Online Guided Meditation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Meditate with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar WHAT ISMEDITATION Settling the surface mind is meditation. Living in the present is meditation. Relaxing deeply is meditation. When you are really happy, reposing in love, you are meditating. Meditation is that space when the thoughts have subsided, and the mind is in complete rest.

A Meditation “How To” - When Bad thoughts Arise

How to Meditate — Today, I am going to give you a little meditation advice. We are going to talk about what you do in meditation when bad thoughts arise or when negativity arises. How to Meditate — Release Negative Thoughts It’s really quick and simple advice, but it’s a very common question because you will be sitting there in a blissful state and all of a sudden you’ll get these HORRIBLE thoughts! “I want to murder my boss.” or “I hate my parents.” or “I want to go beat somebody up.” Something awful, or maybe WAY more awful than that… What I want you to know is that these thoughts are actually a good thing. People get REALLY frustrated “Oh, I have reached this peaceful state for 20 straight minutes and then I think about murdering someone. What’s up with that?” They think that they are not making progress. But it is actually the OPPOSITE. When these thoughts come up during meditation, it is those thoughts coming to the surface to be released. It’s old karmas. It might be from this life. It might be from a past life. Whatever it is, it’s coming to the surface so it can be RELEASED. So, if you ever meditated before or if you plan on meditating, trust that these thoughts will come. When these thoughts come up and you have them — and everybody will - do not make yourself wrong from them. Understand that you are actually progressing exactly as you should be. It is a really quick advice. If you would like to learn more about the type of meditation I

Meditation - Then and Now (What is Meditation?)

Meditation : What is meditation? Where did it come from? What can it do for me? Know more about Meditation. Meditation is universal. It transcends all divides like religion, country and culture. It is a gift given to mankind to access the infinite sprit not limited by any identity. It is the only tool that can aid a person to return to innocence. Know more about meditation :

Wake up and go in the morning - a 10 minute guided meditation

FOR MORE VISIT MOBILE APP This is a focusing beta session for college students, which has been used in the past to successfully increase GPA score (see study by Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D.). Basically, there are a few different factors at play here There is a brainwave entrainment track designed to awaken your brain and allow you to tap into your full potential. There is a tonal track which is designed to wake you up & leave you feeling alert. And there is a guided visualization designed to help you tap into the enormous potential which is rooted within yourself. This guided meditation will turn every day into gold! HEADPHONES vs NO HEADPHONES If you plan to use this session with speakers, be sure to adjust the volume of the tones to a level that is comfortable but audible for your sound system, if it isn’t already. INSTRUCTIONS To use this session, find a quiet place, free of distraction. Make sure you are comfortable, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax. You may want to drink a glass of water before each session. For lots more guided meditations please visit my website: http

Can Meditation Make You Sexier?!

“After meditating for a few years I finally learned how to take a break from myself. What a wonderful vacation that is!”

- Wes Nisker

It probably doesn’t seem like meditation and sex would have that much in common. Most of the time, when you are meditating, the goal is to clear you mind of all thoughts- especially thoughts about SEX! In our society we see sex as a primal, physical pleasure and meditation as a way to become more spiritual and “saint-like”. A lot of people would see them on opposite sides of the spectrum. But, it turns out, that new research is proving them to be more similar than what you might think.

So, what makes sex and meditation so similar? Well, there are a few reasons. The first thing is that meditation causes your body to release endorphins, which are your body’s natural “feel good hormones”. These are responsible for the feeling of well-being that we have when we are exercising for example. I’m sure you have heard of the term “runners high”! As you are having sex, our body also produces and releases more of these wonderful chemicals. Also, many people use meditation to reduce stress, which, in the long run, will decrease the amount of the destructive stress hormones in our body like cortisol, for example. As we orgasm, our body’s chemistry also changes and reduces the amount of these stress hormones in our body.

The next thing to look at is the fact that according to a study published on July 12th, 2011, in Scientific America, BOTH sex AND meditation, activate the whole right side of your brain. This probably doesn’t seem too surprising, and perhaps a bit confusing. Especially seeing that it our left side of the brain that is associated with pleasure. But there is another point to be made here. You see, both sex and meditation make us LESS aware of our self. They allow us to become absorbed in the moment. And, it’s when we are in that state, that we completely forget and worries, concerns our anxieties that we may have. This has also been called a state of “FLOW”. It’s that wonderful feeling that when you are so involved in what you are doing that you lose track of time. It’s almost like we take a break from our ego and habitual self, and just completely enjoy the present moment. (Which is EXACTLY the goal of meditation!) So, it turns out that sex is not just about the physical pleasure, but it is also an emotional release, just like meditation.

