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New FaceBook Fan Page Scenic Videos come join the discussion! Download the audio for free. Follow me Download this videos, absolutely free for anything you can think of. One look at these beautiful daisies with their bold colors and it is easy to see why gardeners are fascinated with gerber daisies. They are also known by their botanical name, Gerbera, and as Transvaal daisies. Their long-lasting flowers are gorgeous, with satiny petals surrounding a prominent center. Each gerber daisy bloom can be as much as 4 or 5 inches across. The foliage grows as a low mound of large, rich green leaves. Native to South Africa, gerber daisies are actually perennials in warm climates. In our climate, they are grown as an annual or an indoor plant. Gerber daisies are often used indoors because of their stunning beauty, but their longevity is limited. For optimum enjoyment, buy a plant that is just beginning to bloom and has several buds developing. Under the best of circumstances, gerber daisies may bloom for 6 weeks or more. Once the plant begins to languish, let it go. If it is early summer, it could be planted out in a sunny location with well-drained soil where it may bloom on until frost.

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“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” - Eckhart Tolle “Meaning is man-created. And because you constantly look for meaning, you start to feel meaninglessness.” - Osho “if you want to give God a laugh, tell him your plans” - Mooji “They’re on a mission to make a dog human. This is something that’s benefiting humans only. We’re becoming a very selfish society.” - Cesar Millan

A Primary Outine Of Zen Gardens

Lately, Japanese Zen gardens have gained a huge following the world over because of their beauty and artistic nature. In Japanese, these gardens are known as Karesansui. Although these gardens have become popular all over the globe only in the past couple of years, in Japan they have been around for hundreds of years.

Japanese Zen gardens are also known as rock gardens. Contrary towards the impression that the term ‘garden’ provides, rock gardens typically have few plants. Some rock gardens will have no plants whatsoever. The Japanese word for rock garden, Karesansui literally translated means ‘dry water and mountain’.

Japanese rock gardens also rarely have water attributes. Instead, raked sand is employed to give the illusion of flowing water. Rocks are then placed to give the illusion of mountains and islands. This kind of gardening began in Japan more than 1 thousand years ago.

You can find quite a few popular Japanese Zen gardens. Amongst them could be the one that contains fifteen rocks that have been artistically arranged on rippling sand. Normally a Zen garden has a particular view point from where it needs to be observed. This particular garden can nonetheless be viewed from a multiple of angles using the special thing being that only 14 of the rocks is going to be visible from each and every angle.

Archaeologists have been able to dig up traces of rock gardens from the time of Empress Suiko which was in 592 AD. It was the early 700s when Zen Buddhism began to have a mass influence on Japanese society. The Zen garden was a creation of their monks who sought to represent the simplicity and harmony of life by way of this art medium.

Although it is hundreds of years old, the art of Zen gardens has only lately begun to gain appeal amongst the masses and non-Buddhists. Luckily, these Zen gardens do not need big spaces to be implemented. They can be achieved in little spaces also.

Zen gardens could be very easy and easy to create, or they can be significant and extremely detailed. Traditionally, the rocks placed on rippled sand are meant to symbolise the island of Japan within the ocean. But, many people prefer to have a lot more symbolic representations of the capabilities that they use in their Zen gardens.

Several folks have begun to take pleasure in Zen gardening as an art form. Nowadays, Zen gardens are not limited to men and women of Japanese backgrounds. Many people have gone on to become trained experts in Zen garden producing and have implemented their own creativity into the procedure.

The idea once started out by the Zen monks is now in high fashion. It is maybe the simplicity and elegance of Japanese Zen gardens that have helped them to retain their appeal even till this day.

Koi gardens make a wonderful addition to any kind of interior. You should select either of the links herein to educate yourself regarding Japanese garden statues.

Get Girls To Like You - Why Women Love Sassy Men

In our culture, we are brainwashed to think women like nice guys. Your parents probably taught you to always compliment women, always pay for their meals, and always listen to a girl yap on and on. Society teach us to respond to a woman’s carping with, “Yes, dear.”

I’m about to barf.

This may work if you happen to be a woman’s type. But if you’re not, a woman will inevitably put you in “friend zone.”

Even if this does work at first, overtime a woman’s attraction towards will abate.

That’s because when a man cedes a woman’s every whim, she doesn’t think he’s nice and wonderful. Instead, she perceives him as a groveling gimp.

