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GUIDED MEDITATION MP3/CD: This is done as follows - Find a comfortable position at any time you prefere, either sitting or lying down. Doing it before going to sleep is a good time as you are more open to receiving external energy and input in a sleep mode. As you sit or lay down, relax your body, and visualize yourself open up to receive the energy of me, Edward Alexander, and say to yourself that you accept the energy I send out to reach you and benefit you and help you with your desired goals. You may also ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel to oversee the process and protect you and assist you in receiving the energy. Then take 13 deep inhalations through your nose, where you hold the breath as long you can for each one, and slowly blow it out through your mouth. As you do this, feel your body and muscles getting more and more relaxed for each breath and each exhalation - your body becoming soft and heavy and comfortable. Feel how you become more peaceful and at rest both physically and mentally from this simple breathing exercice. Once the cycle of 13 inhalations have been done, send your awareness to your body, and feel how relaxed it it, how at peace you are. Imagine at this point a great brilliant pink light in the shape of a ball above your head. Make it grow stronger, try feel and visualize it above your head, and feel yourself becoming even more relaxed from this comfortable, peaceful light that is filled with love and serenity. As the ball

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2012 psychic spiritual shift - into higher dimensions 5th dimension for ascended mystics masters angels Lightworkers Indigos shamen Star seeds Crystals mediums mystics - students of Tarot - Tarot readers - psychics A new Planet - a New grid connection of Light — remembering your Divine Self as a Divine creator you are NOW! free and filled with infinite amounts of Love #53 May 10th 2012 kirk’s channel today aligned with Divine Source energy and Love kirk’s Twitter = techno avatar kirktv trance medium channeler healer student of life mystic psychic shaman assists people with soul connection and as a medium to ones Divine Higher self and gives clarity and insight into their original live paths transforming - stuck energies and more Namaste

Messy Mondays: My Spiritual High Is Higher than Yours BLOOPERS

*Spiritual Message* New Years 2011 (Decrease Anger - Love All - Spiritual Discipline - Relax) http Acharya Shree Yogeesh, a living enlightened spiritual master, gives you a unique and inspirational video for New Year 2011 and suggested New Year’s Resolutions - how to decrease your anger - be discipline in spiritual practices - eating lighter foods - love all living beings (he explains the 6 categories of living beings) - the importance of relaxation for spiritual growth - other practical suggestions to bring you joy, happiness, peace, and harmony this 2011 New Year Website Links: http http Tags spirituality new year 2011 eve spiritual message teacher guru master enlightened enlightenment india hindu jain how to personal development decrease anger love higher consciousness discipline relaxation meditation sadhana years celebration acharya shree yogeesh ashram yogeeshashram

5 Secrets to leading a Spiritual Life in a Hectic, Stressful and Busy World http Acharya Shree Yogeesh, a living enlightened master, discusses 5 secrets to be spiritual in a hectic and busy world. Related Tags: acharya shree yogeesh ashram meditation yoga world guru enlightenment enlightened master self realization spirituality spiritualism mantra busy time higher consciousness relaxation stress relief retreat center dallas texas spiritual peace divine india hindu karma buddhism jain jainism healing “Retreat (spiritual)” truth seeker life hectic shri monk teacher oneness samadhi how to tips advice tutorial secrets guruji acharyaji hindi http

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99 Days 99 Channels - Video 95 What is the number one blockage on spiritual path? What keeps spiritual seekers from enlightenment? What is the fastest way to remove this blockage? Listen as the Higher Self guides us through our blocks and into full Self-realization and enlightenment.Enjoy! — Welcome to 99 Days 99 Channels, presented by Channelling Higher Self. For the next 99 days, I will channel Higher Self to provide answers to questions posted by my YouTube viewers. These questions will be on a wide variety of topics. To submit your own topic, send me a personal message. To learn more about Channelling Higher Self, please visit my YouTube channel - ChannelHigherSelf. To view all 99 Days 99 Channels video, view my Playlist titled “99 Days 99 Channels”. Or vist my website: & http

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Spirituality is a gift that has to be seek inside of one self. Chance Pisces Radio Book Private Psychic Reading Chance Pisces Twitter

Goldring GRS08 Rites of Passage Visionary Spiritual Art Video

Join the GoldRing Visionary Spiritual Art Video http I speak to you as a Teacher of Light and a Wayshower, and I am a follower. I am a follower of the way. I follow the way that leads on this great journey. This journey is something that we follow and it is a journey that we lead others upon. It is something that we have known and promised to do. In the coming days, weeks, months, years there is great changes that come forth for this world, and in this position as a Teacher of Light, a Wayshower and a Follower, you are here to bring about this change. It is your responsibility to find a way to get grounded, to get clear, to get strong, to get healthy, to be wealthy, wise and joyous, to have fun along the way and to bring your friends into the Family of Light. This is the message that I bring and it is the message that is being brought by you as well. It is a message that needs to be brought forth so that the Family of Light and all of humanity can live in peace and bring this world into the heaven that it is. Over the course of the past year we have played the Gold Ring. The Gold Ring was designed so that you could awaken to a higher potential, that you would want to have enlightenment, to know yourself, to understand the elements of things that seemed difficult in some ways, conflicted in others, dangerous, exciting, happy, wonderful, constantly new and different, mysterious, mystical, transforming, educational, entertaining, and in this time it was

Wisdom (Marshall-Downey) Spiritual

(Lyrics are below, scroll down) An abstract, esoteric video that reflects the fact that only the natural passage of time and events can bring us true wisdom. This is my first project with my new editing software and this was largely an experiment to master new skills. David Marshall is the singer, plays the instruments and writes the music. John writes the lyrics and makes the videos. Here are the lyrics to the song: WISDOM One more foothold on the mountain. One more penny feeds the fountain. And one more path to higher learning. This is wisdom I am earning. One more flower on the first day of spring. One more chance to grab the shiny brass ring. And one more memory for the sweet and yearning. This is wisdom I am earning. This is wisdom I am learning. One more challenge you can’t evade. One more debt you know you’re going to have to pay. And one more roll of the dice, your luck is turning. This is wisdom I am earning. This is wisdom I am earning. Words and Music by John Wesley Downey and David Marshall Copyright 2010 by John Wesley Downey and David Marshall. All rights reserved.

White Clothing, Importance of Colors, Spiritual Teacher http (blog) Transcription Why do you wear white? Colors affect your life. Different countries and regions assign different attributes to colors. In America wearing black is a sign of power. In India it is the opposite. These ideas are man-made but color affects you regardless. If you wear red your energy will increase. If you are depressed wear white because it brings peace. If you want to attract money wear black or green. Wear emerald set in gold and you will attract money. Wearing this however, is not enough. You have to put effort to create money. Color attracts and heals many things. The best color for peace is white. That is why I have chosen this color. It is soothing and symbolic. It brings peace in the world. I want to bring peace, truth and light to the world. People have the right to know the truth about God and also themselves. Choose to learn the right way in order to always be in peace. One day you might choose to also wear white. And where did God come from? I tell you that all beliefs are false because your belief today might change tomorrow. One day all beliefs might be gone. The belief is that God created this world and the universe but then the question arises that “who created God?” This is only our belief. If we exist, God exists. Go back 5000 years and you will find that people did not have a concept of God. They worshipped trees, stars, moon and the sun. No ancient text mentions God. So the real question to