The last piece of good news, is that meditation can help improve your sex life, just like every other part of your life (just ask Sting). The more mindful you are during sex, the more intensely pleasurable it becomes. So if you thought meditation was all about incense and baggy clothes, think again. Meditation has a sexy side.

Written by Dr. Michelle Nielsen

Author of Manifesting Matisse: A Practical Guide for Reality Creation

Learn more about Meditation. Stop by Dr. Michelle Nielsen’s site where you can find the easiest way to start by using Guided Meditation and find out what it can do for you.

Meditation in 5 Days

This is a simple meditation and relaxation video by The guided meditation will shows you how to meditate and relax effectively through images and relaxing music. “Meditation in 5 Days” is a unique, life transforming course, that will show you how to achieve deep meditation starting from simple visualization exercises. In only 5 days, you will learn all the techniques needed to meditate on your own and obtain long lasting well-being and personal development. You will learn about several meditation techniques and forms of meditation including yoga meditation, mindfulness meditation, visual meditation, Buddhist meditation, kundalini, tantra meditation, mantra (transcendental) meditation and more. During the course, you will learn how to improve your life and career; how to overcome stress and fears; how to get rid of distracting or unwanted thoughts; how to heal yourself and others and finally how to achieve balance, determination and happiness. You can visit us at http

Guided Meditation course Guided Meditations form the right teachers is a must. Meditation is much needed today to cultivate wisdom and compassion in a world that is desperately lacking the two. Guided meditation is a way for beginners to seek wisdom and understanding through the insight of great far eastern meditation. meditation …

Mindfulness Meditation

An easy guided Mindfulness Meditation. Presented by The World Wide Online Meditation Center:

Connect Your Mind With Spirit L Through Meditation

In this fast moving modern era, meditation proves to be very capable in calming the restless minds.

Even an idle person without doing any work gets tired just because of the changing surroundings of the present world.

This leads to the problem of lack of endurance among people and changes their attitude towards arrogance.

The more closely you get into the to-do list, the more tired your brain gets.

There are ample of methods by which we relief our body from tiredness.

Even a proper rest can ease the body, but it cannot ease our mind.

Unlike body which gets normal even with simple rest mind needs some additional methods for becoming normal.

Meditation is an example of that.

What does meditation mean?

Practicing Meditation results in refreshing the mind as well as the body.

It is an intense carry out that is strictly personal and deals with the devout feelings.

The main reason that mediation is done, is to change the situation of mind.

Our mind goes through a loads of activities across the day and like a big godown it stores everything in it.

Few are good and few are not, but irrespective of it being fine or bad, it gets stored in the brain acting as a building block up the state of mind.

Meditation supports altering the condition of mind.


It is quite tedious to explain meditation in to words.

Basically we can say that meditation is the modus operandi in which, by transforming the condition of mind we move the attention of an individual in a optimistic and fruitful direction.

This can also be taken to be a divine carry out of training the mind to understand developments.

The skill of meditation excludes outer involvements and is totally a personal and special put into practice.

It helps in realizing the current situation and potential of an individual.

So we can say that it’s the practice of looking inside your own thoughts.

In other words, it is the method of concentrating on the inner self.

The entire process of meditation is made up of three phases.

Namely dharana, the step of concentration; dhyana, the stage of meditation and in the end comes the phase of Samadhi which leads to enlightenment or absorption.


The history of meditation is very ancient and deals with the old times.

The history of meditation is a bit difficult to trace.

However, taking the accounts of various religious contexts, we find that the meditation deals with the periods of prehistoric civilization.

However, it is said that in the ancient history, people used to show their faith and regards to their idols, through meditating.

Texts from religious books and events show that meditation was an inseparable part of rituals performed in those days.

Many historian and experts believe that meditation have played an important role in giving out the final phase of the biological evolution of human.

So from the very days of its origination it has served in reducing stress from mankind.

In some way or the other, meditation has an association with every major religion followed in the various corners of the world.

Meditation is also referred in many antique events.

Mahavira in Jainism or nirvana in Buddhism, meditation had always been there to play an important role.

Hindu epics also contains many significant events that reflects the important role of meditation in early times.

Even Christianity and Muslim epics also have carry out of meditation mentioned in it.

Hence, meditation acts as a blessing to the mankind and is greatly involved in uplifting the mind and soul of every mankind. contains the required details about numerous pieces such as health, travel, parenting, fitness, love and dating, astrology, wellness and meditation. For more articles regarding meditation and its techniques and principles, please read What is Meditation? of