Honoring Our Passing Spaces

Saying good-bye is an important part of moving forward. When we move from one residence to another, we often get so caught up in the forward thrust of where we are going that we forget to properly say good-bye to the home we are leaving behind.

It gives us a sense of completion so that we are able to fully inhabit our new space, having left nothing of ourselves behind in the old one. In this way, we honor the space that has held and nurtured us. At the same time, we cleanse it and empty it of our energy so that the new residents can make the space theirs.

Plan a walk through your home that begins and ends at the front door. Ideally, you will be alone or accompanied only by a person who shared the space with you. Prepare yourself mentally to be as present as you can during this process. As you enter the house, you might say, “I have come to thank you for being my home and to say good-bye.” You might touch the walls with your hands as you move through the house, or you might burn sage as an offering, as well as an energy cleanser. Spend some time in each room expressing your gratitude and gathering or releasing any lingering energy from the room.

As you do this, you are freeing your home to embrace its new occupants. Remember to visit your outside spaces as well. Plants are especially sensitive to the energy around them and will appreciate your consideration.

While you make your way back to the front door, know that you have completed your final journey through your home and that you have honored and blessed it with this ritual of farewell. As you close and lock the door behind you, say one last good-bye. Now you can walk freely into your future and fully inhabit the new spaces that will keep you safe and warm. Blessing to for the new residents who will come to occupy it.

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What Is A Soul Retrieval

Shamans journey to helping guides for healing of their clients. Most enter through an altered state via natural or chemical through which spirit contact is available. Most Shamans also use percussive instruments like drums or rattles to enter into this altered state when doing it naturally. From Siberia to South America, through Europe to Africa and finally, the Native Americans the Shamans have had one foot in ordinary reality and one in non-ordinary reality bridging the gap between humans and spiritual helpers to perform ancient healings, such as Soul Retrievals. This has gone on for 40,000 years.

In shamanism, according to Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Self, there are three major causes of illness: loss of soul, loss of power, and what is commonly called “intrusions.” When people suffer trauma, she writes, the shamanic perspective maintains that part of the soul splinters off, causing soul loss, power loss and disease. Psychologists call this phenomenon “disassociation.” In the shamanic framework, disassociated parts of ourselves can be located in other realities. The shamanic healer “journeys” to non-ordinary reality to retrieve lost or stolen soul parts, obtain power animals and guidance for the client, and extract any intrusions (misplaced energy) present in the person’s body or aura.

The shamanic practitioner pursuing soul parts becomes a disembodied traveler, seeking to retrieve actual, multi-dimensional parts of a person’s soul which exist outside of our normal concept of time and space. These parts may have splintered off for many reasons.

Many times Soul Loss will occur in abusive situations starting from childhood on up to adulthood. No matter if it was sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. Children of alcoholic or drug addicted parents are highly susceptible to a soul loss. War veterans and natural disaster victims suffer from soul loss due to the issues and trauma they have faced. Soul loss occurs when someone you know dies such as a friend, relative, or spouse. It can occur from having an accident or other physical trauma.

If you are feeling any of the issues that were mentioned in this article, you may need a soul retrieval. With a Shaman’s help you can put aside any trauma and despair and discard your pain with the return of your fragmented parts returning. Soul Retrieval is a very powerful and ancient healing method which recovers your spiritual wholeness.

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New Methods Beyond Reiki Healing And Other Energy Healing Practices!

How much do you really know about energy healing practices and Reiki? The word Reiki came to us form Japan, “rei” stands for divine soul and “ki” stands for energy. Reiki is probably the most popular energy healing practice in the world today. Some people call Reiki - “healing with hands”.

Reiki teaching tells us that all problems with health come from distortions in the energy of human Aura. When someone is sick certain areas of his or her body are lacking the energy. The divine energy is channeled through the hands of a Reiki practitioner when he or she places own hands on the areas of the body that need energy. People also call Reiki “hands on healing”.

The energy that is used during Reiki healing sessions comes from the cosmos. Most Reiki masters and practitioners believe that this energy is pure and that it comes from the energy channel that is created during Reiki session. This channel helps to recover energy in the areas that need it.

This describes the process of Reiki energy healing. A patient usually can feels much better after Reiki session, his or her health is quickly recovered and the energy is replenished in the Aura.

