Developing Your Psychic Powers - Psychic Healing

In order to learn what psychic healing is, it’s imperative for us to first understand what a psychic is. There still lingers an enormous amount of skepticism and misinformation when it comes to psychics and precisely what Psychics do. Many individuals still perceive psychiatry as modern kind of alchemy or perhaps quackery, others still just view it as just a gimmick. The subject of parapsychology has again begun to garner serious speculation. The concept that extrasensory perception (ESP) and related psi abilities are very real (if difficult to measure) phenomenon has started to provoke further research as well as intrigue from growing numbers of mainstream scientists in the fields of quantum theory, psychology and other disciplines.

The First thing to understand is that each person has psychic abilities to varying degrees. This ability is usually a result of having highly sensitive perceptions as well as strong intuition. Intuition is usually an innate trait that exists in every human.

So, how will you begin working on your psychic abilities? Since we’re socialized to dismiss our intuition rather rely on logic and also reason in making most of our decisions, the first step to understanding how to become a psychic is to essentially acknowledge that this exists.

Nonetheless, here are some things you can do to strengthen you ESP.

Scanning - face someone using your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and then attempt to visualize the other as a ball of light or energy. Immediately after moments, when they each come back, they tell each other what they saw, felt, whatever, as well as describe how or what the other experienced might fit in their lives at this time.” - The Light Ball Exercise

Predicting - write down a few predictions for the next day. Immediately after deep breaths, project yourself in to the next day. See yourself doing it on your plans for tomorrow. Go searching your self. Notice any colors or sensations. Note everything you sense. Write your ‘predictions’ based on the information you received.” - Sensing and also Interpreting

Online Tests - There’s many ESP tests online now. Work in a quiet room without distractions. Try different tests and work with them repeatedly. Try them at different times of the day. Are you more successful at certain times for the day than others?

Like all skill, it will take time for it to develop your psychic abilities. It will take time for your subconscious mind so that you can communicate clearly with your conscious mind. It’s best to read about the subject as much as possible and also learn as much about psychics and also the psychic ability as it can be, this may provide you with knowledge of the mechanics behind the phenomenon.

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How To Develop ESP Early On In Life

When a child is born, the child is born with a certain amount of mentality. According to statistics at the doctor’s office, a child’s progression is measured. Meaning, walking, talking, etc. This is the only way to measure a child’s mentality until the child begins to attend school. At home when parents know which signs to look for, a child can develop ESP.

Dreaming is the most common type of early esp. Although some dreams do not mean anything, and when the dreams happen while a child is asleep, the dream is usually clearing out negativity from the mind that has happened that day. However, when a child explains the dream visual happening on a picture tube similar to a television screen and the picture is very clear on the forehead, this is a sign of a child that has been able to develop esp.

When a person that does not have mature senses of esp, chances are the child’s esp will not develop as quickly as a person that has the experiences. The best way for a child to develop esp, is in the stage of childhood after the child has passed the toddler stage. This way the child’s personality has already begun, and the basics such as walking, talking, and second phase emotions are already in motion.

Chances are when a child has begun to develop esp, dreams are the simplest form. When a child dreams each and every night, and they share these dreams with a parent or older sibling, the commitment to having an extra sense has already begun.

In some cases, when a child has begun to develop esp, the child will develop one extra sense at a time. For instance, sometimes the child talks rather loudly, and there is nothing physically wrong with the child’s hearing according to the doctor.

There are many other ways to develop esp. One thing to keep in mind is that every person performs esp senses differently, and for one person to lay out a cut and dried set of guidelines will not work for everyone. The best way to develop esp skills is to get to know yourself and how you do things.

In most cases, a person could be recommended to a psychiatrist to be put on heavy medication. All this medication will do is hinder the person from furthering the already started process of trying to develop esp and is not recommended by anyone that already has esp.

There are many jokes and the ignorant do not have much faith in the esp theory, which is a very real psychic ability, so chances for successful development of esp, is to cut the ties with associates that do not carry the same amount of brain power as the apprentice esp user.

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Understanding What Extra Sensory Perception Really Is

Extra sensory perception is defined as a heightened ability to feel, sense, or hear the thoughts and emotions of others. It’s not the same as mind reading. It’s more like having a special intuition that is highly tuned toward being able to gather information about the people around you without having to go through the more traditional methods. It’s often a subtle form when it is commonly accepted amongst the general population. Instead of ESP, we call the more subtle individuals “highly intuitive.”

