Moksha is reached upon the dissolution of the ego through experiences which remove its filter and limitation from the consciousness stream. This is achieved through the removal of ignorance from the consciousness, allowing love, compassion, patience, and insight to enter into the consciousness. The removal of ignorance from the soul involves moral perfection which reflects the true emotion and intent of the true absolute Self, as well as the perfection of the discipline and insight required to observe the reality of the present moment as well as the interconnectedness of all phenomena and consciousness within it. After the dissolution of the body in which the soul is incarnated during Awakening and Moksha, the consciousness is fully released back to the experience of the true Self which is “Nirvana”. “Nirvana” is absolute silence, equanimity, and peace. Within Nirvana, form and vibration arise, as it does so within the potential of the absolute silence, but there is no illusory identification with the form, and thus no formation of ego, so peace and equanimity is maintained and suffering is not experienced, unlike the cycles of reincarnation of consciousness or souls within manifestation, which is referred to in Sanskrit as “Samsara”. One may even say that in reality, what may be called “God”, is, “the ultimate silence from which, and within, all vibration manifests form, and thus experience”. This stillness is in reality, awareness or consciousness itself, as anything

♪ Meditation - Michika Yuasa ( 静慮- 湯浅美千歌)

Michika Yuasa is a talented Japanese singer. www.myspace.com [ Meditation - Dhyana ] I waited for Ātman with hope; the palm of my hands pressed against my chest, The true person I could finally meet; there was a rotating blue moon, The sun set and I could see Ātman; even though you also shine in the morning and in the afternoon, It is when night comes that I can notice you ; illuminating the unknown, an eternal light, I was so happy I shed tears; I grasped the true hands of Ātman tightly, No longer can we search for lost items; my heart has been illuminated by the smiling face of Ātman I became the wind and I could feel Ātman; in ārūpyadhātu, which is forever still, a voice of absolute purity reverberates, There is a transparent sky that doesn’t fade, Flying through the universe as if swimming; Ātman comes together as one with prana, I have already forgotten the revolving of time; even overtaking light

August 2012 Guidance~With Spiritual Guide,BDevine

Greetings! This video is all about guidance for August, what we can expect on a personal level and a special message from Archangel Raphael! Blessings to everyone!! BDevine AUGUST GUIDANCE 2012 ARTICLE: www.devinemiracles.com DISCOUNT DOMINO ANGELS CARDS/CRYSTALS/PENDULUMS!!!!! devinemiracles.com FREE DOMINO ANGELS WIDGET FOR YOUR SITE / BLOG: www.devinemiracles.com WHAT SKIN CARE DO I USE? www.renew-me.com.au ABOUT NEW ANGELS www.devinemiracles.com FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOUR SITE/BLOG: www.devinemiracles.com FREE TO JOIN-SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY: devinemiracles.ning.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com OTHER YOU TUBE CHANNEL: www.youtube.com About Music: Name of Artist: Josh Dix Name Of Song: “Between Two Worlds” Current Label: None Written & Performed By: Josh Dix Josh Can Be Contacted At: www.youtube.com All Music Used With Permission, As Per Uploaded Documents. My Name: Rebecca Devine

Chakra Cleansing and Clearing Meditation

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Bill Johnson - Power Of Worship In Spiritual Warfare.

Bill shares about the power of Worship and prophetic acts and how it shifts the atmosphere achieving victory in spiritual warfare.

Spiritual protection & Divine intervention

Dear Family of Light! I was guided to make a short video about Spiritual protection and Divine intervention. Here is the video from DivineMiracles: www.youtube.com The article: www.devinemiracles.com Remember that we are all Divine alchemists and we can create miracles! Spirit works in mystical and mysterious ways! Within Divine Love, Polona PS Thank You everyone for subscribing to my channel, I AM happy there are 1000 people already who are connecting to Ascension Pioneers!


Response to: www.youtube.com Anton is presumptuous while, once again, using terms like “this is” and “we are” etc, when speaking about Christianity and death. It seems that his whole premises are built upon his own assumptions, history or knowledge base about what and/or how the world can be gazed upon. He speaks about ‘expiation of guilty’ & ‘Death denial’ as if these topics aren’t rooted within a narrow(ing) class of considerations, that certainly does not include all of humanity nor all human sagas. In fact Anton’s positing such ideas IS in such an orientation which continues the narrowing of ‘the audience’ whom such similar theocratic considerations stem, concur & abide with the ones he himself sees, conflicts and overcame. Anton’s position as professor bleeds into his social youtube presentations in the same “above the student” fashion which he applies to his views and the public at large. The strain of recognizing him as an accepted and established authority on many matters is evident when his posture alongside his presumptive knowledge set interacts with other persons whom are not complimentary to his posture. In other words when Anton speaks downward to the public and speaks in an authoritative dogmatic “this is the case” sort of manner when obvious exceptions to his sentiments can be observed and spoken of, his static positioning yields much friction and consequently his stature become eroded in one area and bloated in another.