WARVANGELICALS: Pro-Death, Warmongering Hellbound Christians

www.watchmanreport.com The Watchman issues a hard hitting, no nonsense message to warmongering, pro-death Evangelical Christianity, exposing the extremely hypocritical and vile, PRO-DEATH agenda of the highly deceived, apostate Evangelical Christian community, and the soon coming Divine repercussions upon such a wicked and sinful apostate people who dare to call themselves followers of Yahshua, yet openly promote and support the very cause of Satan. The video spoken of in this message can be seen here vimeo.com The world now stands on the brink of WW3 over the Syria and Iran issues, which are openly supported and promoted by the leadership within the Evangelical Christian community, in the guise of protecting Israel. It is a very powerful and frightening message indeed for those who think that they will be saved from the global catastrophe that they are primarily responsible for starting by a political end time deception called a pre-tribulation rapture, which was INVENTED for just such a time as this. Evangelical Christianity’s attitude is SO WHAT IF WE’RE THE CAUSE OF WW3 - WE’RE ALL GOING TO BE RAPTURED AWAY BEFORE IT HITS US! This mindset is a prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 28’s MAKING LIES OUR REFUGE end time prophecy. The last part of the message sums it up: “The time of Yahweh’s pleading with words for warmongering, pro-death Evangelical Christians is over…He will plead next by FIRE!” Evangelical Christians are quick to want to bring THE SWORD, shedding of

Cherry Picking Christians

The tendency of christians to ignore the fallacies and contradictions in their “holy” book while offering extra-biblical explanations of aforementioned problematic content, denying the evil and stupidity of some of the stories in the bible. This extends to other religious groups too!

Is it Fair for Christians to Criticise Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Some people have complained to me that it is unfair, unloving, or even “un-Christian” for a Christian to be critical of the beliefs and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This video responds to these assertions. Page of Watchtower quotations attacking and criticising Christian churches: www.spotlightministries.org.uk

Sword of Kali Ma Falls on Christianity

SWORD OF KALI MA FALLS UPON CHRISTIANITY. Christianity and Islam are, historically, nothing but literally murderous cults of thought control. Awaken! Acharya Ratridasa Paravedashruti Khadgasatyanirvana Founder-Acharya, United Devotees of Divine Mother Kali Shakta Hindu Priest of Kali* *Formally Initiated at Washington Kali Temple on May 1, 2010 JAI KALI MA MAHADEVI OM This is the follow-up video to “Children of Kali Ma.” Both videos, and what will be their hundreds of thousands of views, are dedicated to my cousin Rick, who is deluded by Kali in Her Lower Nature as Mahamaya, and does not know Her in Her Higher Nature as Brahman. As Pope Paul III himself declared, “Jesus Christ never existed” — but our Divine Mother Kali is unborn, eternal, and real, and She loves Her children. As Hindus, we must admit our own errors truthfully — and those errors include remaining silent for centuries, instead of speaking the truth about the Christian cult. We cannot consider it, any longer, to be a violation of our value of ahimsa (nonviolence), for us to openly challenge the violence, in word or deed, of others. We can no longer lie to ourselves, simply pretending that “everything is fated,” while we silently allow those persons who possess an aggressive, misguided, “blind faith” (instead of the sincere *effort*, with or without faith, in devotion, that our Divine Mother asked of us in the oldest scripture in the world, the Rig Veda) to act violently toward other children of our Divine

BREAKING - Prince Al-Shaba Converts to Christianity and RENOUNCES ISLAM!

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Monica Dennington (tictocministries) Exposed: Anonymous Christianity

I show why and how Monica Dennington uses smoke and mirrors to attack Christians who have refuted her in the past. I also expose her hidden agenda and the fact that her ministry is nothing more than a money making scheme. Monica follows in the footsteps of many evangelists by using tictocministries to raise funds to support a lifestyle of wealth and liesure. The following is a link to the video of Monica’s that I’m responding to. In the description box of her video you will find a list of Christians that she is calling to repent because they do not give their first and last name. www.youtube.com The following is an important video of Monica’s for the simple reason that she preaches against pastors asking for money and who pedal their sermons. She even states that Peter and Paul didn’t have the technologies that we have today but were able to deliver the message. But in the video to follow she asks for 0000 dollars. www.tictocministries.com The following is a link to a video from Monica’s channel named WebAThonTV in which she tries to raise 0000. www.youtube.com The following is a link to the page that Monica describes the conferance at The Church at Dallas that would have cost you to attend. www.facebook.com

AntiMatterRadio-Mysticism, Quantum spirituality, Problems with Darwinism 1 of 13.flv

Please Read, Share, & Upload To Your Channel. The time has come to turn off MTV, tune out Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, LeBron James, TIger Woods, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Rappers, Singers, Dancers, Actors/Actresses, even most politicians. This series of videos was uploaded from YOUTUBE Channel ANTIMATTERRADIO www.youtube.com Jeffrey Grupp is the owner and administrator of antimatterradio.com and author of 3 books that are available on both his website & www.amazon.com 1. CORPORATISM The Secret Government of the New World Order 2. Telementation: Cosmic Feeling and the Law of Attraction 3. The Telescreen: The Empirical Study of the Destruction of Consciousness On Anti-Matter Radio Broadcast he discusses many different topics including: Telementation (The Creation-Manifestation of Physical Phenomena By Way of Thought, Emotion, & Intention) Precognition, Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Religion, Mysticism, Occultism, Spirituality, Christianity, Buddhism, Nirvana, God, Consciousness, The Divine Energy Matrix, Holograms, DNA, The Double Helix, Nihilism, Nephilim, NOW, New World Order, Illuminati, An-nu-naki, Aliens, Demons, Fallen Angles, Dragons, Serpents, Giants, Healing, Health, Wealth, Wellness, Happiness, Meditation, Ego, Nirvana, Heaven, Hell, Liberation, Corporatism, Fascism, Socialism, Communism, Democracy, PHI, PI, The Golden Ratio, The Divine