The Ten Commandments of Spirituality Introduction Video

A TV commercial for the famous book. A book on spirituality that uses movies to teach basic life lessons of ethics and common decency. Get your copy at amazon and then post a review here on youtube.

Paris Lo HMONG SPIRITUALITY (Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome) Las Vegas 2009 Hmong Paris Lo HMONG SPIRITUALITY (Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome) Las Vegas 2009 Hmong I have never experince the pushing of the chest, and I don’t want to know how it feels like, it’s scary….. my brothers are very brave to being able to over come it, in fact they are so brave now it’s nothing to them anymore. they avoid it and sleep right through the mean spirits. my dogs sleep with me, so in a way I always have company and eyes watching over me, but i know that if it does happen to me, i’ll deal with it, and over come it just like my family has. my older sister has never experience it either. when something strange happens, alot of people just think that they are crazy, but strange things do happen that we don’t have answers for, it’s like the wind, you can’t see it, but you feel it, you can feel that it’s there. On Thursday December 3rd 2009 I got a visit from someone, something? i was laying in bed asleep and i had a bad dream that scared me and i woke up from it, i laid there looking around the room, and then before i knew it i was slowly falling back into sleep, when i felt someone or something in my room watching me…. right when i tried to open my eyes, it came towards me so fast i felt it crawling on my bed, and then i wasn’t able to move… by now i was fully awake, but i couldn’t move and see anything, but i could hear and feel everything. the spirit was saying something in my ear… but it sounded like it was in a different language that i didn’t