How is Reiki healing different from other spiritual healing methods? Most energy healers work with their own energy and Reiki Masters and practitioners use the supposedly pure energy that they synchronize from cosmos.

Most Reiki practitioners believe that the human body can consume this energy well just because this energy comes from cosmos. Everyone thinks that this energy cannot get polarized by the person who is conducting Reiki healing session.

You can find many different Reiki school, courses and classes. In order to practice Reiki you do need to learn Reiki symbols. They are used in the Reiki initiation process to enhance the connection of the Reiki practitioner to the energy on the higher planes.

The use of these Reiki symbols does not require meditation or many years of spiritual practices. Many Reiki masters and teachers of different Reiki schools allegedly affirm that this is the fact. These Reiki symbols influence the subconscious mind, change inner state of a person and give the ability to connect to higher spiritual energy source.

The latest scientific research shows that Reiki and other energy healing practices could be dangerous and should be practiced only for a certain period of time. International Institute of Social Ecology (St. Petersburg, Russia) conducted a lot of research in the field of energy healing practices and discovered even more effective healing techniques than Reiki.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Story of Inspiration

Six months prior to my twenty-fifth birthday, in April of 1990, my body suddenly became overwhelmed with a very severe fatigue. To give you a better perspective on what it was like, think of the fatigue you felt during your worst flu. Then magnify it by ten. Now imagine feeling that fatigue everyday for over eleven years. This is what is known as chronic fatigue syndrome and it is very real. It affects millions of people a year in America alone.

By the time I reached the age of twenty-five, the stress, anxiety, and chronic worrying that I allowed my body to endure since childhood had finally caught up with me. My life, as a result, was being put on hold. Even though I appeared to be in perfect health on the outside, this was far from the truth on the inside. Depression quickly followed as I struggled to keep my head above water.

Two traumatic auto accidents when I was a teenager caused a vertebral subluxation so severe that it eventually led to severe chronic fatigue, TMJ syndrome, and chronic dizziness. The dizziness escalated to where it felt as if I had just gotten off a roller coaster every time I walked. The whiplash trauma to my spine only exacerbated another problem, known today as “heavy metal toxicity.” This began when my dentist put eleven amalgam (mercury, silver & nickel) fillings into my mouth all at once when I was fifteen years old. My body unknowingly was being overloaded with mercury, the most toxic element on earth, second only to plutonium. Over time, the mercury seeped into my tissues, organs, even my bones. My immune system was slowly but surely being suppressed.

After receiving guidance from my dentist, I decided to take action. In 1992, I had all eleven mercury-laden amalgams replaced with non-toxic porcelain fillings. But even though the source of the mercury was removed, the toxic metal still remained inside my bones, tissues, and cells. And so the chronic fatigue remained.

Four years later in 1996, I learned about Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic care. Its philosophy is simple; the brain stem governs the nervous system which controls the immune system and every organ in the entire body. By keeping the brain stem’s housing–specifically the top two vertebrae–completely aligned and free from nerve interference, the rest of the spine and skeleton will automatically realign itself, thus restoring the nervous system to perfect health. As a result of this realignment, the body is allowed to regenerate tissue, repair damage and self-heal.

After receiving upper cervical chiropractic care for three years, in 1999, my dentist advised me to purchase an infrared sauna to detoxify the mercury from bones, cells, and tissues. I’ll never forget the first time I got in an infrared sauna. It was so relaxing and calming. My anxiety dissolved as soon as I got in it. After each session, I felt cleansed and purified. I knew right away that I was experiencing a revolutionary healing product that could be used in the privacy of my own home on a daily basis. I called it my “rejuvenation chamber.”

In the months and years that followed, my energy gradually returned. Eventually I started to run again. Slowly and steadily my life began to change. My inspiration for starting my infrared sauna company went from making money to helping others. I knew that the money would take care of itself if only I learned to give first. As my attitude on life continued to change, so did my health. But it wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. It was a cyclic process that took many years. I learned that patience and persistence bestow upon us far greater rewards than the quick and easy path. Sometimes I would move forward, sometimes I fell back. But I didn’t give up and kept my thoughts focused on one thing; allowing my body to heal itself.

