Spiritual Life Coaching - Signs of an Impending Kundalini Awakening

Our five senses are designed for pleasure. But when you believe that your five senses are the only reality, that your sense of smell, tastes, sight, hearing, and touch is all there is, you are limiting yourself from experiencing a much larger world. The mystical realm involves tuning into the higher six senses: clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling, touching), clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing), clairalience (smelling), and clairgustance (tasting).

According to polls conducted by the U.S. Parapsychological Association, there has been a rise of belief from amongst the general public who believe in these extra senses. In 1990 only 26% of the population believed that people possessed them. In 2000 the figure rose to 32% and in 2005 it rose again to 45%. That’s close to a 100% increase in belief among the public in just fifteen years, and I expect those figures to continue to rise. No doubt people are believing more because they are discovering these powers firsthand.

One of the ways the public is beginning to experience these supernatural abilities is from the kundalini awakening. Years before the actual awakening, the initiate may become aware of glimpses into altered states of consciousness. For example, subtle feelings of euphoria may occur after a just a few sips of wine. It’s not the wine that’s causing it, it’s the release of a chemical from the pineal gland called DMT (Dimethyltryptamine).

Other signs of an impending kundalini may include: involuntary jerking movements of the body, subtle tingling in the lower spine, heat or pressure focused on any of the major chakras (such as the third eye chakra or heart chakra), reading other people’s thoughts, having strong feelings of premonition, immediately coming up with solutions to lingering problems without question or confusion.

One of the major signs of an impending kundalini awakening are what I call “word echoes.” Word echoes are when you hear a word or words that you are either thinking, writing, or reading, echo back to you from another source such as a person speaking on the radio, TV, or another person close to you. For example, if you’re writing or reading the word, “journey,” you’ll hear the word “journey” being spoken by someone from another source in the very same instance that you’re reading or writing it. Now, this may not seem like a strange occurrence. Just by the sheer odds of it, that’s bound to happen. That’s true, however, when this happens many times a day, every day, then it becomes obvious that something new is going on.

As we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 22, 2012, humanity is beginning to evolve into a supernatural being. These higher sense are no longer going to be limited to the sages, mystics, yogis, and shamans. They are already being discovered by normal everyday people amongst the sea of the masses.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a Spiritual Life Coach and the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Self Realization to the masses. His Spiritual Life Coaching program uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic health, life path astrology, shadow & pain-body work, heart-brain intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.

Exploring Your Own Mind Power

We only use about 10% of our brains as we live all our lives guided by external factors never knowing the immense possibilities that lie within ourselves. The mind is something that is too complicated for science to know all its secrets yet. But mind power, if utilized fully can achieve everything that one needs in creating his/her destiny himself.

Mind power is something that has been talked about, believed in, and cultivated upon since the ancient ages. It is known to all that ancients monks or spiritual sadhus living in the highest mountains honed the power of their minds by way of meditation. Starting from lighting up fires, causing rainfalls, moving matter with concentration, curing illnesses, they have always prophesized the power of mind over reality.

Moving forward from the ancient cultures and practices of which we have no real proofs, one can discuss contemporary concepts like the Law of Attraction, Affirmations, Hypnotism and the like in our New Age thoughts. The New age spirituality refers to the spiritual movement that seeks the ultimate or universal truth, the highest potential of man. It is more of an individualistic spiritual progression in nature instead of based on any religious doctrines.

According to the law of attraction, your mind power has the capability of influencing and thereby creating the reality of your life. According to this law, if you focus all your attention on something that you want and believe from the core of your heart that it will come true, then the sheer power of your mind will attract the object of your want and result in its manifestation in reality.

Affirmations is another similar concept which hails from the belief that mind power can achieve all your desires and attain your highest levels of aspiration. This promotes the scope of mind power with the help of positive thinking. In case of the human mind, it is said that like attracts like. Hence, positive thoughts will always lead to situations which would attract more positive thoughts. E.g. if a sick person affirms himself continuously that he is getting better and his disease is going away, then his subconscious mind will take it as true and its power will actually cause him to get well.

The best way to improve your mind power is by meditation. Start with imagining your god, or any person or an object at the center of your forehead and try to concentrate. You will see that focusing your attention on one particular thing would be difficult at first. Gradually with more practice your ability to concentrate and focus will improve till the time you develop increased awareness of your own self and the ability to direct your energies as well.

Thus if you really want your mind to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want to, instead of other external factors doing it, the best strategy is to start with affirmations and positive thinking and then working up through meditation to gain increased control over your thoughts and beliefs so that the law of attraction can work for you.