Does this mean chivalry is dead? Does it mean you should never open doors for women? No. Not at all.

You should do these things - especially if it’s your style. But add some cockiness to it.

Here’s an example. Let’s say a woman asks you to get her an apple martini. Don’t get her an apple martini. Instead, maybe get her a vodka tonic. Another cocky thing to do is this: make her tell you a joke or a story before getting her a drink.

Here’s your homework: look back over the last year and think of all the situations you’ve been in where you were acting like a “nice guy.” I’m willing to bet, nine out of ten times it killed attraction, right?

So as you think about each of these times, write down something cocky you could have done instead of acting like a “nice guy.”

The next time you’re in these situations, you won’t fall into “nice guy” mode. Instead, you’ll have a cocky response. As a result, women will be brimming with attraction for you.

The other thing you should do is pay attention to cocky guys. These guys may seem mean but I’m willing to bet they get a lot of girls. You can learn a lot from them.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

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The Flag of Iran

The flag of Iran is hoisted on the latest in Iranian flag pole technology. Like other nations in the area of Asia and the Middle East, Iran has been in the news more frequently as of late. Despite some of the more controversial stories we hear coming from this this area, its national flag displays a wonderful energy when displayed gracefully from national flagpoles. It was adopted officially back in 1980, and its adoption reflects the changes that came forth as a result of the Iranian Revolution.

The national flag features the colors: red and green. Considered a tricolor type flag, the color green is displayed first or above the other bands below, which are white and then red. Each stripe is the same in size. Like other countries in today’s world, including Middle Eastern flags, the specifics with regards to the Iranian flag are specified through regulations.

The colors displayed on the Iran flag have interesting meaning. White is said to represent or symbolize honesty, the color red hardiness, and green symbolizes joy. The design of the flag has remained unchanged for a a good while. It can be observed flown from an Iranian flag pole every so often as well as other places not located in the Iranian republic.

Called officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, this republic is located in the area of Western Asia. Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world as far as square area is concerned and counts a little less than eighty million people. The Iranian territory is bordered by the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and by Iraq and Turkey to the (north-) west. The capital is Tehran, which is also the largest city in Iran. In the past the country would be referred to as “Persia.” The current name is relatively new to the international community.

The current tricolor is considered a relatively young flag, in comparison to other flags attached to a aluminum flagpole, and other flag poles. The very first version of the current tricolor was used back during the early years of the 1900-s, during the so called “Iranian Constitutional Revolution.”

Popular flagpole components include flagpole lighting, trucks and more.

State of The Black: National Banner

I have had a special interest in the Sudan flag for a number of years. This horizontal banner is a tricolor, meaning that this flag is made up of 3 bands (also called stripes). This flag also displays a triangle on the left side of the national ensign, also called the hoist side. The Sudanese proudly hoist this ensign on Sudanese residential flag poles.

Sudan is officially called the Republic of the Sudan, note the, which I find interesting. The countries that border this African country are Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and others. Sudan is located in northeastern Africa and came under control of both the British and the Egyptians in 1899, some one hundred and ten years ago!

Flags tend to change over time. Countries and their people change, slowly. Since ensigns are used as a system to communicate, the right message is to be sent. The flag of Sudan has undergone some changes overtime, the biggest change being at the time of the revolution, some 40 years ago.

There is an interesting resemblance between the current flag of Sudan and the national Egyptian banner that is hoisted on modern-day Egyptian flag poles. The current Sudanese ensign hence is an obvious statement of the Egyptian influence that was more prominent in the past.

This country is a member of the U.N., and also is an active member of the African Union, and other respective organizations that seek to improve quality of live for all. The capital city of Khartoum is the largest city in the republic, and is divided by “Niles.” Some 5,000,000 folks live in the capital.

Like other national banners, the Sudan flag’s colors have specific meaning. The color red is said to represent the socialist revolution and the blood shed by the country’s patriots. White symbolizes peace and refers to the flag adopted in the 1924 revolution. Black refers to the name of the country. Sudan means “black” in Arabic, hence the republic of the Sudan or black. The color green represents prosperity and is common color used in Islamic nations.

Banners, ensigns and flags have hoisted on Sudanese residential flag poles for years, decades, and maybe even longer. Most societies in our world today have their respective flag or vexilloids, including a number of local societies in this republic. Both colors and symbols used in designs have meaning, alone and combined.