Today, I enjoy perfect health, am full of energy and am thoroughly enjoying everyday of my life. The great teacher of experience has shared with me her wisdom and we are now, in turn, sharing it with you. Beyond the upper cervical chiropractic care and infrared therapy, I have become self-taught on many other home remedies, products, and techniques that have helped my body restore itself back to perfect wellness. And now I am devoting my time and energy to my Online Life & Wellness coaching practice so that I can help others to achieve the same extraordinary wellness that I have.

In 2007, Online Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers created The Art of Transformation, a company dedicated to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the world. His Online Life Coaching program uniquely combines metaphsyical wisdom with self transcendence, holistic health, life path astrology, shadow & pain-body work, heart-brain intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.

Cure Underlying Issues In Your Life Through Holistic Healing

We all have underlying issues in our life that need to be worked on. Yes, we all do, no matter you may have experienced, if you have not healed the underlying cause of this it will continue to resurface in different ways in your life. Responsibility for our actions is one of the most important factors in working with underlying issues. We can control everything in our life and we can heal them all today with holistic therapy.

This is something that is not taught in many classes or programs. Learning different healing techniques and methods such as distant healing, along with the importance of basics is essential, but the one area that many don’t touch on is really focusing on healing that underlying cause. If you are not healing this area than you will not have a successful and complete healing session.

I will explain a bit more with this example. You feel stress and anxiety in your life. You then start to work with the tips and procedures you learned in your healing process. But the issue keeps coming back into your life. Why is that happening?

One simple reason for this is you are not really treating the underlying cause. However, what you are working on is the symptoms of the cause. When you work on the symptoms the issue will continue to come back into your life.

So let’s check and see where you are at. You know you have a positive mind set and things are all healed on a mental level. You have checked and are working with your spirit connections and things are going great. So what are you missing? The key trigger! You have to find that underlying cause of what is creating this stress and anxiety in your life.

For this article, we will use the example of your stress and trigger point being a family member in your life. What can you do to fix this? You cannot control the person, physically or mentally, so what can you do. Here are a few alternatives: you can heal your relationship and hope this is the end of it, you can choose to no longer be around this person, or there is one more option. You can heal the underlying root cause of all of this.

It is all about fully understanding how this fits into your life, as you could choose all of the options or mix and match them in your life. You have to work on healing that underlying root cause of the issue in your life to see that this will not longer return and you can move forward in many other ways other than just this one issue.

You will still experience things in your life such as stress and anxiety, but not from the same source if you have truly healed the underlying root cause of this in your life. There will always be triggers for things, but you can heal anything in your life through your mind, body, and spiritual connections plus healing that trigger point each and every time!

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A Reiki Master Course Will Change your Life - Did you ever think about It?

Basically a Reiki Master Course gives you insights on what Reiki is, who can practice Reiki and the importance of the Reiki principles.

Reiki is multidimensional. It reaches up to the core of the imbalance in mind, body, and spirit, which is within the nucleus of each and every the cell, and then moves outward through the tissue balancing and thus healing.

The Reiki practitioner’s body is the instrument through which universal energy flows. The energy is drawn by magnet resonance of any imbalance in the mind, body, or spirit of the person, animal, or plant.

Reiki Master Course Intro 1: What is Reiki?

In Japan, in the early 1920s, Mikao Usui developed Reiki-ho (Reiki method) as “the way to make mind and body healthy on the basis of Universal Reiki”. Reiki is the vibration of love and harmony of universal energy. Reiki-ho is not only a wonderful “healing technique”, but also “an effective way to raise spirituality and to create a positive life”. Reiki brings all within and around the body into balance, surrounding with harmony, and thus healing the mind, body, and spirit. I have had students say to me, “Reiki is making such a positive difference in my life.”

Reiki Master Course Intro 2: Who is able to practice Reiki?

As Reiki originates from God, Spirit, Source, The Universal Mind, Your Inner-Self, or whatever you call Him, Her, or It, anyone can “do” it. We are all equal, and we ALL have the ability to heal others and ourselves. It is our given birthright. A Reiki Master is not better than anyone else, and it doesn’t even mean that you have mastered the art of Reiki (such a thing wouldn’t even exist if you ask me), it simply means that you have been attuned to the Master Level of Reiki, learned all the Reiki symbols, and as a result know how to send attunements, etc. In my personal opinion we should all be called Reiki practitioners, but since the attunements are only given, or should I say, accepted from Reiki Masters, you can see why there needs to be some kind of distinction. The title “Master” gives some people a feeling of superiority or power, just like with many other occupations.

