Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance Pt. 1

Zionist “Jews” and, evangelical Christians working together to empower Israel, and dominate the world political order. Most Christians are told it is their duty; Are they deceived? Decide for yourself.

The Unraveling of Christianity (Richard Dawkins)

A clear explanation of why the Christian doctrines of atonement through blood sacrifice and original sin do not make any logical sense. Taken from the documentary “The Root of all Evil” by Richard Dawkins. Part 1 - video.google.com Part 2 - video.google.com Adam and Eve did not exist: whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com www.thegeneticgenealogist.com The God Delusion (paperback): www.amazon.com The God Delusion audiobook on Youtube: www.youtube.com Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All copyrighted materials contained herein belong to their respective copyright holders, I do not claim ownership over any of these materials. I realize no profit, monetary or otherwise, from the exhibition of these videos.

WARVANGELICALS: Pro-Death, Warmongering Hellbound Christians

www.watchmanreport.com The Watchman issues a hard hitting, no nonsense message to warmongering, pro-death Evangelical Christianity, exposing the extremely hypocritical and vile, PRO-DEATH agenda of the highly deceived, apostate Evangelical Christian community, and the soon coming Divine repercussions upon such a wicked and sinful apostate people who dare to call themselves followers of Yahshua, yet openly promote and support the very cause of Satan. The video spoken of in this message can be seen here vimeo.com The world now stands on the brink of WW3 over the Syria and Iran issues, which are openly supported and promoted by the leadership within the Evangelical Christian community, in the guise of protecting Israel. It is a very powerful and frightening message indeed for those who think that they will be saved from the global catastrophe that they are primarily responsible for starting by a political end time deception called a pre-tribulation rapture, which was INVENTED for just such a time as this. Evangelical Christianity’s attitude is SO WHAT IF WE’RE THE CAUSE OF WW3 - WE’RE ALL GOING TO BE RAPTURED AWAY BEFORE IT HITS US! This mindset is a prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 28’s MAKING LIES OUR REFUGE end time prophecy. The last part of the message sums it up: “The time of Yahweh’s pleading with words for warmongering, pro-death Evangelical Christians is over…He will plead next by FIRE!” Evangelical Christians are quick to want to bring THE SWORD, shedding of

SamSeder: Rick Perry’s Save the Christians Ad

Original uploaded by SamSeder: www.youtube.com From the Majority Report, live MF 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at Majority.FM Why can gays serve in the military, yet children can’t publicly celebrate Christmas? It’s all there in Rick Perry’s latest campaign ad…taking the country by storm!

80% of Christians Have Sex Before Marriage

Relevant Magazine, recently did an article about how young christians aren’t waiting until marriage to have sex. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Ana Kasparian discuss this obvious outcome. The Young Turks on Current TV: current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Support TYT for FREE: bit.ly

Debate - The Way Forward for Humanity: Islam or Christianity? Uthman Badar & Samuel Green UWA Perth

This is a debate on the topic of ‘The Way Forward for Humanity: Islam or Christianity? between Uthman Badar (Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia) and Reverend Samuel Green (Australia Federation of Evangelical Students) held on Thursday 8 September 2011 at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. Format Initial arguments - 25mins each Replies - 10 mins each Cross-examination - 10 mins each Q/A - 10 mins each Closing remarks - 3 mins each

Christianity and Liberalism: The Church - J. Gresham Machen (Chapter 7 of 7)

J. Gresham Machen playlist www.youtube.com Thank you to reformedaudio.org for use of this audio. Please visit their website for many other classic Christian works. The message of this famous classic of the Christian faith is more desperately needed in the 21st century than it was in the early 20th century. Since Machen wrote, the philosophical and theological trends that generated the issues he was addressing have become more firmly entrenched in the consciousness not only of the culture at large, but of evangelical Christianity in particular. The major thesis of this books is not that theological liberalism is bad, although Machen leaves little doubt of his opinion of it. Rather, the major thesis is that theologically liberal Christianity is not Christianity at all, and that toward every one of the most fundamental teachings of historic Christianity, theological liberalism takes an antithetical stance. The position of the liberal church toward doctrine is that Christianity should be an undogmatic religion, unconcerned with theological subtleties. Christianity should be a life, not a system of doctrine. Certainly at this point, liberalism could not possibly be more firmly allied with contemporary mainstream evangelicalism. Anti-doctrinalism goes hand in hand with the two most pervasive philosophical currents of our age, postmodernism with its radical relativism, and existentialism, with its radical subjectivism and distrust of objective systems in general. Machen shows

Real Christianity Vs Camping’s Rapture Folly

Many Christians assume that I mock their beliefs simply because Harold Camping made yet another bungled “End Times” Rapture prediction. Camping is funny, for sure. But I laugh at Christians for what they believe, not for what any one person has predicted about an apocalypse.

Introduction to the April 2011 Christianity Today

CT editor Mark Galli confronts us with the good news that we have no choice not to interact with people of other faiths.

Christianity In A Nutshell - The Atheist Experience 505

This is a great parody of the christian belief system. “Kissing Hank’s Ass” is the title and was written by James Huber. There are many videos and other media that use this parody or part of it as the theme. This clip has also been uploaded by Mattmon2 and bdwilson1000(links below) here on YouTube. I added Matt’s little talk about the emails and then audio of Pastor Fred speaking about Matt to the end, so this has a little added content.Don Baker and Matt Dillahunty host this clip from The Atheist Experience #505 - www.atheist-experience.com The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. The ACA is a non-profit organization, promoting positive atheism and the separation of church and state. If you would like to make a donation please do so at http To Watch the live internet stream: Every Sunday at 4:30pm CST / 2:30pm PDT / 5:30pm EDT / 9:30pm GMT www.ustream.tv To watch full archived episodes: www.atheist-experience.com atheistexperience.blip.tv Ending audio from Pastor Fred(Landover Babtist Church) speaking about Matt Dillahunty. Mattmon2’s clip - www.youtube.com bdwilson1000’s clip - www.youtube.com eNJOY! Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NC-SA 3.0 creativecommons.org