The Origins of Christianity

The true origins of some of the bible stories, linguistic terms, and other christian concepts are explained truthfully for the first time.

MYTHICAL SLUGVILLE - A Slug’s Spiritual Journey

POOR HOMELESS SLUG ON HIS SPIRITUAL PATH TO MYTHICAL SLUGVILLE For more CONFUSED LITTLE ANIMALS or just TOTAL CRAP subscribe to: Song: Butterflies by Serachi This vid was marked as Creative Content for the Motion Maker program of Dailymotion Another awesome THOMDROCK production © 2011

The Flag of Iran

The flag of Iran is hoisted on the latest in Iranian flag pole technology. Like other nations in the area of Asia and the Middle East, Iran has been in the news more frequently as of late. Despite some of the more controversial stories we hear coming from this this area, its national flag displays a wonderful energy when displayed gracefully from national flagpoles. It was adopted officially back in 1980, and its adoption reflects the changes that came forth as a result of the Iranian Revolution.

The national flag features the colors: red and green. Considered a tricolor type flag, the color green is displayed first or above the other bands below, which are white and then red. Each stripe is the same in size. Like other countries in today’s world, including Middle Eastern flags, the specifics with regards to the Iranian flag are specified through regulations.

The colors displayed on the Iran flag have interesting meaning. White is said to represent or symbolize honesty, the color red hardiness, and green symbolizes joy. The design of the flag has remained unchanged for a a good while. It can be observed flown from an Iranian flag pole every so often as well as other places not located in the Iranian republic.

Called officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, this republic is located in the area of Western Asia. Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world as far as square area is concerned and counts a little less than eighty million people. The Iranian territory is bordered by the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and by Iraq and Turkey to the (north-) west. The capital is Tehran, which is also the largest city in Iran. In the past the country would be referred to as “Persia.” The current name is relatively new to the international community.

The current tricolor is considered a relatively young flag, in comparison to other flags attached to a aluminum flagpole, and other flag poles. The very first version of the current tricolor was used back during the early years of the 1900-s, during the so called “Iranian Constitutional Revolution.”

Popular flagpole components include flagpole lighting, trucks and more.

2 Zen Spiritual Blessing, Zen Universe Within Zen Inside You

University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese http Wisdom Of the Heart Church 501(c)3 Starlight Journal Ezine Metaphysical Newsletter http Christine Breese http These talks by Christine Breese are satsang videos especially for the internet directly to you, sponsored by University Of Metaphysical Sciences. Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, which offers Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate DD and Ph.D. degrees in metaphysical subjects. Christine Breese speaks often of being still in the mind and being in the moment. This is only the beginning of enlightenment. After that, the experience of knowing the self that you are is ever deepening and the journey truly never ends. If you would like to meet Christine Breese in person, she offers retreats throughout the year. You can contact University Of Metaphysical Sciences at for retreat schedules or registration. You can also hear 10 minute meditations by Christine at MySpace at If you would like transcripts of these Christine Breese, University Of Metaphysical Sciences videos, visit: “Zen master, Zen spiritual teacher, Spiritual master, Buddhism, Stillness? In zen garden, Breese, advises go within, creative universe inside master, stillness, parallel same time as human universe. Holographic universe contains whole of universe inside you; parallel universe inside you

Refreshing Experience Of Meditation In A Quiet Garden

Are you feeling depressed and agitated because you can no longer spend money like you used to and go out and enjoy life with your family? Economy may be forcing you to spend only on necessities. You can still explore way and means to look for doing something that makes you happy or perhaps find a place that gives you quiet and peace. In fact that getaway place can be just next to your home and you may not have realized.

Lets look at your options on hand. You can bundle your family into the camper and set off, but then getting them together is a major hassle. Otherwise you can think of going somewhere by yourself. Sounds boring? . Well there is still another workable option without having to take all these troubles.

With a bit of innovation and creativity you could build a Japanese Garden in your backyard and invite peace and solitude there in. Japanese in the Far East have perfected the garden concept for centuries, using nature’s gifts such as rock, plants, water and sunlight.

Japanese gardens are known to provide a peaceful and calming effect on people and thereby promote a healthy long life. With a proper design and all supplies in place, it should not take you more than 2 days to complete the job.

Spending one hour per day in the garden can elevate your mood and leave you charged with a sense of peace and vigor.

It does not take you more than 2 days over the weekend to complete this project and much lesser if you have support from someone else. The project is very simple and involves putting together the elements of nature in order that reflects harmony.

You do not need a gardener or a carpenter for this project. You can do it yourself without any help. Find it hard to believe? Simply try it out.

Your project cannot be compared to a professional ’s project, which could be totally different and look really sophisticated. After all they think differently and do things in a different way. But you too are right in your own way for this is your pet project.

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morning meditation- Zen garden

once again what a nice to start off the day. Peace

Zen Meditation

This video is an introduction to Zen meditation. For more info visit the Zen Centre of Vancouver website: The Zen Centre of Vancouver provides a supportive place for the instruction and practice of Zen Buddhism. Enjoy the original meditation music in this video.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Viewing Tours

“Hey, Mom, let’s go to look at the Christmas Lights”

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, a group of people get together to experience a Christmas tradition. They go out in buses or vans to take a look at how people have decorated their property this year. It’s more like an event than a tour for most people who go out. Especially the senior citizens living in retirement homes look forward to this excursion every year. It is one of their expected outings. At the beginning of the light tour season, there is a published list of homes that should be viewed on the tour that have especially gone out of their way to decorate in as tacky a way as possible. This is called the “tacky light tour”. It is one of the fun things people like to do, especially in Virginia. The “tacky light” neighborhoods deliberately set up the display every year, just as amusement for (probably themselves) those who make it a point to ride by. Everything in the yard is blinking and blowing about with figures of all types and descriptions included. Some of them with no connection to Christmas whatsoever.

Viewing Christmas lights , whatever type they may be has become a tradition…one that lots of people look forward to. After their light tours, many stop off for hot chocolate or at a Starbucks for a latte. It is a kind of fun thing to do.

Do you set up your same favorite display each year?

Clear white lights, in my thinking, are used to decorate the most tasteful and beautifully displayed homes. The newest icicle lights make a grand showing on the eaves of large homes. In one instance, a home was completely outlined in the icicle lights … the entire front. Because of the cost of installing these lights, particularly to that extent, most homes leave the lights up year around. There is an electrician required to connect them properly, and the cost of the lights is no small amount. If there is water anywhere on your property, it is a great idea to place these lights where they will produce a real show when the light sparkles on the water.

LED Lights; Also a good choice

The newest innovation of LED lights that use roughly 80% less energy is very good to consider for your lighting. With all the recent talk of “greening up the planet”, this is a fine start to working toward that goal. Take measurements with you to your local lighting expert in order to purchase the correct length of lighting that you will need for your particular application. Ask about sturdy electrical extension cords that are suited to using outdoors and make sure everything that you buy for your Christmas outdoor lighting display is UL approved. Whatever you use for your Christmas lighting display this year, put your heart and soul into it. There are a lot of people this year who need to catch the holiday spirit.

Hanging Outdoor christmas lights and more about outdoor led christmas lights safety.