What Is A Soul Retrieval

Shamans journey to helping guides for healing of their clients. Most enter through an altered state via natural or chemical through which spirit contact is available. Most Shamans also use percussive instruments like drums or rattles to enter into this altered state when doing it naturally. From Siberia to South America, through Europe to Africa and finally, the Native Americans the Shamans have had one foot in ordinary reality and one in non-ordinary reality bridging the gap between humans and spiritual helpers to perform ancient healings, such as Soul Retrievals. This has gone on for 40,000 years.

In shamanism, according to Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Self, there are three major causes of illness: loss of soul, loss of power, and what is commonly called “intrusions.” When people suffer trauma, she writes, the shamanic perspective maintains that part of the soul splinters off, causing soul loss, power loss and disease. Psychologists call this phenomenon “disassociation.” In the shamanic framework, disassociated parts of ourselves can be located in other realities. The shamanic healer “journeys” to non-ordinary reality to retrieve lost or stolen soul parts, obtain power animals and guidance for the client, and extract any intrusions (misplaced energy) present in the person’s body or aura.

The shamanic practitioner pursuing soul parts becomes a disembodied traveler, seeking to retrieve actual, multi-dimensional parts of a person’s soul which exist outside of our normal concept of time and space. These parts may have splintered off for many reasons.

Many times Soul Loss will occur in abusive situations starting from childhood on up to adulthood. No matter if it was sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. Children of alcoholic or drug addicted parents are highly susceptible to a soul loss. War veterans and natural disaster victims suffer from soul loss due to the issues and trauma they have faced. Soul loss occurs when someone you know dies such as a friend, relative, or spouse. It can occur from having an accident or other physical trauma.

If you are feeling any of the issues that were mentioned in this article, you may need a soul retrieval. With a Shaman’s help you can put aside any trauma and despair and discard your pain with the return of your fragmented parts returning. Soul Retrieval is a very powerful and ancient healing method which recovers your spiritual wholeness.

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Energy Healing is the Cure All You Need

If you are looking for a way to rid your mind and body of the stress that ails so many people today, consider using guided meditation to help release the trouble from your body and mind. Using a form of energy healing, you will be able to imagine the stress being pulled away from your body, and you will feel refreshed and relieved.

One of the best forms of energy healing is therapeutic touch. While it generally requires someone properly trained in manipulating human energy fields through touch, anyone can help to provide this sort of healing to anyone else.

You simply close your eyes and allow your mind to become attuned to the energies of the universe. Once you feel as though you have accomplished this (usually within one to two minutes of opening yourself up to it) you will be ready to help your friend begin the healing process.

If you have never experienced an energy healing session before, then you should know that it is not painful or risky. There are no negative health benefits associated with this type of medicine. You can just relax and have a practitioner cure your body of the ailments, or learn to use guided imagery as a way to cure yourself.

While relaxing your individual muscles, focus on your breathing. With each inward breath, think “In.” and with each outward breath think “Out.” Breath slowly and deeply, using your belly to draw in breaths.

The second method of energy healing is absorbing the negative energy and then dispelling it from your body. This is a method that is only to be used by those individuals who have a strong sense of their personal energy and have learned to manipulate their own energy fields. For this process, you put your friend into the same suggestive state, and then explain that you are using your energy field to suck out the negative energy that is disturbing their mind-body harmony. You then absorb it and retreat to privacy to meditate, and use a guided meditation to eliminate the negative energy from your body.

If you are looking for a way to ease away your troubles, then the power of guided imagery and energy healing can help you obtain your goals. You will no longer need to spend your time worrying or feeling sick, as you learn to manipulate your own energy fields and align your mind and body. Those who wish to find themselves in a better state of mind, body, and soul should consider this type of medicine not just as a treatment for irregular ailments, but as a lifestyle to help ensure that one stays constantly healthy and in good condition.

Learn other ways to get rig of negative energy and master meditation

How to Live and Love Best: Choosing the Divine Healing Path

Divine healing can mean lots of things to different people yet simplistically it’s known as energy healing, energy channeling, love and compassionate healing to transfix anything in your life that’s out of balance. When we are in perfect alignment with the Universe, our mission in life and our role in our everyday life - and remain focused on that without getting sidetracked to negative as well as detrimental thinking - we are in alignment with our spirit, and the divine love that each and every one of us are interconnected with.

Divine healing practitioners are known to have a special gift. Acutely aware, vigilant plus tune with your energy, then may help you not just to relieve your unpleasant illnesses, negative moods and thinking patterns, but to enhance your focus, reduce stress and even improve the longevity of your life!

