Ahmed Deedat Lies about the Bible (Christianity or Islam?)

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The Hebrew Roots of Christianity

Though the Bible does make it clear concerning festivals and feast. If it is right to someone let it be right to them. Now the Passover though, is something Jesus told us to Keep. I must also add, though many call upon the name of Jesus, I assure you, He reads your heart, and knows who it is that you are truely seeking. I find His true name, Yahushua, and Gods name,Yahweh, Are beautiful names and flow ever so comfortably from my lips. And I am convinced, that knowing the history of the change, and who it was that brought the change on. And knowing the history of those who changed it. Fore these were those that Jesus rebuked. I can come to no other logical conclusion than, to step back to our Hebrew roots, is neither wrong, or non-Biblical. May His Angels be with you, and His Grace never leave you. Tim


A Brahmin hindu girl gives her testimony …

Fox News: The state of Christianity.

PLEASE NOTE: When I say “non-believers”, I actually meant “non-religious”. There is a difference. ——— 2012 Gallup classifies 40% of Americans nationwide as very religious — based on their statement that religion is an important part of their daily life and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week. 2008 Gallup classifies 65% of Americans nationwide as very religious — based on their statement that religion is an important part of their daily life and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week. Question: Explain to me how more people are attending church on a weekly basis?? ——— 2007 Pew poll states that 33% of Millennials (youth born after 1980) attend church weekly. Question: How is the statistic valid for youth attendance in 2012???? ——— What do you think? Please rate and favorite. Thanks. ——— Please subscribe. ——— Links: Fox News video: video.foxnews.com Washington Examiner post: washingtonexaminer.com Ny Times post: www.nytimes.com 2007 Pew Poll: www.pewforum.org 2012 Atheism Rises, Religiosity Declines In America: www.huffingtonpost.com TYT - Pedophile Priest: www.youtube.com 2005-2008 polls www.gallup.com www.pewforum.org 2011-2012 polls: www.gallup.com www.gallup.com www.gallup.com www.gallup.com 1999-2005 Chruch attendance & Church closings polls: www.keepgodinamerica.com 2009 article on NON-religious growing in the United States (15% in 2009): www.usnews.com Father Morris Twitter

Egypt Mursi “Crucifying Christians” And Journalist! Bible Prophecy!

Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammad Mursi of Egypt is now allowing crucifixions of Christians and any journalist that opposes his “Radical Islamic” beliefs. Bible Prophecy fulfilled www.paulbegleyprophecy.com and http and www.inquisitr.com Pastor Paul Begley Is upset but the “Attacks on Christians” is getting worse. Will President Obama meet with Mohammad Mursi in the White House in September of 2012?

Christianity Today Denies Special Creation of Adam, Dr. Purdom Responds - Real Science Friday

RealScienceFriday.com | 20120629 Answers in Genesis Molecular Geneticist on RSF for the Anniversary of CT’s Fiasco Real Science Friday’s Bob Enyart interviews Georgia Purdom, Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University on Christianity Today’s denial that God made Adam from the dust of the earth. One year ago CT published their cover story, The Search for the Historical Adam which rejected the truth of Scripture for the bizarre old-earth idea that God put human souls into perhaps a couple hundred, or a couple thousand, animals which had evolved from ape-like creatures. CT’s story claimed that genetic science requires this reinterpretation of God’s Word. Enter Dr. Purdom.

A Muslim’s sincere question to Jews and Christians

Muslims claim that Islam is the final revelations from the Biblical “God” to mankind. Islam accepts Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Jacob, Moses, Suleiman, David, Jesus, and other “Biblical figures”. Many teachings, laws, and principles are very similar, if not same in Islam as Christianity and Judaism. Quran claims to be the final scripture revealed be God and accepts the Torah and the Bible as books from God, in their original form. I am building up to my question… A problem humanity is facing right now is the lack of desire to communicate. People just want to shove their beliefs down other’s throats. I firmly believe if we actually talked and had open dialog, this world would be a much better place. FREE QURAN: www.allahsquran.com

FREE THINKING: Exposing Christianity [(2012 Documentary)] Pt. 2

PART 2 To watch Part 1 go here: www.youtube.com FREE THINKING: Exposing Christianity trough history is a Zeitgeist-style documentary that exposes the greatest lie in modern history. See how America and Christianity created a huge sham to give the African Americans a hero while keeping people close to Christianity. Warning: If you are a brainwashed American Christian, you should not watch this documentary. This video will not try to persuade you nor wash your brain, as the United States of America and Christianity did already. This is an invitation to open your eyes, educate yourself and think for yourself. You can check every information given here. Be a free thinker and join the FREETHINKING movement. FreeThinking: Exposing Christianity Part 2. THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Let’s Reduce Your Expectations for Christianity

When we become a Christian, the Bible uses language that says we’re adopted by God the Father . . . into his family. And what do we know about being part of a family? They annoy us, we annoy them, and we love and serve each other. That’s family. That’s fellowship. Welcome to the church. This clip is excerpted from the sermon “Jesus Gave Us Communion,” part 7 of our current sermon series, Jesus Loves His Church. It was preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Downtown Bellevue and released online on August 5. Watch the full sermon here: jesus.to

The Origins of Christianity

The true origins of some of the bible stories, linguistic terms, and other christian concepts are explained truthfully for the first time.