COURAGE (OSHO Meditation Minutes)

OSHO International Foundation - COURAGE To accept the challenge of the unknown in spite of all fears, is courage. The fears are there, but if you go on accepting the challenge again and again, slowly slowly those fears disappear. The experience of the joy that the unknown brings, the great ecstasy that starts happening with the unknown, makes you strong enough, gives you a certain integrity, makes your intelligence sharp. For the first time you start feeling that life is not just a boredom but an adventure. Then slowly slowly fears disappear; then you are always seeking and searching for some adventure. Courage is risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar some unknown destination. One never knows whether one will be able to make it or not. It is gambling, but only the gamblers know what life is.

Christmas Greeting from the Civil Administration

Israel Defense Forces on Facebook: Israel Defense Forces on Twitter: The Israel Defense Forces Blog: An authentic Christmas experience! One and a half million pilgrims and tourists are expected to pack the streets of Bethlehem in 2011–one of the holiest biblical sites for Christians. InfoLive TV News provided footage of Bethlehem http

Egypt: the uncertain future for Coptic Christians

Reporters - In the wake of the revolution in Egypt, there’s been an explosion of violence against the Coptic Christian community there. Anger has flared up into deadly riots, and houses, shops and churches have been set ablaze. FRANCE 24’s Alexandra Renard went to meet this community living in fear. FRANCE 24 INTERNATIONAL NEWS 24/7 International news report on the ground from the France 24 team and our seniors reporters.

”Spirituality 101: PRAYER “- pt .1 - Pastor Paula White-9/8/11 -WWIC

Pastor Paula White preaching at Without Walls Internatiional in Tampa, FL. Pray to the Father in the name of JESUS!! Phillipians 2:10-11 “At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”

Mormonism’s Progressive View of the Godhead & The Christian Trinity

A look at the way Mormons have viewed (and currently view) the Godhead and how this contrasts with the traditional Christian understanding of the Trinity.

OSHO: Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment (Preview) (*)

This is a preview of a longer OSHO TALK. Osho, a contemporary mystic speaks on virtually every aspect of human consciousness. In these talks, the human condition, whether the mind, the heart, love or awareness is exposed with humor and insight, as never before. Here Osho responds to the following 4 questions: Question 1: Are there different stages of spiritual growth? And if so, can you talk to us about them, and how people in these different stages can be helpful to each other? Question 2: Your emphasis has always been that every human being has the birthright to become enlightened, that it is nothing special. However, not many people claim this birthright, or are even interested in it. Why not? Is there some ingredient, some quality which makes some people more interested in the inquiry than others? Question 3: Often you have spoken about your rebellious childhood and how it gave you such freedom, how you insisted on discovering your own individuality. How did you know the need to rebel at this early age? What about those people who didn’t have the courage to rebel and who had a hampered childhood? Is a rebellious childhood necessary for enlightenment? Question 4: You have said that your sannyasins live individual lives in freedom. Doesn’t everyone live an individual life? What is the difference that makes a person a sannyasin? Is it meditation? “…If we can create a circle of conscious energy around the earth, that is the only hope for the world, for the new man

How to attain spirituality - part 2 Aspire Spiritual Enlightenment Pujya Swamiji enlightens us of the fact that being at home you can become a Sanyasi. Pujya Swamiji shares how Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. Leaving everything and taking Sanyasi is not rosy-rosy not that easy says Swamiji.

OSHO: Sufi Whirling

OSHO International Foundation - “There is a method, a Sufi method know as dervish dancing. Sufis dance. You might have observed small children whirling, dancing round and round and then getting in a whirl… And small children like whirling. Why? — because when they whirl, they get a deep kick, and in that kick they again feel themselves beyond the body. And that’s a beautiful experience — that’s why they like it. Studying this whirling of children, Sufis have developed a method, a meditation method — they turn, whirl. … they will tell you to dance, and go on in a mad whirl, and remain a witness — as if a wheel is moving, and the axis is there and on the axis, the wheel is moving…The axis remains constantly in one position, centered, and the wheel moves on it. Whirl like a wheel, and remember your witness inside as a center. Suddenly you will feel you are the center and the body is just a wheel.” - Osho

OSHO: With Meditation Life Will Be a Sheer Joy

OSHO International Foundation Excerpts from an Interview with Viramont, Madras Pioneer, Madras, Oregon OSHO Books on Meditation MEDITATION -The First and Last Freedom (St. Martins’ Press, New York) THE BOOK OF SECRETS (St. Martins’ Press, New York) This video is also available withSpanish sub-titles: OSHO: Con la Meditación la vida será pura dicha