FREE THINKING: Exposing Christianity [(2012 Documentary)] Pt. 2

PART 2 To watch Part 1 go here: FREE THINKING: Exposing Christianity trough history is a Zeitgeist-style documentary that exposes the greatest lie in modern history. See how America and Christianity created a huge sham to give the African Americans a hero while keeping people close to Christianity. Warning: If you are a brainwashed American Christian, you should not watch this documentary. This video will not try to persuade you nor wash your brain, as the United States of America and Christianity did already. This is an invitation to open your eyes, educate yourself and think for yourself. You can check every information given here. Be a free thinker and join the FREETHINKING movement. FreeThinking: Exposing Christianity Part 2. THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Free “The Secret” Law of Attraction Clearing Meditation Video

Free “The Secret” Law of Attraction Perfect Day Clearing Meditation Video - “Your Perfect Day” - a beautiful sunrise video with original clearing music and affirmations that ensure you’ll have a perfect day if you start it with this video. More free Law of Attraction stuff at - http

Disturbing Reports on Marginalisation of Christians in the UK

Premier Christian Radio’s Report on the Marginalisation of Christianity in British Public Life 2007-2011: The Christian Institute’s Report on Marginalising Christians: Instances of Christians being sidelined in modern Britain: The Christian Institute (home): Premier Christian Radio (home): Open Doors - The latest news on the persecuted Church worldwide: Good things Christians have done in society:

“Are Christians Delusional?” Richard Carrier Skepticon 3

New Richard Carrier Interview here: Filmed andedited by Rob Lehr of Hambone Productions. Re-uploading any portion of this video is not allowed unless consent is given by Hambone Productions. If you would like to use some of my footage, please send me a PM and we can most likely work something out. Please visit Purchasing calenders and making donations enable us to keep Skepticon 3 free to the public. If you liked the videos and/or the event, please consider donating or purchasing merchandise.

How to Cast Out Demons from Christians (Part One)

Demonic doctrines have infiltrated Christianity. In the American church, Satan moves in darkness and most Christians don’t believe they can have demons in them (not possessed). In other cultures around the world, demons are worshiped openly and possession is a way of life. I will provide Biblical proof that Christian demonization is a reality. This series will be a comprehensive step by step instruction on how to cast out demons. I give honor to Don Dickerman and his amazing ministry team who have delivered more than 25000 Christians from demons. This teaching is not theory but has been put into practice by me and others. People are physically, emotionally and spiritually healed instantly. They experience fruit of freedom long after the deliverance. If you are a child of the King but are addicted, depressed or diseased, be encouraged, your freedom is near! God bless you!

Native American Spirit ~ spiritual music video

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

The Divine Book (Pt.5-10 ) (Islam, Christianity & the West)‬‏

One God - One Message. This series will present divine proof from our creator, it will uncover shocking truths, as well as attempt to provide light, wisdom, guidance, and unity for those who seek it. Hope you enjoy “The Divine Book”.

Who Are The Israelites? (FULL MOVIE) True Christianity Supports True Jews, Zionist Jews Exposed 2011

Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. In the mid-eighth century, the ruling elite of the Khazars, a Turkic tribe in Eurasia, converted to Judaism. Their reason was political, not spiritual. By embracing Judaism, the Khazars were able to maintain their independence from rival monotheistic states, the Muslim caliphate and the Christian Byzantine empire. Governed by a version of rabbinical law, the Khazar Jewish kingdom flourished along the Volga basin until the beginning of the second millennium, at which point it dissolved, leaving behind a mystery: Did the Khazar converts to Judaism remain Jews, and, if so, what became of them? Enter Shlomo Sand. In a new book, “The Invention of the Jewish People,” the Tel Aviv University professor of history argues that large numbers of Khazar Jews migrated westward into Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, where they played a decisive role in the establishment of Eastern European Jewry. The implications are far-reaching: If the bulk of Eastern European Jews are the descendents of Khazars—not the ancient Israelites—then most Jews have no ancestral links to Palestine. Put differently: If most Jews are not Semites, then what justification is there for a Jewish state in the Middle East? Albert Pike (Illuminati and KKK) Albert Pike was born in Boston 1809, He studied at Harvard, wrote a blueprint of

ShockofGod: Model of Christianity

The title is sarcasm. I know ShockofGod is not a good representation of Christianity, but he claims to be. In this video, I reveal a SHOCKing Private Message from ShockofGod to another youtuber.

Travelling The Spiritual Journey, That Is The Destiny Of Your Heart

The True Nature Centre These talks by Julie Sarah Powell and Elysha are satsang videos and spiritual gifts brought to the internet directly for you by the True Nature Centre and Our True Nature Charitable Trust. Spiritual life teachers, Elysha and Julie Sarah Powell, share about awakening to your inner peace through realizing your true nature and how life really works. Elysha and Julie will give you rich glimpses of who you truly are and tools to anchor to this; your true nature. They assist you in finding your innate ability to be the Oneness of your real self in this moment. This is only the beginning of your journey of true self discovery, of your spiritual enlightenment, and of your realization of who you are. From this moment onwards, the awakening of your real self is an ever deepening movement into the clarity that is already true of every one. Keywords Elysha, Julie Sarah Powell, meditation, inner peace, authentic enlightened spiritual life teacher, self realization, self awareness, divine spiritual experience, guidance to living your true nature, enlightenment website, free spirit healing, journey of true self discovery, truth teachings, soul awareness, light work path to personal growth, powerful body healing clarity, reality consciousness, unconditional love, happiness e-book, human liberation, karma motivation, present moment, mystic rebirth, buddha, absolute ecstasy, the elysium ashram, new zealand, prayer, oneness yoga energy