Reiki Master Course Intro 3: The Reiki principles are essential to our survival!

As an essential part of the Reiki Master Course you will get to know the Reiki Principles, which the founder Usui always gave to his student. The principles are:

Just for today…

Be grateful. Do not get angry. Do not worry. Work hard. Be kind to others.

Think for a moment. If only 1% of humanity would stick to these principles, how would be the world look like today?

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Is a 24 Strand DNA Activation for Real?

What is a 24 Strand DNA Activation and what does it mean for our life?

Through the journey of each lifetime, the incarnate consciousness progressively draws into his morphogenetic field and activated DNA potential. As a result of this process. more and more of the consciousness from its higher-dimensional identity bodies is progressively activating more elements of dormant DNA strands while expanding the embodied awareness.

This process is naturally triggered, but unable to unfold to its full DNA activation, since the DNA was intentionally corrupted eons ago.

When incarnates apply for an 24 strand DNA Activation, the process of higher identity embodiment can occur in one extended lifetime and dimensional ascension might occur, rather than physical death and repeated incarnation. As a consequence, consciousness proceeds from dense matter, biological reality into a non-matter eternal reality.

For eons the human gene code has build in mutations that blocks the natural process of higher identity embodiment and evolution through dimensional integration. In the current state, evolution of incarnates only manifest over many span of lifetimes.

But also only through understanding of the inherent nature of the physical and spiritual Evolution, one can begin to restore the innate morphogenetic field to repair DNA mutation, through which the natural processes of higher identity integration and embodiment, consciousness expansion into multi-dimensional awareness and bodily dimensional ascension can once again be experienced.

24 strand DNA Activation and the accelerated spiritual evolution is the process by which the incarnate identity restores the morphogenetic field for rapid consciousness expansion, DNA restoration, biological transmutation and Dimensional Ascension.

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DNA Awakening can set You Free from the burden of Life

Dont you know that Karmic Miasma Can Be Removed Through DNA Awakening?

The definition of karmic imprints are morphogenetic crystallization of low vibrating, negative thought pattern, emotions and behavior. The miasma or karmic imprints manifest themselves within the physical three dimensional bodies as anti-particles, which prevent the natural function of the body and soul merger, which prevents dimensional ascension. Through DNA Awakening the miasmic imprints within the morphogenetic fields, DNA, body and personal consciousness can be erased. This is why the DNA Awakening process is powerful tool to remove karmic burden, which builds up from one lifetime to the next, and prevents the natural evolutionary process, blocking the process of Soul and Over-Soul integration.

The karmic body, which makes up the sum of the miasmic crystals within the morphogenetic field and DNA, is called Karma imprint. The important effect on our life is that its content becomes holographically projected into the body, mind and 3 dimensional life experience through the natural laws of multi-dimensional manifestation, which we call life or experienced reality matrix. DNA Awakening Activation, which can be accomplished through various techniques, such as sound, specific frequencies used by binaural waves, hypnosis or DNA Healing transmutes the karmic imprints to allow higher embodiment and Dimensional Ascension to take place. Transmutation of the Miasmic Body is achieved by reversing the polarity charge of its crystallization, and merging its tiny-particles within the morphogenetic field and DNA. Finally, the karmic ballast will be transmuted into higher dimensional light and sound. DNA Awakening has the ultimate goal to initiate the way back to Dimensional Ascension.

Dissolving karma can be accomplished in various ways. The most common way is to ‘walk through the karma and make positives changes and choices in a specific life span’, which serves to heal and balance the karmic issue and remove the associated karma. Unfortunately, the build up of destructive karmic imprints in most humans is so enormous, that better choices will be rarely noticed, or even worse, more karmic imprints are built up. A second method of dissolving the Karma is to trace back the present life drama to its original incarnation point of creation, then apply visualization methods. The purpose is to create the opposite version, inducing an harmonic action that was taken in the past. This constitutes healing the present by changing the morphogenetic program of the past, as it is stored in the DNA. The most effevtive way however, is to directly clear the karma out of the energy body, through DNA Awakening methods. The purpose is to recharge and re-order the karmic crystals energetically and dissolve the DNA blockages. Applying DNA Awakening, Karma can be cleared in one lifetime, without walking through the Karma of the past, if the dynamic of Miasmic release through DNA Awakening of the morphogenetic field is comprehended.

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