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In What Way Can ESP Powers Be Used To Help Others?

People have been delving into the realms of the paranormal for some time now. Everyone is just a little bit curious o the unknown as well as people who seem to have powers that seem to be beyond human capabilities. ESP powers which is short for extra sensory perceptions can range from people who feel they know who is calling on the phone before it rings to those who can move objects with their minds or see people and or animals that have passed over.

At any given time it has been shown that no matter what we are doing we are only using 10% of the brains capacity. This means that the other 90% is lying dormant. We use different parts of our brains for different things. It has been shown that people who have ESP powers can use more of the brain than the average person which could be somewhat an explanation to their abilities.

There are four different categories that come under the ESP label. This is what I intend to tell you about today, I wish to explain to you what each of these are called and also what it enables the person to do.

The first I wish to talk about is Telepathy, what this basically means is that without using communication that is considered normal, such as writing, speech and other methods a person is able to know what another is thinking, this is not done through body language, it is also known as reading minds, this is how another person may know a number you are thinking of, a color, a place or similar.

The next is clairvoyance which has also been called remote viewing by some. This means that a person has the abilities to know where maybe an object or person is without having any information of such. The police investigation unit have asked people with such powers to help them in cases of missing people as well as murder investigations to give the family peace of mind, and even though some are skeptical of such abilities many cases have been solved with the help of someone with such powers.

Precognition is the third power I would like you to know about. Precognition is when someone is aware of what will happen time before it actually does. One person who was famous for such readings in Nostradamus, and although he is no longer with us many people still follow the books with his predictions that he left behind. The way this can help is that accidents can be avoided, as well as if someone is going down a path that could lead to hurt, even relationships that the person asking the clairvoyant for help is in may be deemed to fail, at least through knowing this the person is eventually able to move on and get on with their life.

The final but of course not the least power is the one of telekinesis. This is where someone is able to move an object with their mind and can also mean someone who is able to wish something would happen and it does.

Which ever power the person is gifted with the extent of the power will vary dependent on the extent of their gift. You may find that some children have such a gift yet as they grow older they do not have the ability to do it any more, others get stronger with age and some people have the gift appear after a near death experience or shock. The power of ESP has so many benefits, if we could all learn how to harness the power it would not be so special.

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A Brief Explanation Of Extra Sensory

There are several people in the world which claim to know what extra sensory talents are. For the most part each individual that was created in the image of god was born with the ability of extra sensory, but many have no idea what it is or how to perfect the talent in order to gain control of this special talent.

The cause for most people to hide the fact that they have an extra sensory sense, dates back to the early witch trials. The lead Christians that became aware of these types of people, and drew negative conclusions based on their interpretations of the bible. However, these leaders that were unaware that these extra sensory abilities are instilled in every living soul on the Earth, made a dreadful mistake in associated extra sensory abilities with witchcraft.

There are six senses associated with extra sensory. Everyone of these six senses are associated with locations on the body versus the physical senses which are associated with actual parts of the body. A common term for extra sensory is when someone is referred to as having a sixth sense. This is not a true assumption by far, when in reality there are six psychic senses by them selves which make up the extra sensory team.

The factors causing the student to be put into an extra helpful reading class are not analyzed or taken into consideration, due to the fact that the public school administration thinks positively about the economical standing of the school, and figures the extra funding that will come from this situation that limits an otherwise mentally competent student.

There are six known members of the extra sensory category. Unlike the physical senses, which can be impaired due to several reasons. Such as when a person works around a constant low decibel hum, in relation to sound. The low decibel hum may go undetected because the individual is in contact with it constantly, and is usually manipulated by the mind as getting used to the sound.

The loss of the right eye is prime example to explain the transition, because the right eye is critical when a broken body needs to self heal. Without the right eye, the body will take a great deal longer to heal, if in deed it is possible at all. The optical nerve on the right side is directly connected to the self healing mechanism in the brain. Everyone has these mechanisms, hardly anyone uses them because no one knows how.

Since everyone comes out of the womb in gods image, the image meaning the abilities that fall into the categories of extra sensory. However, since everyone does not make the same choices as the physical bodies become adults, if a child lives to adulthood has a major impact on whether or not a person can develop and use extra sensory skills.

On the personal philosophy side of extra sensory, it is a personal philosophy that tragedies happen to those that have not used the gift of god that allows extra sensory. Once these senses are exposed and an individual sharpens the extra sensory the limits of life are lifted and that person can use those senses to stop evil.

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