Spiritual Journey Native American Flute

Copyright Disclaimer Note all Rights Reserved for Compass Productions Manufactured and Distributed by Compass Productions Songs are from CD Meditations Native American Flute music Produced by artist” John August”.Songs are as follows:Cry of the Eagle” and “Unity Dance” .THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR PROFIT, SO USE IS FOR ENJOYMENT,LOVE OF NATURE ONLY.ALL NATURE SCENES OR LANDSCAPES SCENERY WAS FILMED IN GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL FOREST PARK.The beatiful side of the volunteer state,east tennessee area .Wonderment in Mother earths Ecosystem of life.Lands of the cherokee indians sacred mountains of thier grandfathers and my own as well.Take a pathway Spiritual journey of mind and soul as we go exploring and searching for the allusive legendary sasquatch or bigfoot in a spirtual place of the world.Key Words Only:Animals,deer,trophy big bucks,doe white tails of north america,black bear cubs,owls,birds of prey,falcons hawks coyotes tribals,Beauty in the world of nature,Americas vast wilderness forest lands sasquatch bigfoot research areas 31U

MEDITATION-RELAXATION-Nature sounds-Native American music-tranquil images-By artist Johnnie Lawson

Relax listening to a hauntingly beautiful native American wooden flute with soothing sounds and wonderfully peaceful scenes from nature. This Tranquil Music will Soothe your soul. If you know anyone who would like this video or you feel could do with some relaxation please send them the link by email, facebook, twitter, blog or other means, and thank you for watching. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS HELPING TO SHARE AND SUPPORT THIS VIDEO. Johnnie Relájese escuchando una inquietantemente hermosa flauta nativa americana de madera con sonidos relajantes y escenas muy tranquila de la naturaleza. Este musical de tranquilidad a calmar tu alma. Si conoce a alguien a quien le gustaría este vídeo o cree que podría hacer con una cierta relajación por favor, envíe el enlace por correo electrónico, facebook, twitter, blogs u otros medios, y gracias por su atención. Un agradecimiento muy especial a todos los que está ayudándole a compartir y apoyar este vídeo. Johnnie Relaxe ouvindo uma assombrosamente bela flauta nativa americana de madeira com sons suaves e cenas maravilhosamente tranquila da natureza. Esta música Tranquilo vou confortar sua alma. Se você conhece alguém que iria gostar deste vídeo ou você sente poderia fazer com um pouco de relaxamento por favor envie o link por e-mail, facebook, twitter, blog ou outros meios, e obrigado por assistir. Um agradecimento muito especial a todos que é heping de compartilhar e apoiar este vídeo. Johnnie Rilassarsi ascoltando

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Here I am playing my “Erik the Flutemaker” Bamboo Kiowa Love Flute. After meditating I turned my equipment on and this improvisation was born. To me, it’s a meditation in itself. Enjoy.

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