ASK DR. WEISS: Spiritual love; psychic abilities; changing our destiny

ASK DR. WEISS: Dr. Weiss answers YouTube viewers’ questions about the nature of spiritual love; the development of psychic and intuitive abilities; and the possibility of changing our destiny and our future. He also introduces his new book, “Miracles Happen,” which will be released on October 2, 2012. This video is captioned and can be translated into the language of your choice.

Oracle Card Spiritual Guidance - Week of May 28, 2012

Hello Gods & Goddesses! This week’s energy indicates we may face a difficult situation that may seem irresolvable. Thus, we may encounter an impasse. Rather than react with negativity, or fall into lower energies like blame, or denial, it is best to seek inner guidance. Sometimes the best action is inaction. Allow the universe to resolve some of the details for you. In the meantime, stay positive and shine your light. Be like the Magician and use all of your gifts and resources in order to manifest your intentions for the good of all. Blessings of abundance are assured. ~Namaste Decks Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney

Stop Focusing on Problems, target your Focus on the Solution

Certain problems solve themselves and are best to be left. To solve others you have to work. And others you have to solve step by step as for example with losing weight. But this is the problem-thinking way. It is better to change that into thinking of the solved problem.

There are people who have lots of problems, others see it as challenges and again others are just solving them, without making a story about it. If your children have bad results at school, you have to get them learn more. If your partner leaves you, you have to handle love sickness. Too many people are facing money problems, which is not really to solve with working hard, but with changing your mindset. If someone loses his job, he ends up on the street and another starts his own company and gets financially very successful If you have your own company, but not enough sales, you have to change your marketing.

There is a way to make problem solving easier. Start thinking of the solution and don’t dwell on the problem as it would get worse. It is always the same that when you see something from a negative perspective, you cannot see the solution, which surely is there.

If you focus on the problem, it gets worse and your frequency of vibration goes down, which makes you feel bad. If you visualize that its out of the way, you will see the solution. And this is a much better concept to deal with problems. You would not say that you got a problem, but that you are thinking about a solution, which makes you already be on the positive side.

How is the solution-thinking down? You think about the outcome of the solved problem. Do not think of what it takes to solve the problem, but of what you want to achieve with the solution-thinking. If you have a lack of money, you have to visualize a bank account with all the money you need. If your car needs repair, you might go and buy a new car. If you feel that your partner is not so happy in the relationship, see a happy togetherness. If your child is sick, see it healthy and think about how your child could be helped.

After visualizing the positive result, write down what comes into your mind to solve the problem, everything you could do. Often there are several ways to solve a problem. Write all of them down. Start with the easiest way to solve a problem. Very often people get so taken by the problem that they don’t see a way out. If you have this happen, it is best to take a break from it, until you can see clearer.

A great way to solve a problem is making a wish video. This is quickly done with the software of Mind Movies. You find images that represent the solution, add affirmations and music. You watch your mind movie twice daily and you visualize before you fall asleep. Watching your mind movie will boost your frequency of vibration, which lets you perceive your reality positively. Yes, that is the secret and called the law of attraction.

Always visualize the solution, before you do anything to solve the problem. find someone who can help you, if help is needed. Whatever the problem is, have belief that it will be solved quickly. Your thoughts are free for you to choose and so always choose positive thoughts.

Use Mind Movies to solve any problems you have. Mind Movies are powerful. Knowing the Key to Happiness will turn your life around if you apply this approach.

Increase Your Self Belief to be Successful in Life

It is surprising that most people believe that others are better than they are. What they do is, they continuously compare with what others do and mean that what others do is better, instead of focusing on their work and doing their best.

Many women believe that other women are more attractive than they are and compare their look with the look of models and actresses. They see photos which are retouched by professional photographers. Models and stars wear heavy makeup, which was produced for film and photograph. Would any women wear professional makeup and be photographed from a professional, she would look as gorgeous as the superstar she so much envies because of her look. Why don’t women see all they are?

Each person is extraordinary and has something special about him/herself and this is what you should emphasis on and be proud of. If you have difficulty to see the full value of what you are, you should consider improving your self belief.

Artist is used to receive positive and negative critics. Some are taking both kinds of critics lightly and others are taking it so severe that they despair. The distinction is the self belief these celebrities have.

