Occult secrets: Powers of Magick & how it works (spiritual conspiracies)

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Atheistic Satanism and Spirituality

Divorcing of the concepts of spirituality, philosophy, and religion, which most western christian-born individuals consider linked together because of their cults confusion over linguistic and anthropological terms and ideals.

Merrily Merrily Merrily Life Is Not A Dream Its A Vacation

I have spent a lot of my Life trying to figure out what is the truth to Life and the Universe . I have done much reading and taken different pieces of the truth from many different religions. Many Religions I have found to be obviously False. Even though things are proven to be false over and over People do continue on “Faith” to believe them. My ideas here are as a Theory of what I have come up with so far. There is No Box where things have to be 100% True and can not be wrong. They are only what you Believe and want them to be. Here I will try to explain what I think the truth is so far and why I believe it to be true ! This is an on going work and there will be many updates and Changes as time goes by and I learn more. Please feel free to ask Questions because that is how we find the Answers. Lets be clear I am not Saying I am God or the Son of God, I am Saying that We as a Human race are all small Pieces of what we think of as God !

Your First Step: The Universe only knows what is in your mind ! If your Brain has negative emotions and thoughts then that is what it brings you . Be careful what your mind thinks about. I am going to start you off by telling you this Life is nothing more than VACATIONISM !!!

The Therory of Vactionism is that every person and every Living thing is Energy . We all come from this Giant energy ball that floats some where in the Middle of the Universe . When we are a part of the Energy Ball we are all Connected, We are individuals yet we are one and the same and we feel only Joy Happiness Peace (No Negative Emotions) and we are never alone !

Every now and again things get a little Boring, We are curious beings that seek new adventures. We leave the Energy Ball and we travel the Universe and look for something to become for a while. For those of us here on Earth We become Humans , Animals Trees and Plants . (I am not Sure maybe other things too like Clouds and stuff like that)

While we are here we have these Corporeal bodies that we live in. These Bodies keep us from Truly being a part of each other as we are used to being. (Sex being the Closest Thing we can experaince to togetherness while in these bodies) These Bodies are also the reason for many negative emotions.

As Children We learn that a hot stove it hurts the body , We learn pain and because of pain we learn fear and because of fear and Pain we allow ourselves to fear and distrust things we do not understand. Often we spend our Lives, Hiding not trusting anything in an attempt to protect this body (This Body is Nothing more then a rental car )

We come here to enjoy Different experiences, But We spend most of our time hating and fearing each other. We are all Roses from the Same Bush, Some of us have been placed in Different Colored Vases. Why would a Rose hate its Brother Rose because it has been placed in a Red vase while the other Rose a Blue vase?

This Life is a Vacation and we are here to enjoy it and bring back the Experiences to the Giant Energy Ball and share our Vacation Photos with everyone else that is there. What will you have to show? A Life time of Working 9 to 5 and hiding in fear or will you have some Great Crazy Vacation Photos to Share?

This Life is not reality it is only a Vacation. When a Human dies a few Minutes Later there is an Energy Discharge from the Body , I believe that is who we truly are !

There is a great and Powerful Being that Controls the Universe it is not mean and it does not Judge Us it is a part of Us and Us a part of it. It tries to help us out by sending us what it thinks we need. The Brain and our thoughts work on energy when we think negative Emotions then that is what it sends to us. This Life is Nothing more then a Short vacation and Should be taken with no more Seriousness then that !!!

As with anything in life there is more To Come, Life is what you make it - Your Bro LJ James. Reality is a Man Made Prison I Choose to No Longer Live in .

LJ James is a freelance Author and he runs a abercrombie and fitch Style T-Shirt Company LJ James is also the partner on an online TV show. Free reprint available from: Merrily Merrily Merrily Life Is Not A Dream Its A Vacation.

How to Cast Out Demons from Christians (Part One)

Demonic doctrines have infiltrated Christianity. In the American church, Satan moves in darkness and most Christians don’t believe they can have demons in them (not possessed). In other cultures around the world, demons are worshiped openly and possession is a way of life. I will provide Biblical proof that Christian demonization is a reality. This series will be a comprehensive step by step instruction on how to cast out demons. I give honor to Don Dickerman and his amazing ministry team who have delivered more than 25000 Christians from demons. This teaching is not theory but has been put into practice by me and others. People are physically, emotionally and spiritually healed instantly. They experience fruit of freedom long after the deliverance. If you are a child of the King but are addicted, depressed or diseased, be encouraged, your freedom is near! God bless you! www.dondickerman.net

Should Christians participate in Halloween?

In this vid I tackle the tough topic of Halloween, what should Christians do?

242 - My Spirituality Up ‘Til Now

Sorry this is soooo overdue! This is a very brief look at my spiritual evolution, I’ve missed out a ton of info as I didn’t want to go on and on, so check my blog every so often for a better look into my life. The book was ‘Spells for Teenage Witches’ by Marina Barker. sycalaelen.wordpress.com =] sweet!

Detoxing and Energy Healing with Reiki

All things in the universe is energy and is on a certain frequency. This includes your organs and the physical body. Any condition or disease a person has is linked to its own energy system. If this energy is blocked in some sort of way, then sickness typically results. However, if your energy is running free from blockages, you can maintain good health and well being.