Divine healing is a positive experience anytime it is guided by the professional healer. Those who provide a divine healing session an opportunity that experience severe physical discomfort including chronic back pain from the skiing accident from years back or even joint discomfort due to long standing arthritis can quickly reap the benefits after a session or two of divine healing.

A divine healer features a clear purpose for what they do: they presume that their spiritual purpose as well as intention is to help others obtain a life that’s totally free and available for love, joy as well as contentment. Throughout each person’s life, the opportunity for blocked energy is probable. Blocked energy might be as a result of amount of reoccurring stress in your own life, detrimental or even abusive relationships from the past or present as well as negative thinking.

Also referred to as divine energy healing, the miracle work it involves can take on many forms. Few people have to rely just on Reiki or meditation to feel the effects. For example, if you feel like regardless of what headway you make in your job you are not going to get ahead in your career or even make enough to stay on top of your bills, connecting to the divine is a wonderful solution.

Divine healing can guide you to relearn that every one of us in associated with anything else in the Universe, such as past and present lives, future moments on time and our capability to love, be loved as well as live. You breathe just like almost every other human in the world breaths. In this way, divine spiritual healing can remind us that we will never be alone and help us to unblock the energy which will contribute to total wellness along with emotional health.

If you are interested to learn more about Spiritual Healing, follow this link to Divine Energy Healing.

How Solfeggio Frequencies Make You Feel Relaxed

The Solfeggio frequencies are specific sound tones and can be used for healing. This sound tool can dramatically enrich the quality of your life, make you feel relaxed or reduce stress. Sounds to good to be true? It’s really working and I will show you how.

Solfeggio frequencies has really interesting story to tell. Many years ago, these tones were used in the ancient Gregorian hymns and chants. According to some researchers, these particular tones were giving spiritual power to monks and gathered people. It’s important to remind that the Solfeggio frequencies were used as a sound healing tool, not a magic wand.

They were lost in the 18th century. The old musical scale was changed due to a need for conformity between instruments. It was the death of Solfeggios but in the mid-1970’s they were born again - Dr Joseph Puleo discovered them during his research. You can read this amazing story in a book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” (released in 1999) by Dr Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo.

I’m going to share with you my experience about these tones. I’ll also show you how to make the best of Solfeggio frequencies. I started to listen to these healing tones about five years ago. It was a very special moment, because I wanted to change something in my unhealthy and stressful life. Honestly, I wanted to be a truly happy man without any worries.

Solfeggio frequencies help me speed up healing and recovery, get rid of headaches, alleviate stress, boost energy. The result: I’ve created pure harmony and happiness in my life. But there is something more. The power of Solfeggio affected those, who surround me and now they also have pretty peaceful life.

Still want to know how to best use the Solfeggio frequencies? I hope so. You start with the lowest tone, 174 Hz frequency. You can also use some decent headphones to reduce external noise. Next you are going through 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz and 528 Hz. Allow your emotions to release and feel the energy inside your body and mind.

After that, you can safely explore the other frequencies: 639 - 963 Hz. If you want to achieve long-lasting results, you have to listen to these tones every day.

Want to learn more? Visit Charlie Jonn’s Solfeggio frequencies site. You can also go to this Solfeggio frequencies download website and listen to the healing sounds.

Prosper From The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success And Change Your Life

Deepak Chopra is among the most renowned authorities on mind-body healing. A licensed medical doctor, Chopra co-founded his own Center for Well Being, a place where good health and spirituality meet. In his ground breaking book, Chopra has developed a recipe for a happy life: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. There, Chopra overviews his laws to success, suggesting that everything in nature happens according to these laws.

1. The Law of Pure Potentiality

Each person is made of energy, with each of us part of one another. As energy, we are simply consciousness, and are capable of becoming anything. Natural energy binds us together: so start practicing your lightsaber, because the force is within you. This is this primary law upon which the other laws are built.

2. The Law Of Giving

The universe’s energy must be kept flowing. To maintain a positive energy flow, we each need to be constantly giving, and receiving. This does not mean that you must hand your coat to every homeless person you pass, but it suggests that you should freely give a smile, a compliment, or a hug - giving someone a cold isn’t what this law has in mind.

3. The Law Of Karma

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. When you are positive, sending good vibrations into space, then positive energy comes right back to you. Think of it as a boomerang: If you are an honest, happy person, and treat people with respect, you throw honesty, happiness, and respect out into the world, and those feelings will be returned to you. Send out negativity, and the boomerang might hit you in the head on its way back.

