Moksha is reached upon the dissolution of the ego through experiences which remove its filter and limitation from the consciousness stream. This is achieved through the removal of ignorance from the consciousness, allowing love, compassion, patience, and insight to enter into the consciousness. The removal of ignorance from the soul involves moral perfection which reflects the true emotion and intent of the true absolute Self, as well as the perfection of the discipline and insight required to observe the reality of the present moment as well as the interconnectedness of all phenomena and consciousness within it. After the dissolution of the body in which the soul is incarnated during Awakening and Moksha, the consciousness is fully released back to the experience of the true Self which is “Nirvana”. “Nirvana” is absolute silence, equanimity, and peace. Within Nirvana, form and vibration arise, as it does so within the potential of the absolute silence, but there is no illusory identification with the form, and thus no formation of ego, so peace and equanimity is maintained and suffering is not experienced, unlike the cycles of reincarnation of consciousness or souls within manifestation, which is referred to in Sanskrit as “Samsara”. One may even say that in reality, what may be called “God”, is, “the ultimate silence from which, and within, all vibration manifests form, and thus experience”. This stillness is in reality, awareness or consciousness itself, as anything

Christianity vs Hinduism

This is a video of some of my thoughts about the two religions I know the most about, to find God, if there is one. I encourage you to comment and tell me what you think. thanks for watching. The song used in this film called, Crystal Lakes, was downloaded for free online. From the artist Gribal.

Spiritual Enlightenment: What is It, by Stephen Knapp

A short description of what is Spiritual Enlightenment, and the different levels of understanding, realization, and then perception of the spiritual dimension and how to reach it. This is a deep topic with much more information given in the books, numerous articles, and website of Stephen Knapp at: www.stephen-knapp.com and stephenknapp.wordpress.com.

Irina Tweedie: Spiritual Training (excerpt) — A Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

NOTE: This is an excerpt from Part 1 of a two-part, 60-minute DVD. www.thinkingallowed.com The late Irina Tweedie was the author of Daughter of Fire, a diary of her intensive spiritual training in India with a Hindu Sufi master. In this moving and personal interview, the 80-year-old Mrs. Tweedie, who was a Sufi teacher in London, describes the bliss, peace and love–and the despair, hatred and loneliness–of her years of training in the Sufi tradition. Part 2 of the DVD is titled The Sufi Path.

Truth About Christianity And Hinduism See What happened in India part 3

Truth About Christianity And Hinduism See What happened in India part 3

Sword of Kali Ma Falls on Christianity

SWORD OF KALI MA FALLS UPON CHRISTIANITY. Christianity and Islam are, historically, nothing but literally murderous cults of thought control. Awaken! Acharya Ratridasa Paravedashruti Khadgasatyanirvana Founder-Acharya, United Devotees of Divine Mother Kali Shakta Hindu Priest of Kali* *Formally Initiated at Washington Kali Temple on May 1, 2010 JAI KALI MA MAHADEVI OM This is the follow-up video to “Children of Kali Ma.” Both videos, and what will be their hundreds of thousands of views, are dedicated to my cousin Rick, who is deluded by Kali in Her Lower Nature as Mahamaya, and does not know Her in Her Higher Nature as Brahman. As Pope Paul III himself declared, “Jesus Christ never existed” — but our Divine Mother Kali is unborn, eternal, and real, and She loves Her children. As Hindus, we must admit our own errors truthfully — and those errors include remaining silent for centuries, instead of speaking the truth about the Christian cult. We cannot consider it, any longer, to be a violation of our value of ahimsa (nonviolence), for us to openly challenge the violence, in word or deed, of others. We can no longer lie to ourselves, simply pretending that “everything is fated,” while we silently allow those persons who possess an aggressive, misguided, “blind faith” (instead of the sincere *effort*, with or without faith, in devotion, that our Divine Mother asked of us in the oldest scripture in the world, the Rig Veda) to act violently toward other children of our Divine

THE UNIQUENESS OF CHRISTIANITY - ( What Jesus Offers That No Religion Does )

Are all religions the same? Does Christianity offer the same thing as Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam? What about the Bible? Is it any different than other holy books like the Koran? Was Jesus just a good teacher, a good man, or a fake and a liar? Or was he something more than all of these? Watch this 11 minute video and find out for yourself. Here’s a link to the full message. www.goodnewsnow.info

The Story and Rituals of Mahashivaratri

Lord Shiva is regarded as the third god in the trinity. He has the power of destroying and purifying the universe. Lord Brahma restarts the process of creation of the universe after it is being destroyed by Shiva. For the believers of Shiva, he is the supreme power in this universe. Lord Shiva’s anger and pleasing character are very well known among the worshippers. Shiva means amiable, kind and good. People consider him to be a loyal husband to his wives Sati and Parvati.

Shiva and Sati.