What is it that most people are questioning if what they do is good enough, if they are looking pretty enough, if they are dressed well enough… It is a lack of self esteem.

There are people who are so self-confident that nothing can stop them from being very successful. They just go ahead doing whatever they have planned. There are women, who are ugly, but they are so confident about themselves that they are fascinating and appear pretty in a way, which is above what is basically regarded gorgeous. It is their radiation of being self-assured about themselves. They know their value and they know that it doesn’t have to be beauty.

How can you change the dilemma of being insecure and unsure if what you do is good enough and if you are beautiful enough

Part of personal improvement is to raise your belief in yourself through becoming aware of who you are.

Write down everything you like about yourself. Then think about what someone else would value about you. What would your friends say is the best trait of you? What do you think would the people, you often meet, say about you? And then call them and ask them. You will be surprised how wonderfully they think about you and that the way you look is the least important.

You will say, well others always talk nicely, when you ask them. Right, but they also believe that you are better in many ways than they are.

Your control center the Unterbewusstsein is has to be changed, if you want to change anything about your life. You can easily do that with Subliminals .

Discovering the Power of Your Mind

One of the greatest powers in the world belongs to human beings. It is called the mind power. Many have studied mind power their entire lives without being able to find the answers they were looking for but they knew only how to use it and that it worked. This power is found in the mysterious parts of our brains. This force that we have can change lives and the world that we live in.

Mind power can come in many different forms. A lot of people knowingly use this power for good. They can attract wealth, health, prosperity, peace and anything they truly want. Some people can even end up using this great power without even knowing it. Many end up bringing negativety, sadness and discouragement into their lives through this power. So what is this power and how to we find and control it?

The main point to understand here is that our thoughts control our lives. Our thoughts contain power because they invoke emotions, and emotions lead to actions and results. If we can control our thoughts we can control our lives because our thoughts ultimately bring about actions and occurrences in our lives. Once we learn this it is our job to focus our thoughts on what will make us truly happy.

With this power that our thoughts have we can choose what we want out of life then let it materialize. Many people do this without knowing it and both positive and negative results are gained by it.

Here are a few people you may know that have used the mind power. They are very successful and know that it works:

Abraham Lincoln- “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”

Joe Vitale-”You want to become aware of your thoughts. You want to choose your thoughts carefully and you want to have fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life.”

Ghandi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

“You create your own universe as you go along”-Winston Churchill

These great and famous people all understood the power of using your mind to get the things that you want and to create your world the way you want it. Mind power can give people peace, joy and happiness. One of the foundations of correctly controlling your mind power is to always think positive thoughts. This key step is the most important in order to obtain what you want in life.

James Orinaca has studied Mind Power Techniques for many years. He has found many amazing methods to help individuals obtain and master this amazing power. Visit his site for more tips to help you increase your mind power and change your life! To visit his site click on this link: The Mind Power

Why You should make Happiness be Your Habit?

If you want to live a better life, you can accomplish it, if you vibrate with an increased frequency. With an increased frequency of vibration you attract wonderful matters and conditions. How you vibrate depends on how you feel. If you are not happy, your vibrational frequency is low. If you are awaiting something great to happen, you will vibrate higher. In this article I will explain ways to increase your vibrational frequency.

Your frequency of vibration is deeply affecting everything what is happening in your life. Anything you see and hear vibrates with a certain frequency and you draw into your life what is in a likewise frequency of vibration.

Your life will change, if you change the frequency in which you vibrate. The easiest and fastest way to change the frequency of vibration is changing how you feel. The frequency of your vibration can also transform if you get near a person or something, which has a different frequency of vibration as you and it changes if you are in the nature, which vibrates higher as a street with lot of traffic, which is flanked the building of concrete.

If you are feeling very happy and you get near a person who is down, you will feel at unease, because of the low frequency of that depressed person. If you are near a person who seems to be in a great mood and you start to feel bad, it can be that this person is actually vibrating with a low frequency.

If you want to change your life significantly, you have to distance yourself of certain people and if it is your best friends. Ask yourself: Is the live this person lives, the way of life I want to live? If your answer is no, sort that person out. If you go often to certain places, such as cafs and bars, ask yourself, if you would go there when you live the life of your dreams. If your answer is no, stop going to those places.