The Egyptians (have) had substantial influence in Sudan. The latter is reflected in the commonalities that are found in the national flag of Sudan and the national ensign flown by the Egyptians from their respective residential flagpoles. Both flags are tricolors that use similar colors.

Tricolors have been in use for years, including the flag of Sudan, the Dutch flag, and others. They present beautifully from residential flag poles.

Be More Social With Distant Healing Techniques

Many people are faced with social skills issues in their life. It not only affects just one area, but it can actually overwhelmed and flood into other areas of our life as well.

So what can we do about this for controlling or improving our social skills? You have to understand how they relate to you in your life. So let’s think about that for a moment. How do you think you can improve on your own things so that they may get better?

These are some of the key questions that you have to ask yourself when you’re working with enhancing your own social skills. You have to start looking from within for the answers for your own personal development in this area.

That is probably one of the biggest areas that most people don’t like to do when you’re trying to change something in our life, is to look within to find the answers. Why is this so?

I can understand that when you’re looking within for your soul-searching answers, most people do not want to do this because they are afraid of the answers that they will find for their social skills. This does not have to be a scary process, as it is about finding answers.

The answers that you are seeking from within, and the ones that you do find, are not going to determine who you are in your life. There are just answers to your questions that you are seeking. This does not make you a bad or good person, but rather someone who is doing soul-searching.

There are many different ways that you can work with healing all of these social skills in your life after you’ve done some your soul searching work. You can work with crystal healing techniques, Reiki energy healing, color therapy, changing your mindset, positive affirmations, and many other tools to enhance this type of healing ability in your life. It is all about finding what resonates within you.

By working with positive affirmations in your life, you can shift a lot of things around to enhance your own social skills today. The key to working with affirmations is to keep them positive, in the present tense, and enjoy working with them on a day-to-day basis. This is something that is going to help strengthen all of these social skills in your life anymore positive manner.

It is all about understanding how to balance things out in your life for these social skills to be healed. When I mean balance, you have to understand is about working through the mind - body - spiritual connections from within so that all areas of your complete.

The next step is to work on finding that key trigger point for the underlying root cause to be released and heal completely so that your healing session will have the most benefit in your life.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to work on finding all the answers that you’re looking for it to be healed from within at your soul level.

This is all about a healing process, so make sure to enjoy the new work for your social skills so that you can have a much better life in all areas.

Nicole Lanning, certified healer in distant healing sessions, holistic health, holistic healing, and distant healing methods can be contacted at Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute.

Incorporate Holistic Health Methods To Help You Stop Smoking

We all have different habits in our life at any given time. Now when you think about habits I’m more referring to the smoking habit that you’re dealing with right here and now that you want to make a drastic change in.

The first I want to ask you a few questions. When you think about changing something like this in your life how does that make you feel? What kind of images come into your mind? Do you believe that you can do this?

If you think about it, a habit is to something that you even done over and over throughout your entire life. It is something that you can change, but it may take a little bit of willpower to work on changing your smoking habit.

I know it can sound difficult at times, but you can do it with some simple alternative and complementary tools in your life that I can show you how to work with.

Now if you’re reading this article, you probably tried some of the basic tools on the market to help you change your smoking habit, but did you know that you can also work with complementary and alternative therapies for this issue in your life?

I bet you do not even know that there are thousands of different kinds of complementary therapies that are at your fingertips to help you with changing your smoking habit in a more natural manner. Each one of them is a bit different, see have to find the one that works for your own energy fields.

Being energetic vibrational humans, we all have to find the type of therapy that is going to work for our own life for this issue we are facing. You have to understand that what may work for one person may not always work best for another.

Now you may be wondering what am I supposed to do if one thing doesn’t work for everyone.

The answer is simple, as you just have to do a little bit of trial and error to work on changing that smoking habit in your life through some of these different methods.

Working with positive affirmations in your life is something that can help you with this issue of your smoking habit that you need to change. When you’re working with affirmations, you have to make sure they’re positive, in the present tense, and that you work with them daily so that they can change everything from the inside of your mind which will reflect outside on your life.

You also want to make sure to release and let go of any root causes that may trigger off this issue in your life. This is probably one of the biggest things that most people forget to do, so make sure to do this in your own life today.

So what are you waiting for, get started on changing your issues with your smoking habits in your life and have a much better lifestyle than you could ever imagine.