Reiki is a system that helps to balance the auric field of the human body. It also helps to balance the chakra centers or the primary energy channels. Once these areas are clear, the bodies healing system can work properly.

Reiki practitioners are able to just lay hands on the client or hover over them to start the session. Once the energy channels are clear, the body is able to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically. There are also remote pracitioners who have the ability to do this procedure long distance.

Reiki Benefits

You may experience some or most of the following: centeredness, tingling sensations in the body, a sense of peace, an alleviation of pain or chronic symptoms, communications with the Divine, or out of body sensations.

There are also detox side effects, such as nausea. So plenty of water afterwards is suggested.

It must be stated by law, that a Reiki specialist should never state for a client to discontinue seeing their normal physician while seeking alternative methods of treatment. That should be left up to the individual.

Aside from all the physical advantages, many people can really benefit from the emotional clearance of any unhealthy cycles or patterns. Most physical issues stem from some type of fear, anxiety or stress that is held in a certain location of the body. Many massage therapists can attest to this. You can feel the tension it leaves in the muscles which later on manifests into physical issues if not cleared.

If you would like to try a complimentary 10 minute session of Reiki for only $5, then see Kenya, the creator of Psychicjazz.com. Many people hesitate to get this treatment done because they are not familiar with it before paying for a full session. Kenya has also developed the online course Chakra & Aura 101 and the free guide Psychic Awareness 101.

Cleansing The Aura With Salt And Water

You may be someone who attracts negative energy and situations easily. If this is the case, it may be time to cleanse it.

Just like an energetic protective field, your aura is able to protect you and shine your auric light. While walking into a room, this energetic field can be felt by many people.

Your aura acts just like an energetic magnet. When it gets dirty, it can collect much debris and residue to the point where it is weakened. When this happens, your body is susceptible to sickness.

Why Do We Attract Energy Debris?

Your energetic field may be weakened just by being around smoke-filled places or polluted areas over an extended period of time. It also has potential to be broken down by negative behaviors or thinking, the Internet, chemicals, as well computers and cell phones.

Besides the obvious, your thought patterns tend to be a cycle that can be broken if you ask for Divine assistance in just letting it go. The Divine will assist and guide you through this process of getting rid of old cyclic patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

Saltwater Bath

Salt and water cleanse and purify energetic debris naturally.

Place two scoops of sea salt in a bathtub of warm water and allow it to dissolve.

Relax in the warm water bath and create the intention of cleansing your energetic auric field.

While this process is going on, make the moment a meditative moment by lighting up candles and playing soft music if you like.

Cold Water Showers

If you would like to cleanse your auric field quickly, a cold water bath or shower is the perfect the way to do this. It doesn’t only cleanse the energetic body, but it also does the following beneficial things:

It lifts up the mood. Boosts up the energy levels withing the body. It helps to speed up the healing process. Circulation is improved. Removes toxins from the body. Also helps with positive thinking.

This process may feel slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, but you can build up a tolerance. So the next time you take a bath or shower, try it with cold water and enjoy all the healthy benefits!

Kenya is the creator of the online site Psychic Jazz and focuses on providing clients and students ways to empower their lives. She has developed the free guide Psychic Awareness 101. For more information about the chakras, her Squidoo page 100 Tips For Chakra Balancing & Clearing.

How To See Ghosts

For a great night out consider a ghost tour or ghost hunting night. It’s quite an experience and definitely something different. Maybe you could take a date, or go with some friends. Whoever you take, it is definitely not somewhere to go alone!

There are many ghost hunting activities available to book on line or through professional ghost hunting agencies. They take place in some of Britain’s most haunted buildings and places. Deciding on which one to go on will be totally up to whether you’re up for a bit of a laugh or you seriously want to learn about hunting ghosts.

You will find out more about the equipment used in ghost hunts including EMF cameras and sensitive noise recorders to catch the sounds of those ghastly ghouls. You could even bring your own cameras to get involved in the action and see if you can take any pictures of these flying orbs you sometimes see on ghost hunting TV programs.

You may be able to ask questions to the owners of the premises when you first get to the ghost tour venue. Asking questions to the owners of the premises will mean that you can find out more about the haunted house or the woods and it will aid you for later on while hunting for ghosts. You may ask about specifics such as gender of the ghosts or what rooms they have been spotted in the most.

Then the equipment will be set up in the various locations of the building, usually in each room, and photographs will be taken to see if there is anything on the photographs that the eye cannot see. Also there will be recordings made to see if there is any strange noises recorded that was not heard at the time.

It’s all part of the fun thinking you’ve saw or heard things. The trick is to stay calm and don’t make everyone panic. Ghost hunts are usually very safe and ghosts have rarely hurt anyone, if ever. Make sure you stay with the rest of the group and collect evidence of sightings.

If you are interested in seeing ghosts, then visit Haunted Happenings and check out the ghost tours available.

Hijacker - Spirituality

Religion is The Great Hijacker Part 12 Spirituality Whatever it is to which the word “spirituality” refers, it is something that almost all we humans intuitively understand. And it’s something that many consider to be the highest manifestation of our humanity. But do we need religion in order to be spiritual? The religious hijackers would like us to think so. But I want to suggest to you that they are wrong. Dead wrong!