The Historical Origin Of Christianity - Interview with Dr. Walter Williams - Clip 1

Listen to “The African History Network Show” on Thur. April 5th, 8:00p-11:00p EST with guests Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (The Isis Papers and Hidden Colors) and Dr. Walter Williams (The Historical Origin of Christianity & Islam). Dr. Walter Williams will continue to talk about his upcoming Lecture on “The Historical Origin Of Christianity & Islam” in Detroit, Friday, April 6th, 6pm-10pm & Saturday, April 7th, 11am-5am @ Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe, 12511 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI. Please call 313-865-1288 for more info. Dr. Welsing will discuss her upcoming lecture in Baltimore on Sat. April 7th dealing with “Black Male/Female Relationships”. Call in with your questions at 914-338-1375. We’ll also continue our in depth coverage on the new developments in The Trayvon Martin Murder Case. Listen at or Call In & Listen at (914) 338-1375 or

Labtekwon Word Is Bond Interview Part 2 - Spirituality, Egyptology & Reading

Part 2 (of 4) Spirituality, Egyptology & Reading

The Black Dot/Meditation,Spirituality #2

Hip Hop Decoded All about the Truth about the Music and the artist /Spirituality Everyone is not ready for truth! Blacks who Sold their SOUL and their own people !!!!! Meditation/Prayer/Self empowering ! MASS MINDCONTROL with materalism and False Egos !!! , T the Author Black Dot Talk about his book. HIP HOP Decoded The Truth about the industry ,Meditation and Rose”s Book-The Book Without A Name It, You Read It,You Name It- Choose the right Name and you can win 0.00By Rose Whaley, Can be purchase at- www.chakraspectrums (paypal) -Kindle -TRS.Inc Ny Ny Rose is a Spiritual and Metaphysics teacher and counselor And the effects on the mind of people too, Meditation The Chakras,

Kemetic Spirituality

Lecture by Dr Ray Hagins In Harlem New York at the House of Consciousness. Learn about true Afrikan spirituality.

The Mental And Spiritual Aspects Of Melanin - Part 1: Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

Dr. Booker T. Coleman is now known as Kaba Hiawatha Kamene. This is a fantastic interview that deals with what Melanin is and how it effects us. To purchase this video and others like it, please visit

Kemetic Spiritual Preparation In Times Of Crisis, Part 4

In this presentation, Dr. Hagins explains the difference between religion and spirituality. He clearly explains the devastating impact of western philosophical and religious thought upon the spiritual growth and development of Afrikan people. This presentation provides the steps and method necessary for Afrikans to return to their rich, cultural and ancestral spirituality and the power that accompanies such a reality. Some of the topics covered include the origins of Christianity, The Knights Templar, the fact that Jesus the Christ is a mythological character who never historically existed, the 1st holy trinity of Ausar, Auset and Heru, etc. This is a very insightful and knowledge filled presentation by Dr. Hagins. To order this DVD, please visit .

Nubian Spirit (Nubian/Kemetic Spirituality) pt1

Explanation of Nubian/Kemetic Spirituality. From “Nubian Spirit” “Nubian Spirit” is a beautifully shot documentary which unravels the fascinating and often magical legacy of Ancient Sudan. It shines light onto the Ancient African culture, history and spiritual mythology of the people from the Nile Valley. The film digs deep into Ancient Africa’s numerous contributions to modern civilization. It draws out the reality of such disciplines as astronomy, architecture, science and much more that the Ancient Africans used to make sense of their world. To buy this Documentary Film Visit-

phil valentine the quintessence of african spirituality 10/14

phil valentine the quintessence of african spirituality

phil valentine the quintessence of african spirituality 12/14

phil valentine the quintessence of african spirituality

phil valentine the quintessence of african spirituality 10/14

phil valentine the quintessence of african spirituality