4. The Law Of Least Effort

The path of least resistance is usually also the high road, and the best way to obtain a goal. This is because being positive, taking the least difficult path, uses the least energy. Now, this does not mean you should sit on your backside, doing nothing all day, waiting for good thing to happen - they won’t. It means that when faced with a decision to scream and yell over life’s little inconveniences, it is easier, and more effective, to simply roll with the punches, and go on with your day.

5. The Law Of Intention And Desire

This law, again, begins with the understanding that everything in nature, including our bodies, is made up of energy, binding us together. If you focus on positive intentions and a strong desire, then this goes into the universe as a request, and the universe will answer. This concept is akin to the Law of Attraction, as defined in the bestselling book The Secret. Focus your positive intentions upon an idea or item, and work towards it, and the universe will provide. Now, that is not to say that staring at a picture of a Porsche all day will make it materialize in your garage magically.

6. The Law Of Detachment

While positive focus on our desires is important, we must also be detached from the end result. In this way, we trust in the universe to deliver what we need, rather than giving in to negative emotions such as fear, doubt, craving, and dissatisfaction. If you are obsessed with that new camera you want, take a step back, realize that your camera is fine for now, and the universe will provide a new one in time. Of course, if you are obsessed with the clerk at Walmart, buying a new pair of socks every day just to see her, then you need to do more than detach, you need to reattach yourself with reality - and maybe seek counseling before she gets a restraining order.

7. The Law Of Dharma

The final law is the Law of Dharma, with “dharma” being the ancient Sanskrit word for “purpose in life.” Here, we must recognize that each of us has a special gift to share with the world. Dharma tells us that we each must discover our true Self, find a way to express our own special talents, and use our talent to serve mankind. Your purpose might be to heal people, write a great American novel, save the whales - whatever it is, through discovering your purpose, will you experience a more fulfilling life.

These laws are guidelines to live by. If you focus your energy on being positive, visualizing what you want out of life, working towards it in positive ways, that add to the world - if you regularly apply these 7 laws to your life - then you can achieve all that is important to you. Visualize yourself happy, in love, and wealthy. Of course, just visualizing yourself with the body of a god or goddess isn’t going to take those love handles away, but if you employ these strategies, you can make steady progress on developing the body that you want to have, and the life you want to live.

Make sure and watch The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success to start shifting your beliefs in order to obtain completely distinct results. However, you still need to be in the right environment. This author recommends visiting The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success blog post to see how you can apply these principles to create financial freedom.

Spiritual Healing Can Help Many - Can It Help You?

Spiritual healing - who really needs it? The answer is everyone. Spiritual healing can help you move forward and develop into a stronger and more loving individual. This applies to those of us who are successful professionals climbing up the corporate ladder, those of us who may have been hurt several times in the past, and even those who may have hurt loved ones or friends in the past.

For the already-successful and happy person living a busy life.

Irregardless of how happy you are right now, all humans constantly seek for something more in life. More often than not, even the wealthiest professionals will state that despite any success, they still experience a gap inside of them that all the money in the world couldn’t fill.

Spiritual healing can help clear your vision. To heal spiritually would require dedication to meditation, and reflecting on how your success has shaped you and how it has modified you as a person. You might be stable financially, but perhaps arrogant nonetheless. Being boastful is not a good trait, which arrogance can bring about. Healing can help diminish the arrogance within and replace it with humility and generosity.

For the person who has experienced hurt too often in life.

We all carry some form of hurt, in one way or another. We know life is not perfect, and we are bound to experience a painful event at some point in our lives. But when we do, it often can be difficult to recover. Spiritual healing is important at this stage, to help us move forwards. In order for us to forgive those who may have wronged us - we need to be able to forgive ourselves first.

Spiritually healing your soul will help you move on in life and not experience the same pain you are familiar with each time you remember something bad that has happened to you. It is about accepting what your past has taught you, and how it has treated you.

For the person who has caused hurt for many people.

Often times, hurtful people are misunderstood. Many times people form the impression that hurtful people are automatically cruel, mean or even bullies. But when someone is hurtful, this is not always their true profile. Many times you will realize that those being hurtful are actually carrying around a lot of baggage and problems. It is these problems that cause them to want to hurt others and be angry.

Many people who intentionally hurt others have been hurt themselves. Bullying is a sign that spiritual healing has not yet happened and needs to happen before the person really hurts someone else. It is especially frustrating and painful to see a hurt person coping with the pain by hurting others to numb it. Therefore, the person needs to accept the past and move on with optimism for the present and the future.

