Spirituality — Core Self

When we truly connect with our Core Self — our inner directive, our creative force, our truth — we no longer fear death. Our only drive is to express and manifest that truth; Socrates, Gandhi, Martin Luther king. ronitherzfeld.com

The Black Dot/Meditation,Spirituality #2

Hip Hop Decoded All about the Truth about the Music and the artist /Spirituality Everyone is not ready for truth! Blacks who Sold their SOUL and their own people !!!!! Meditation/Prayer/Self empowering ! MASS MINDCONTROL with materalism and False Egos !!! , T the Author Black Dot Talk about his book. HIP HOP Decoded The Truth about the industry ,Meditation and Rose”s Book-The Book Without A Name It, You Read It,You Name It- Choose the right Name and you can win 0.00By Rose Whaley, Can be purchase at- www.chakraspectrums (paypal) Amazon.com -Kindle -TRS.Inc Ny Ny Rose is a Spiritual and Metaphysics teacher and counselor And the effects on the mind of people too, Meditation The Chakras,