How to Forgive Yourself and Feel Set Free

People continually think that it needs a lot of tricky work or that it is hard to forgive. Fundamentally it is way easier than you’ll think to forgive anbother person. There’s also a pleasure to forgiving that arrives once we have surrendered our life to God. The act of forgiveness releases the obligations of our heart to a larger power, freeing us to have a heart of joy and excitement. Discovering how to frogive yourself is a step toward a life of liberty.

I was told the other day that God does not forget our sins once we ask for forgiveness. That is in contrast to what His word declares.

For I’ll forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more. Hebrews 8:12

For us, there is a difference between forgiving ourselves and forgetting the incorrect we have done. God can remove your sin from His mind; we do not have the same capability. The sin we committed may linger in our minds and there could be lasting implications from our acts of disobedience. Yet God tells us we are forgiven and our sins are so far as east is from west.

So far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our sins from us. Psalm 103:12

Does God’s forgiveness have anything to do with the solemnness of our deeds? No, God doesn’t put any qualifiers like, this sin or that sin requires something additional because of the severity of the wrong.

Are you able to live the life God desires for you if you don't forgive yourself? How frequently will you beat yourself up or let your heart be encumbered with the sin in your life. When God’s word tells us to admit our sins it carries no qualifiers, it simply states we are forgiven and purified.

If we confess our sins, he is trustworthy and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

Is forgiving ourselves really easy? Yes, it is if you realize the difficult work was borne by Jesus at the cross. It would not be correct to say forgiveness came at a small price. I'm able to forgive, myself and others and forgive promptly, because Jesus death on the cross. He suffered a horrible death and for 6 hours He was totally separated from His Father so I may have forgiveness of my sins. What would that say about the cost of His sacrifice if I did not want to forgive myself? An additional piece on forgivng.

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Discovering - How to Forgive Yourself

Where are your past sins? Did you ask God to forgive them and have you turned away? If yes, then your sins are buried at the foot of Jesus cross. Did you know that God doesn’t even remember your sin. God forgetting and recollecting no more is virtually incredible and the only way I know it’s correct is because God’s word tells me in multiple passages.

In one passage it informs me He forgets as far as east is from west. That distance simply can't be measured and that explains why God used it as a reference. You can measure north to south due to the north pole and south pole but east to west cannot be measured. His word also tells me he doesn't remember, I don't how you get any more clear.

God’s desire is for you to forgive yourself and as best you can to forget your previous sin. Now for us mortals that's a little bit tougher. God sent us the Holy Spirit after Jesus went to Heaven and He is our comforter and helper. You should call oh Him to help you forget your past sin. Here’s a wonderful piece Forgiving Others.

How do I forgive my past sins? You are not forgiving yourself like God has forgiven you but you say if He has forgiven me then I should forgive myself. Most of us think that’s hard. Oftentimes we will forgive someone else for their sin quicker than we may forgive ourselves. Are we being prideful and putting a raised standard of forgiveness on ourselves. Do we think that we are closer to God than the person I excused so because of my relationship with God my sin is worse? I’d call that prideful and that's a sin to God.

I have seen killers forgiven by God and while they may never utterly forget their wrong they know God has forgiven them and they have a choice. Forgive themselves and grow nearer to God or to remain in a spot where they're telling God He is wrong. I've seen well known pastors who have committed sin and have asked for forgiveness from God and then they were forced to forgive themselves.

Burton Rager author of”Living Life Set Free” and “God’s Answer?” Click to find out more about how to forgive yourselfand receive a complimentary copy of “God’s Answer?”

Learning About Forgiving Others

It simply, for most of us, is not very easy to forgive someone. Why should we forgive the person that hurt us, particularly if they have not asked for forgiveness? While I have certainly hurt others in my life I have also been on the other end. I can recall some unpleasant injures from mates, business partners and from relations. It is tough to take that step of forgiveness.

A number of years back I had a partner who had developed a product and wanted my assistance in marketing his product. Because I trusted him I put in an incredible number of hours and then received an e-mail that he no longer cared to resume the relationship. For a minute or two I was terribly upset and then I made a decision to simply praise God and to put the problem in His hands.

1 or 2 days later after a prayer group time with some chums I felt God was reminding me to forgive my partner and He went further. Because of some scripture that had been read the prior night He laid on my heart not only to forgive but to offer to help this fellow get His product to market. So here's what god desired for me to do, forgive and to loan my abilities with no strings attached and no monetary reward.

I listened to God and forgave without him asking. That was the first reward I received, a lifting of any antagonism or resentment to my former partner. If I hadn't forgiven the events would have burdened me and by forgiving others I was joyful and felt free from the circumstances.

By helping this fellow I brought glory to god which is God’s purpose for our lives to bring Him glory in all we do. I also demonstrated to God that I needed to please Him above any worldly reward I could ever obtain.

Burton Rager writer of”Living Life Set Free” and “God’s Answer?” Click to find out more about how to forgive someone and receive a complimentary copy of “God’s Answer?”