Christianity’s BEST KEPT SECRET! Pt 6

Does Christianity today hide secrets from the sheeple? You better believe it they do: the doctrine of eternal hell fire for the wicked and hypocrites! When was the last time you heard anything about this in your church? Your “priest”, and televangelists in his pexiglass pulpit, almost ALWAYS leave THIS doctrine of the Bible and Jesus’ teachings and preachings OUT, ever opting to once again pimp the Word of God, by avoiding the offensive “eternal hell fire”-stuff which annoys all those pagans inside and outside your churches. Why? You’ll find out by watching these videos…: truth you will never hear anymore today from Christianity’s popular mega “whorehouses” and dime-a-dozen “escort services” on her fringes in the burbs, ie house church honky-tonks. …presented to you by and inspired by the hard-hitting AGGRESSIVE TRUTH from Generals James & Deborah Green of the controversial and persecuted Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps, otherwise infamously dubbed as “the CULT of the LIVING GOD”, Jesus Christ! Tired of a DEAD CHURCH EXISTENCE? Get AGGRESSIVE! Get RADICAL! Seek, Locate, and Annihilate SIN in and around you. Get off your lazy behind and get to the FRONTLINES! Souls are perishing all around you and GOING TO HELL! What are you doing about it? Join the ARMY THAT SHEDS NO BLOOD!! more UNedited videos here: […this is an overboard OverboardBriggs presentation (other’s video/audio/music

Atheists and Christians Jay Tells You How It Is

Atheists and Christians Jay Tells You How It Is

Does Christianity Cause Wars?

Mark Spence, from Living Waters, teaches on the subject of “Christianity Has Caused More Wars Than Anything Else in History!” This segment is taken from The Way of the Master TV show, Episode: Vienna To order the complete episode of this DVD along with special features please go here: “Christianity has caused more wars than anything else in history.” Some skeptics say Christianity has caused more wars than anything else in history. They paint a picture of Christians as the most murderous group of people, and somehow, this objection is supposed to discredit the claims of Christ and debunk the Bible in one single jab. Now, I agree man has used “religion” for political gain. But then again, sinful man has used everything under the sun for political gain. Just because a politician or a military leader uses the name of God to further his agenda, that does not mean God approves. In John 16, Jesus tells us that there will be some who will murder in the name of God. He says, “the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.” John 16 goes on to say, ” they will do these things because they have not known the Father, nor me.” These are not true Christians. The Bible explains that hypocrites and deceivers will always be in and around the Christian church until God punishes them on the Day of Judgment. Jesus told His followers to love their enemies. So, if a man puts a knife into someone’s back in the name of Christianity, something obviously isn’t

THE UNIQUENESS OF CHRISTIANITY - ( What Jesus Offers That No Religion Does )

Are all religions the same? Does Christianity offer the same thing as Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam? What about the Bible? Is it any different than other holy books like the Koran? Was Jesus just a good teacher, a good man, or a fake and a liar? Or was he something more than all of these? Watch this 11 minute video and find out for yourself. Here’s a link to the full message.

Benefits Of A Christian Social Network

Joining a Christian based online social network might be a fantastic way to have some fun on the internet. Many people are fed up with interacting with social networking sites which are filled up with improper content, negative opinions, and the type of online information we’re uncomfortable sharing with our kids. By means of taking part in a Christian based online social network, you can reap benefits in lots of ways..

Get something out of the content you click on. This content could be uplifting, strengthening, and could also teach you something, too.

Christian social networks can be a great place to share opinions with likeminded individuals. Do you frequently run into wonderful Christian based content material? Share content you have considered worthy to share with other people.

Locate other folks to interact with. You can utilize these types of tools to locate and meet up with other Christians on the internet. This is a fantastic way to broaden your current network and carry out some Christian evangelism and also gather strength, knowledge, and Christian resources that will help you in your personal belief.

Build up public awareness concerning certain causes or concerns. Social networks can certainly create a positive viral effect to spread information all over the place. After you be a part of Religious social media sites and share something, it has got the opportunity of being passed on by many other members of the network.

The internet can be a time hog and a few minutes spent on it can quickly turn to a few hours without your even realising it. By spending some of that time on faith-based sites and resources, you’re going to feel a lot better about the time you’ve spent online. That time could be spent productively, helping you in every facet of your life, such as with gaining inspiration, learning, sharing with others, and having online fellowship with others, and improving your outlook. Many Christian videos and articles are also entertaining, as well. You’ll find content that’s appropriate for all ages!

Many individuals take advantage of Christian based internet resources to help them supplement their time with their religious beliefs. As opposed to sitting down and reading through your bible by yourself, online fellowship can be extremely motivating and beneficial. Lots of Christians even visit an internet based church, perhaps for the reason that they are not able to leave the house or maybe for the reason that they purely love to be in a position to broaden their horizons through the internet. You will find fantastic movies, content articles, photos, as well as other methods to share messages of faith and hope with other people.

The next time you find a great article or video on a Christian blog or video sharing website, consider sharing it through social media. The next time you want to have more productive online time, consider joining a Christian social network so you can do some discovery online that you can feel great about. is a Christian website that allows you to learn about, and share your faith and belief with other likeminded people.

Can Christians Cuss?

“On the Box” is a daily (Monday through Friday) live, 28-minute, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team. Episode #271

Are Christians Narrow-minded?

“On the Box” is a daily (Monday through Friday) live, 28-minute, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team. Episode #213

18. With Dave Sterrett - Oprah’s Spirituality

Dave Sterrett quickly unpacks what we need to know about Oprah’s spirituality from his new book.

A History of Early Christianity - From Jesus to Muhammad.

From Jesus to Muhammad - A History of Early Christianity. Is Jesus God? Did Jesus ever claim to be God? What kind of nature did Jesus have? Was Jesus Christ really crucified ? Who is God and Jesus in the Bible? Dr Jerald Dirks received his Bachelor of Arts (philosophy) from Harvard College in 1971, his Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 1974, his Master of Arts (clinical child psychology) from the University of Denver in 1976, his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree in clinical psychology from the University of Denver in 1978, and his sessions program certificate in Islamic studies from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in 1998. In 1969, he obtained his License to Preach from the United Methodist Church and was ordained into the Christian ministry (deaconate) by the United Methodist Church in 1972. He converted to Islam in 1993 and completed the ‘Umrah and Hajj in 1999. His vocational history includes over five years teaching in American colleges and universities and over 20 years spent in the private practice of psychotherapy. In addition, he has taught at the middle school level at two different private Islamic schools and has served as the psychoeducational consultant at one private Islamic school. Dr. Dirks is the author or co-author of over 60 published articles in the behavioral sciences (primarily in psychosomatic medicine), over 140 published articles on the Arabian horse and its history, and over 220 published articles or formal

Introduction to the April 2011 Christianity Today

CT editor Mark Galli confronts us with the good news that we have no choice not to interact with people of other faiths.