Haphazard Rap Casualness Vol. 1 (Spiritual Arrow) - CoNTejas NEW OLDIE REMIX

LYRICS (Spiritual Arrow)- Oldie Instrumental - Odd Future Distorting the arm, at the morning alarm, Holding a cord 2 the bed, recording informative logs Dream sequence this seasons solely only been synchronized Intense rhymes indicate Tejas’ rages have been defined For the sake of myself man im gladly here 2 apologize Given the circumstances i weren’t nervous 2 mastermind Neurons burst into classic rhymes, furnishing nerve impulses Lords of the rhyme arsenal stored in my souls indulgence Asking me what the fricks the active adaption of smashing my past in with A Nintendo classic controller in a past life-regression, And factual fascinations conclude only half of whats actually passing Blowing facts to these dastardly bastards It be Tejas Nampalli, increasing euphoria like the stages of molly, my gauge isnt falling I’m ready 2 run game like super excited batteries Pretending that the adenine hadn’t had an affect on me (effect on me) And I’m doing this shit after I accidentally assassinate An acetin-using asshole reacting 2 something acidic all up in my matrices I’m on the mattresses maximizing potential of potencys Affording Towson pronouncing emcees dead with the Tiger heat STRAIGHT kick it, the opposite of a queer-thing The anti give- a-damn what you think wearing them earrings I’m one of those 2 brag, boast then nag hard Then back-that-shit-all -up, by spitting that fire like magmar And if im bugged i shut you up for good like mute golems Eat color fusion confuse your

Music Producers: Self Development and Spirituality



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Paul Washer - Shocking Truth About American Christianity - (Part 1 of 4)

This a very sobering video that I had a hard time watching, because the things this man was say is 100% correct!! I challenge anyone to watch this, let God speak to them thru this video!!

The Black Dot/Meditation,Spirituality #2

Hip Hop Decoded All about the Truth about the Music and the artist /Spirituality Everyone is not ready for truth! Blacks who Sold their SOUL and their own people !!!!! Meditation/Prayer/Self empowering ! MASS MINDCONTROL with materalism and False Egos !!! , T the Author Black Dot Talk about his book. HIP HOP Decoded The Truth about the industry ,Meditation and Rose”s Book-The Book Without A Name It, You Read It,You Name It- Choose the right Name and you can win 0.00By Rose Whaley, Can be purchase at- www.chakraspectrums (paypal) Amazon.com -Kindle -TRS.Inc Ny Ny Rose is a Spiritual and Metaphysics teacher and counselor And the effects on the mind of people too, Meditation The Chakras,

Islamic Spirituality Lecture By Shaikh Imran N. Hosein 1/8

Shaikh Imran N. Hosein www.rasoulallah.net Many Converts to Islam Homepage: www.islamawareness.net www.islamreligion.com www.islam-guide.com www.mohammad-pbuh.com www.sultan.org www.miraclesofthequran.com Read and Listen Holy Quran online: www.discoverislam.com Discover Islam Web Book CD.. A comprehensive learning guide to Links: www.thedeenshow.com http www.islamreligion.com http www.islaam.com www.whyislam.org www.shareislam.com www.muslimheritage.com www.tafsir.com www.kalamullah.com www.islaam.net www.sahaba.net www.classicalislam.com www.makedua.com www.witness-pioneer.org www.muttaqun.com www.islamicbookstore.com www.ilmquest.com Answers about Islam for Non-muslims: bilalphilips.com List of Recommended Sites: www.bilalphilips.com

Russel Simmons building on meditation

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a guide to meditation through music