Ahmed Deedat Lies about the Bible (Christianity or Islam?)

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A Muslim’s sincere question to Jews and Christians

Muslims claim that Islam is the final revelations from the Biblical “God” to mankind. Islam accepts Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Jacob, Moses, Suleiman, David, Jesus, and other “Biblical figures”. Many teachings, laws, and principles are very similar, if not same in Islam as Christianity and Judaism. Quran claims to be the final scripture revealed be God and accepts the Torah and the Bible as books from God, in their original form. I am building up to my question… A problem humanity is facing right now is the lack of desire to communicate. People just want to shove their beliefs down other’s throats. I firmly believe if we actually talked and had open dialog, this world would be a much better place. FREE QURAN: www.allahsquran.com

Muslim apostate to Christianity beheaded in Tunisia for leaving Islam - Arab Spring

Tunisia was once a moderate Islamic country with many religious minorities, but after the Arab Spring many religious minorities are now under threat. While many idiots in the west, like in Europe, Australia and North America are converting or reverting to Islam they are unaware that once you join this cult that you cannot really leave it. Apostasy in Islam is a crime that is a death penalty under Islam and Islamic sharia law. While these idiots in the UK, Germany, USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, England [United Kingdom] can leave Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, atheism, Hinduism and Buddhism and “revert” to Islam without any severe consequences if you are a Muslim and leave Islam you are marked for death. edl Luka Magnotta The Canadian Cannibal not only made a snuff film of a Chinese exchange student named Jun “Justin” Lin and everyone agrees you have to be sick and emotional disturbed to do such a deed to an innocent person, yet Muslim extremists do this all the time in many Islamic countries. They even film their horrible sick crimes. So what is the difference between the sickness and depravity of Luka Magnotta and Islamic extremists? Apparently not much, just that Muslims are told by the Prophet Muhammad it is OK to do this. One lunatic did it with an ice pick and the others do it with a knife. This Canadian tv cable news show shows a guy who converted from Islam to be a Christian and once he did Muslims targeted him for killing. They

Cherry Picking Christians

The tendency of christians to ignore the fallacies and contradictions in their “holy” book while offering extra-biblical explanations of aforementioned problematic content, denying the evil and stupidity of some of the stories in the bible. This extends to other religious groups too!

Israel: Clearer Picture on Why Christians Are Really Leaving Bethlehem (Counter to 60 Minutes Claim)

JERUSALEM, Israel — Arab Christians in Bethlehem have been suffering from human rights abuses and economic hardships for years. But some are trying to bring a message of hope into their lives. It could be described as a modern day exodus: Christians are leaving Palestinian Arab-controlled areas like Bethlehem in great numbers. “It’s my prediction that if the remaining Christians in the West Bank and Gaza — Gaza only has maybe a thousand, two thousand Christians,” human rights lawyer Justus Weiner told CBN News. “If their needs are not addressed in 10 or 15 or at most 20 years, there won’t be any Christians in the cradle of Christianity. This will be a kind of memorial, a museum.” Weiner said the threat of persecution, including beatings and forced marriages between Christian women and Muslim men, are some of the reasons Christians have left. Although tourism and the economy picked up last year, uncertainty still prevails. “I know if you just look deep within their hearts, I know many people have fear and doubt in the unknown and unseen,” Pastor Steve Khoury told CBN News. Pastor Khoury leads churches in Bethlehem and in Jerusalem. Part of the congregations’ outreach includes Christmas banquets each year, sponsored in part by CBN. Khoury said they do many unorthodox things to bring the message that hope is only built on the solid rock of Jesus. Khoury grew up on the mission field. His father, Dr. Naim Khoury, started Holy Land Missions 30 years ago. He said his

Spirit 101: Religion vs. Spirituality

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Turkey: Turks Turning Away From Secularism And Targeting Christians (Again)

ISTANBUL, Turkey — On April 18, 2007, three Christians were bound to their chairs, tortured, and stabbed repeatedly at a Bible print shop in Malatya — their throats slit. Five years have now passed since the Malatya murders, an incident that was perhaps the most tragic and brutal murder of Christians in modern-day Turkey. Today, believers are facing increased persecution and the country is gradually moving away from secularism. “You see everyday is April 18. Everyday I have to live without him,” widow Susanne Geske told CBN News on the one year anniversary of her husband’s murder. Five suspects went on trial for killing the men, but there is still no conviction. Church attendance dropped immediately after the Malatya incident. And although attendance is now growing again, so are the number of attacks against Christians. The Protestant churches of Turkey documented 12 attacks in 2011. This included the beating of Christians for sharing their faith with Muslims. No one has been prosecuted for any of these crimes, putting Turkey on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s list of “countries of particular concern” (CPC) for the first time. Nina Shea, one of the commissioners supporting that move, said the Turkish government is suppressing Christian worship, and as a result Christian numbers are dwindling. “They comprise 0.15 percent of the entire population of Turkey,” Shea said. “They are very frail, and we’re going to see them vanish in our lifetime if

Christianity Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

By Yusuf Estes - Former Christian Preacher For more info visit www.shareislam.com

Israel: Christians Trying to Escape Persecution in Middle East Find Refuge in Israel

The so-called Arab Spring has given a big boost to radical Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood. For Christians, it’s been a much different story. Believers in Jesus are suffering major persecution throughout the Middle East and North Africa. But there is one place left in the region where they don’t have to fear: Israel. Growing Islamic Threat Before Islam’s prophet Muhammad died in 632 AD, he declared that no two religions could co-exist on the Arabian Peninsula, meaning Islam must reign supreme in the region. Muslim leaders there today take Muhammad’s words seriously. Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti recently issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, that all churches on the peninsula must be destroyed. The decree was a stunning statement by Saudi Arabia’s top religious authority. Yet it received little attention in the mainstream press and the Obama administration has yet to comment. “This is giving license to the destruction of churches, by the way, at a time when churches are being burnt in Egypt, in Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, country after country — sometimes with the worshipers inside them,” Cliff May, president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said. May told CBN News the Saudi mufti’s statements are part of a troubling pattern. “What we have right now–and this is, I think, one of the biggest stories taking place in the world that most of the media are refusing to cover–is increasing and widespread persecution and cleansing of Christians throughout