”) analyze the ever growing liberalism within the various Protestant so-called “Christian” churches such as the United Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (USA), American Baptist Churches (USA), United Church of Christ churches, elements of the Southern Baptist Convention, etc. Liberal Christianity or Theological Modernism is a broad term which basically refers to a movement within American Protestant denominations to stress the social role of Christianity, as in the Social Gospel of the early 20th century. This movement is characterized by a lack of emphasis on or denial of the plenary Divine inspiration and authority of the Bible, and commitment to doctrinal purity. Prevalent Biblical themes such as repentance from personal moral sin, hell and damnation for those who reject Christ, His blood atonement and His future literal reign are minimized, or militated against. In 1937, H. Richard Niebuhr

Christianity and Liberalism: The Church - J. Gresham Machen (Chapter 7 of 7)

J. Gresham Machen playlist Thank you to for use of this audio. Please visit their website for many other classic Christian works. The message of this famous classic of the Christian faith is more desperately needed in the 21st century than it was in the early 20th century. Since Machen wrote, the philosophical and theological trends that generated the issues he was addressing have become more firmly entrenched in the consciousness not only of the culture at large, but of evangelical Christianity in particular. The major thesis of this books is not that theological liberalism is bad, although Machen leaves little doubt of his opinion of it. Rather, the major thesis is that theologically liberal Christianity is not Christianity at all, and that toward every one of the most fundamental teachings of historic Christianity, theological liberalism takes an antithetical stance. The position of the liberal church toward doctrine is that Christianity should be an undogmatic religion, unconcerned with theological subtleties. Christianity should be a life, not a system of doctrine. Certainly at this point, liberalism could not possibly be more firmly allied with contemporary mainstream evangelicalism. Anti-doctrinalism goes hand in hand with the two most pervasive philosophical currents of our age, postmodernism with its radical relativism, and existentialism, with its radical subjectivism and distrust of objective systems in general. Machen shows

Evangelical Christian Terrorists? (Video)

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