Goddess Sati was daughter to King Daksha and spouse of Lord Shiva. Once, Daksha conducted a yagna without inviting Lord Shiva and Sati. But Sati was very interested to attend the yagna and started for her father’s kingdom. Sad and insulted by the disregard, her father showed, she immolated by jumping into the yagnakunda. Shiva became angry when he heard about the death of Sati and carrying her body he danced. He destroyed the Kingdom of Daksha by opening his third eye. In order to make him calm, Vishnu severed the body of Sati and threw it on earth. Parts of her body fell on 12 places and were called as Shakti Peethas.

Parvati and Shiva.

After the immolation of Sati, Shiva began the life of an ascetic. But Sati took birth was again born as Parvati as the daughter of Himavan. After growing old, Parvati understood about her past life. In order to re-unite with Lord Shiva, she started continuous tapas. Parvati tried many methods to please Lord Shiva however he was adamant.

Parvati, at last, asked the help of Lord of Love Kamadeva. He tried hitting Shiva with his arrow. Kamadeva, the Lord of Love was reduced into ashes, with the 3rd eye of Lord Shiva as he was furious. But, Shiva revived Kamadeva into life after his wife Rati requested. In order to make Shiva marry her, Parvati started her tapas. Lord Shiva got married to Parvati, due to the truthfulness in her tapas and the compulsion by saints, before Amavasya on the month of Phalguna. The night both got married is called Mahashivaratri.


Devotees of Shiva all over the world, celebrate Mahashivaratri, even today. In addition to visiting many important temples of Shiva, devotees also observe fast and night vigil.

There is another legend connected with this festival. In order to save her husband from all pains, Parvati did tapas on Mahashivaratri.. People believe that Parvati prayed for Lord Shiva’s long life on a moonless night in Phalguna. Following this custom started by Parvati, women even today, offer prayers and perform poojas to please Lord Shiva and wish for the long life of their spouses.

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How To Approach Life With An Open Heart

Spiritual teachers have always pointed to the heart as the seat of consciousness, and recently Western science has found evidence to support this realization. It turns out that the heart has its own central nervous system and is not simply under the rule of the brain as formerly believed. Anyone who has taken the time to explore the heart knows this and, more important, has realized that the heart is the source of our connection to a consciousness greater than the ego.

Approaching life with an open heart means that we have opened the door to this greater consciousness, taking up residence alongside it in the seat of our soul. Fortunately, at this time there is a lot of support for this shift energetically as well as practically. To some degree, approaching life with an open heart is as simple as shifting your attention onto your heart.

You may feel tenderness or sadness in your heart, and you may also feel relief. Any emotions that arise can be effectively witnessed and healed through the meditation process, which benefits both your physical heart and your energetic heart. Eventually you will be able do this any time, any place, but at first it may help to try it in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Simply sit with your eyes closed and draw your breath into your heart. As your breath expands your chest cavity, your heart expands and opens.

The more you practice, the more you will find your heart opening to your own presence and to all the situations your life brings.

This process asks us to practice some of the heart’s greatest lessons-patience, compassion, and unconditional love. When we open our hearts, they may feel tender and vulnerable, which simply means that they need our loving attention as we cleanse and heal them of past hurts and blockages. On the other hand, we may take up residence as effortlessly as a bird returns to its nest. Either way, approaching life with an open heart simply means returning to our true home.

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Yoga or Journaling Can Help Clear Your Mind

Make sure you spend time each day clearing the energies in your mind. This can be done through writing, meditation, or yoga.

The stresses of each day such as the stories, words, images, and even songs from all outside and inside sources continue to play in our heads for hours after we have seen them. Lying in bed, we often have countless thoughts, making it difficult to rest due to trying to process all of this noise from our days. This can leave us feeling unsettled and harassed. It also makes it difficult to take in any new information or inspiration.

Our minds need clearing just like a crystal, a space, or an office. This needs to be done so new ideas, information, and inspiration can come about.

Too often, the activities we choose to help us relax only add to the clutter. Watching television, seeing a movie, reading a book, or talking to a friend all involve taking in more information. In order to really clear our minds, we need a break from mental stimulation. Activities like yoga, dancing, or taking a long walk help to draw our attention to our bodies, slowing our mental activity enough that our minds begin to settle. Deep breathing is an even simpler way to draw attention away from our mental activities. Once we are mentally relaxed, we can begin the process of clearing our minds. Most of us instinctively know what allows our minds to relax and release any unnecessary clutter. It may be meditation or time spent staring at the stars. Whatever it is, these exercises feel like a cool, cleansing bath for the brain and leave our minds feeling clear and open.

Our minds will begin to settle with less effort the more we practice. Ultimately, the practice of clearing our minds allows us to be increasingly more open so that we can perceive the world as the fresh offering it is, free of yesterday’s mental clutter.Setting aside time to clear our minds once a day creates a ritual that becomes second nature over time.

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