However, we are quick to recognize that empathetic individuals or those with a high level of intuition are quite real. ESP is just a higher degree of this same type of enhancement. Some people are born with red hair. Others are born with really bright red hair. Some people are born with a high level of intuition while others are born with an exceptional level of sensory perception.

Children have historically been considered to be the most likely to be in touch with their extra sensory perception because they tend to trust what they feel. Children have historically been the subject of mental testing in order to determine whether true ESP as we have come to know it really exists.

Some of these children were tested for very long periods of time. While the testing started in the twenties, it continued all the way up until the eighties. While there are still many tests that are done today to explore the possibilities, these tests are now monitored and delivered with the best interests of the children (and adults) in mind.

The idea of extra sensory perception can be frightening to those that do not understand what it really is. The strong and intense rejection of ESP among the general population is generally considered by scientists who study the various aspects of ESP to be fear based. It can be frightening to think that someone might be able to “tap into your mind” but in reality we all do it on a smaller scale every day.

It is not easy to live with being able to glean the information that you do from the unintentional communications that others share with you. Sometimes it means that you have to make difficult choices without being able to really talk about why you’re making that choice. Sometimes it means feeling as though you are different and that many people in your life don’t really believe that you are a little different.

There are many different types and levels of ESP. You may be someone who feels information or you might be someone who recognizes information. You might just get the occasional nagging feeling or you might be someone who gets serious and intense feelings that can’t be ignored.

Believing in what you feel or sense is the first step in really grabbing hold of the extra sensory perception abilities, whether large or small, in yourself. There will be plenty of people who will tell you otherwise, but once you start to recognize what you are sensing is accurate you will start to develop your own faith in your own abilities.

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Extrasensory Perception - Can This Phenomena Be Manipulated?

There has always been a vast debate as to whether extrasensory perception (ESP) is actually factual. Still today ESP is misinterpreted by many who don’t understand the concept. What this means is one receives information that is gained through the deep subconscious.

It is understandable that extrasensory perception is difficult to accept if one has not recognized the experience for themselves. Although this is a totally natural experience that all people have some or other time especially when they state clearly that they have a hunch about going there or their sixth sense tells them not to trust someone etc. This is definitely not mind control as well as the mind is not been controlled by a second party.

Scientists have stated that extrasensory perception is outside the realms of science as well as parapsychologists and wanted hard core evidence by using the ganzfeld methods in hope that they would gain factual evidence of ESP existing. And again due to lack of circumstantial theoretical evidence scientists were still apprehensive and would not accept this as true.

Over the many centuries extrasensory perception has been well noted in cultures gone by as well modern day where these people had extraordinary powers or a sixth sense and because they voiced this ESP they were burned or drowned as well as being termed witches. It is still practiced in many indigenous tribal cultures today whereby communication with spirits as well as those that have passed on is very much alive and probably more accepted as the norm.

Later scientists started to devise experiments in order to test the extrasensory perception ability. A simple set of cards was designed and called Zener cards and later changed to ESP cards. These cards were designed with symbols such as squares, stars, circles, crosses as well as wavy lines which made up the full set and the pack of cards comprised of twenty five cards.

The professionals selected cards that were very well shuffled and only they knew what the symbols were and in turn asked the person professing to be able to mind read what was on these cards. As well as later even a dice was used to try and obtain the same effect and both methods proved fruitful. When scientists and psychologists could not prove a definite yes or no explanation after extensive trials extrasensory perception was accepted. But research did not stop there; the professionals went onto to investigating how the unconscious mind functions as well as evaluating the human personality so that they would come to some understanding of ESP.

Those that were extremely aware of extrasensory perception and believed it existed took the card and dice tests and produced very high scores as opposed to those that were bordering on the sceptical side of things. The professionals then categorized their findings into two sections as follows - believers were defined as sheep and those that did not believe as goats. Today this test is still applied by the professionals and is known as the sheep-goat test. Meditation and REM sleep were also used giving more solid theoretical results.

In modern day this is now accepted as the norm and extrasensory perception is termed as parapsychology and making certain types of psychic phenomena such as astral projection and telepathy as well as telekinesis a standard phenomena accepted by science as well as these being accepted as spontaneous occurrences. It was also found that these experiences were not able to be controlled or replicated in any way.

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