Nicole Lanning, bestselling author, is also the founder of Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute. Visit her sites today for holistic health tips, spiritual healing and holistic health training.

Positive Mind Set, Energy Healing & Humor In Life

Everyone needs to have some fun in their life, no matter what they are doing or thinking about, as this is our positive side we need to work on!

Brain benders, good hearted jokes, and riddles are something that works my mind as well as brings that laughter about!

When you think about brain benders and riddles, it really is all about expanding your limits of your mind and seeing how you can figure things out in a different pathway. We all have different views and can tap into them at any time.

There are many different ways to work outside of the box, and with many different modalities other than just focusing on things like riddles, as there are other ways you can stimulate your mind throughout your life.

See if you can solve this puzzle:

Everything always goes straight back to 4, so this means 4 is cosmic.

Here is an example: 18 goes to 8. 8 goes to 5. 5 then goes to 4.

1 goes to 3. 3 goes to 5, 5 goes back to 4. And 4 also goes to 4 in the end.

What is this mysterious way that all numbers lead back to 4 and why is it just 4?

Here is the solution:

It is all in the spelling of the numbers. If five leads to four, it is because it is spelled with four letters. Nine is spelled with four letters. 2 is spelled with three letters, then three is spelled with five letters, and the five has four letters. 4 only has four letters, so the pattern stops here!

There are many ways to work on strengthen your mind, but why not have some fun with it in the process.

We can accomplish anything in our life if we put our minds to it. You can literally have it all, but the hard part is that many people do not believe that they can.

What harm is there in doing something good for yourself that is fun as well?

This is your life pathway and journey, so take a hold and enjoy what works for you. You can tap into and harness the power through positive goal statements, riddles, and healing techniques from within.

This is your life, no one else’s, so why not enjoy every single moment of it right here and now! Laugh today and see how much happier you feel!

Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute, is now available at your fingertips for energy healing, holistic therapy, and spiritual energy healing sessions today!

Recreation Concerns Ease With Crystal Healing Methods

I would like to speak to today about working on some of the recreation topics that you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. When you think about recreation topics, what comes into your mind?

We all work on different issues at any given moment throughout our life, but when you’re facing some of these recreation topics, you have to work on understanding them in a balanced and energetic way.

Now how can you work on doing this? It’s all about understanding how the things correspond on a mind - body - spiritual level connection. Sound confusing? Or possibly even overwhelming? I can explain a little bit more about it for you today.

For working with the balancing all of these recreation topic issues out your life you have to understand that it is all about making sure that no area is getting more attention than others and everything is in a harmonious balance for a healing session.

If you think about the word balance, most people can give a visualization aid of a scale in their mind. When you think about this for your recreation topics, imagine a four pronged scale. Each one of the sides is going to represent a different area that has to be balanced out.

Now for each of these different areas, we are now going to label them. For the first area we are going to call this the physical concerns. The second area is going to be the emotional concerns, the third is going to be the mental problems, and the last one is going to be the spiritual connections for healing issues.

Visualization is something that helps many people with working on healing the recreation topics that they are faced with. Now that you have a skill in front of you for all of these issues, take a look at this and see what is out of balance. Is one side being way down more and getting more attention while possibly another side is being a little bit more neglected?

Now that you can see where the areas need to be worked on for the recreation issues in your life, you can start incorporating some different types of alternative therapies or even complementary types of methods into your life.

A fun way to work with healing the recreation topic issues is to work with crystal healing methods. For this specific issue in your life, you want to make sure that you work with a topaz crystal. Make sure it is cleansed thoroughly and programmed before each healing session begins.

It is important to understand that a healing is to take place for all of the areas, not just overwhelmed ones. You have to work on all of the issues whether there overwhelmed, neglected, or even in a balance state to keep them healthy and vibrant on a day-to-day basis.

The next biggest thing I would like to remind you of this to work on maintaining a successful healing session after you’ve balance everything out. Everything in our life requires maintenance if you think about it, we have to maintain our cars, we have to maintain our physical health, there is maintenance required in many different areas. So remember to incorporate maintenance healing as well for your recreation topic issues.

Get started today on working with all of these issues so that they can be eased completely and successfully in your life.

Nicole Lanning has a passion for sharing and teaching energy-crystal-spiritual-holistic training. For more information about crystal healing contact her at Practical Crystal Healing