Happy people vibrate with a much higher frequency as people, who feel miserable. People who are living their dream life vibrate high, people who are not happy with their life vibrate low. If you want to live your dream life, you should get into the frequency of people who live the life you want. Watch videos with people who live your dream life. This will have an impact on you

The Law of Attraction would not be attainable without the Law of Vibration. It is that your frequency of vibration draws certain objects and situations toward you.

In the first place it is how you feel, which is responsible for the frequency in which you vibrate. Make being happy a habit, surround yourself with positive and cheerful people, surround yourself with natural matters and listen to music, which is rather soothing and melodic.

If you don’t feel so good, try to meet with someone who has this wonderful vibration that makes you feel better. Another way to alter your frequency of vibration is music. Melodious music vibrates and can get you into a higher frequency of vibration. To go for a walk in a park is also uplifting.

If you want to boost the frequency of vibration, use subliminals or learn to meditation. You will be feeling better and better. You will draw more and more positive people, wonderful objects and situations into your life.

Get to feel the impact of different frequencies of vibration and change it. Go away from people who make you feel miserable and near people and objects, which vibrate with a high frequency.

Order and download one or more Subliminals and listen to each once daily for a month. My German speaking friends and customers find Subliminals.

Working With the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction simply states that what we give the most attention to, is what we work to bring about in our lives and in the world. This means that we have amazing power over what we encounter day to day, and what our lives are to ultimately be like. The more positive we are, the better our lives will be. If, instead we focus on things that upset us, or become preoccupied with dramas, we end up unhappy as we keep running into more and more negative situations. In short, what we allow our minds to focus on is what we create. As you have probably already guessed, the implications are amazing. Just by thinking positive, we create positive.

These thought cycles don’t help anything. In fact, they are extremely damaging to us because they make us miserable, cut us off from our true love and potential, and, as we already mentioned, attract more negative worry and stress into our lives. Instead, we can catch ourselves in these states, and flip them around to become productive, positive thoughts. The way it works is this: When we find ourselves saying something negative about money, life, friends, relationships, or our career, we can stop our thoughts and turn them around. Often, this means changing just a few words. Sometimes, we have to restructure our entire dialog, however. There are so many ways of focusing on the negative, that we have to be prepared, and we have to take responsibility for what we think and how we think it. An example can be made out of a lack of money.

Any kind of chronic worry around an issue is very bad, because what we attract is not the thing we want, but more reason to worry. It is as if we create mental patterns which our life follows. Every single one of us is doing this, whether we realize it or not. Even if we don’t choose to use the law of attraction, it runs our lives. It is a law of the universe. What we allow our minds to focus on and what we tell ourselves daily, becomes our reality. If we want financial stability, love, or peace of mind, we have to begin noticing the bits of these things which are already present in our day to day lives. The more we do, and the more we think positively, the more cause we will have to feel good and the more of those things we will manifest for ourselves.

One way to always stay on the positive side of things is to be grateful. Notice, always, the good things that are in your life. When you don’t allow your mind to complain and be negative, you have more space and time for noticing your own blessings. Everyone, everywhere, likely has something to be grateful for. What is there in your life, that is good and wonderful that you haven’t taken the time to thank the universe for? Doing so will instantly change your outlook. Even if it is hard, try, because the sooner you do it, the easier it will become to notice more great things in your life, and the more great things you notice and pay attention to, the more great things will come your way. The law of attraction is just that simple. It is that complex too.

What we have really done is failed to notice, emphasize, and focus on the pieces of our lives which have, all along, reflected our deepest desires. Now that we are noticing them and giving them our attention, they will continue to take bigger and bigger parts until they, and not want and lack, become the dominant parts of our reality. Working with the law of attraction is all about understanding the power of your thoughts and the beauty of positive thinking. The law of attraction says we get whatever it is we give our focus and attention to. The thoughts we put out, are the reality which returns to us. By carefully guarding our thoughts against negativity and worry, and using affirmations, visualizations and simple gratitude to stay positive, we can bring ourselves unbelievable happiness. With the power we have been given over our own thoughts and attitudes, we have also found the key to realizing our dreams and creating our own, beautiful realities.

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