Spiritual Journey Native American Flute

Copyright Disclaimer Note all Rights Reserved for Compass Productions Manufactured and Distributed by Compass Productions Songs are from CD Meditations Native American Flute music Produced by artist” John August”.Songs are as follows:Cry of the Eagle” and “Unity Dance” .THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR PROFIT, SO USE IS FOR ENJOYMENT,LOVE OF NATURE ONLY.ALL NATURE SCENES OR LANDSCAPES SCENERY WAS FILMED IN GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL FOREST PARK.The beatiful side of the volunteer state,east tennessee area .Wonderment in Mother earths Ecosystem of life.Lands of the cherokee indians sacred mountains of thier grandfathers and my own as well.Take a pathway Spiritual journey of mind and soul as we go exploring and searching for the allusive legendary sasquatch or bigfoot in a spirtual place of the world.Key Words Only:Animals,deer,trophy big bucks,doe white tails of north america,black bear cubs,owls,birds of prey,falcons hawks coyotes tribals,Beauty in the world of nature,Americas vast wilderness forest lands sasquatch bigfoot research areas 31U