The Flag of Iran

The flag of Iran is hoisted on the latest in Iranian flag pole technology. Like other nations in the area of Asia and the Middle East, Iran has been in the news more frequently as of late. Despite some of the more controversial stories we hear coming from this this area, its national flag displays a wonderful energy when displayed gracefully from national flagpoles. It was adopted officially back in 1980, and its adoption reflects the changes that came forth as a result of the Iranian Revolution.

The national flag features the colors: red and green. Considered a tricolor type flag, the color green is displayed first or above the other bands below, which are white and then red. Each stripe is the same in size. Like other countries in today’s world, including Middle Eastern flags, the specifics with regards to the Iranian flag are specified through regulations.

The colors displayed on the Iran flag have interesting meaning. White is said to represent or symbolize honesty, the color red hardiness, and green symbolizes joy. The design of the flag has remained unchanged for a a good while. It can be observed flown from an Iranian flag pole every so often as well as other places not located in the Iranian republic.

Called officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, this republic is located in the area of Western Asia. Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world as far as square area is concerned and counts a little less than eighty million people. The Iranian territory is bordered by the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and by Iraq and Turkey to the (north-) west. The capital is Tehran, which is also the largest city in Iran. In the past the country would be referred to as “Persia.” The current name is relatively new to the international community.

The current tricolor is considered a relatively young flag, in comparison to other flags attached to a aluminum flagpole, and other flag poles. The very first version of the current tricolor was used back during the early years of the 1900-s, during the so called “Iranian Constitutional Revolution.”

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