If any of these categories are familiar to you, a spiritual vacation might be the best starting point for your spiritual healing. Owners Greg Roach and Halle Eavelyn of Spirit Quest Tours have been offering spiritual tours for several years all over the world. For a friend or loved one, a gift like this could make a world of difference..

A Reiki Master Attunement Awakes The Healer In You

A Reiki Master Attunement separates Reiki from other energy healing modalities. Since the attunements are on the etheric level , there is no scientific explanation as to how and why they work, they just do.

To understand what an attunement is we first have to accept that we are all connected to one Source ” you might call it God or whatever you feel comfortable with. At the time we were born into this world we had a close connection to this source, the universe. But over the time of our education and adjustment to our social environment, our connection still broke, due to the misconception of the mass consciousness about the truth of our Being.As a result we were disconnected from Higher Realms. Now, here starts the concept of Reiki and its attunements. Being attuned is kind of like tuning into a radio frequency or station. It restores simply frequencies to Higher Energy realities, which brings in healing or restoring energies.

It also tells our subconscious minds that we are ready and willing to regain control of our lives, our health, and our spiritual well being, and we do it with our own two hands!

After the Reiki Master attunement is transmitted, the only thing to be done, in order to practice Reiki, is to set the intention to heal and the energy will immediately starts flowing.

Reiki Master Attunement - possibility 1 What is the most effective way to give Distance Attunements?

Once you’ve received a Reiki attunement you have the key and authorization to attune others into the same level. There are many different ways to send an attunement and eventually you will find the way you are most comfortable with. With the Reiki Manual you will receive from your Reiki Master, you will find advice on how to attune your students in several steps. This includes the transfer of symbols, which represent different possibilities you will have with Reiki . Distant attunement simply means that your student does not have to be there physically.

You will make a connection spiritually through your both Higher Self and exchange the Reiki energy at an arranged point of time.

If you intend to separate your attunements into levels, you have to set your intention to whichever level you want to transmit. I wouldn’t suggest breaking up your Reiki Master Attunement into any more than 3 levels, level 1, level 2, and the Master level. There are people who split up 5 levels! In my opinion, it is probably just to make more money. But only few Reiki Master Course includes all Levels together. I have had wonderful results when sending Complete Reiki Master Attunement no matter what level the person was at, from beginners to advanced. The only exception I do is, if people want to experience the Reiki energies, I give Reiki 1 separately. However, some people think it is easier to handle the energetic changes of the 3 levels when they are split up. I personally think that the Universe knows what each person can handle or not, so I leave it up to Spirit to decide what the person is ready for.

Reiki Master Attunement - possibility 2 How to proceed a Hands-on-Attunement?

A hands-on attunement is the same as the distance attunement, except the person should be physically present. Explain your client what you’ll be doing and that he should close his eyes and put his hands in the prayer position. You probably want to stand behind him to open his aura and place the symbols in the crown chakra. After that you can move to the front for the rest of the procedure. When you finish the Reiki Master attunement let him know that he should sit for a while to ground himself. The person might imagine, that roots coming out from his feet to spread into the ground. That will help, if your client might feel dizzy or even a little nauseous for some time afterwards. Explain him that what he is experiencing is a normal reaction to attunements. Before you begin doing hands-on attunements, I would recommend that you practice on a teddy bear or pillow to gain confidence. As with all skills, practice as much as you need to in order to feel more comfortable.

Reiki Master Attunement - possibility 3 How to proceed a Healing Attunement?

Healing attunements are a beautiful way to share the experience of an attunement with those who have no intention to learn or teach Reiki. At the beginning you would change your intention to reflect the nature of the attunement. You could say, for example, “May this healing attunement work for (recipient’s) stomach pain and the energies will be integrated to his/her Highest Good at that time. From day to day he/her gets better”.

Healing attunement are part of energy healing methods. The recipient will be attuned to your intention ” overall health, peace etc. Basically, it is also called Distant Healing.

Want to become a Reiki Master? Discover how you can get a Reiki Master, receiving your personal Reiki Master Training, your personal Reiki Master Attunement and your personalized Reiki Master certificate. But first get a complete FREE 9 Part Reiki Master Success Course which will be delivered directly to your mail box.

ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation - Meet Your Spirit Guide

JOURNEY TO THE HEART with YaMa’EL, an intuitive Energy Healer now offering Free Guided Meditations at www.DivinityCodes.com. This guided Journey To The Heart Meditation takes you on a Sacred Journey through the forest of time to meet your Spirit Animal and your main Spirit Guide. Those who are guided may visit YaMa’EL at her blog at www.DivinityCodes.com where she can assist you with the RE-Activation of your Own Original Divinity Codes, Restoring your Divine Blueprints instantly back to the …

Can We Ascend To Higher Dimensions With The Activation Of DNA?

Nowadays, theories about DNA Activation are visible to the public. A couple of years ago it was a weird scenario for New Age groups which is now getting real.

Obviously, there is something strange happening out there, and within. Life is speeding subjectively up; obvious changes are happening at a faster pace than ever before, what we used to rely on doesn’t seem to be there any more. We are dreaming more lucidly than ever. Things are no longer as they seemed. What is really happening? What has that to do with DNA Activation?

The reason is that we are on the stepping stone of an evolutionary leap, to the 4th or higher dimensions. Many know the Mayans prediction on December 21, 2012, that our current world phase would end and to be replaced by the next one, repeating a cycle that has occurred approximately every 5,000 years since the beginning of time. It is a cosmic cycle of evolution. Also a number of other religions, races and belief systems say that a major event will occur in the early part of this century that will change our way of life completely and forever.

It is indicated that part of this process is causing the acceleration we are encountering at this time, and will continue to experience at a higher pace until 2012, as we enter closer to the 4th dimension. Others perceived that the DNA Activation of dormant DNA strands will happen in this period, as part of our spiritual and physical evolutionary cycle. As a spiritual awakening, or ascension to 4th dimensional living, the result will occur and will see the expansion of our 3-dimensional world into a completely new experience. This occurrence will result in a lighter physical body, higher mental and spiritual abilities, and connections to other dimensions. Another term for this is soul merger.

It is stated in the practical approach for DNA Activation that each of our DNA strands vibrate at a specific rate, and can be activated with specific frequencies, whether it will be by sounds that we can hear, sounds that we cannot hear or specific frequencies transmitted through devices or simply through the aid of Higher Beings. These frequencies are brought about by the universe at the moment, influencing our abilities, and speeding up our daily routine. Things that we never imagined will exist will suddenly become a reality. Abilities we know we don’t have will suddenly be present, and will change according to the energy patterns we already have.

What might happen for example is that some will suddenly perform healing abilities, others can move objects with telekinesis, while others may see into multi-dimensions. Another result enables us to communicate telepathically, and manifest wonderful and self-fulfilling outcomes. We will be guided by our existing interests, and soul journey. As part of this process, new synapses will be forged in the brain to widen our sphere of reference. Finally we are able to create our own reality.

As expected, those with intelligent minds may take this whole theory of DNA Activation as funny and a waste of time. Nonetheless, those skeptics and cynics should open the other part of their mind that is not restricted by self-limiting beliefs. I think it is now time to use DNA Activation, be open to new possibilities.

Don’t be afraid to believe in me. This is the time to enjoy life! We can compare the event playing right now as a melody of energy radiating through the universe, placing the octaves of life’s being in general in its highest level, and creating a major evolutionary shift of reality. As it is said that once the cycle is complete, everything follows in perfect harmony, and the world will experience perfect symphony of life, in all its beauty. Always be prepared!

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Avail Double Benefits With Less Efforts

Reiki, which is a form of therapy originating from Japan, promotes the benefits of having a healthy life through tapping the flow of life energies. More than that, Reiki practices and encourages followers to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

What could you and I have in common? Or what could you and other people across the planet have in common? My guess would be how we live our lives each day. Perhaps you would agree that the morning starts with your eyes telling you that they need more sleep progressing towards avoiding being late for work, and then the accomplishment of planned tasks to beat the deadline. You also ask yourself whether you still can afford to spend the time for some quick lunch or to just concentrate on what you’re doing in front of the computer. Finally, you go home with a stresses mind and aching muscle. There is no doubt that any time soon, you’ll be catching a disease and that would be caused by overworking and the sleepless nights due to you working overtime. Thank god there are vacations where you can rest up only to return to the same tiring routine. But the question is whether there is a real vacation for you where you don’t have to bring with you, physically or mentally, some of the stuff you do at the office.

People want remedies fast precisely because everything in life should be fast-paced. This could be the reason why people have somehow closed the doors to the basics, contrary to what Eastern philosophies promote. For the followers of Reiki, people get sick because the flow of their life energies is blocked by the stress brought by their lifestyles. And so, to heal means to allow energy to flow freely with a special kind of massage.

The faster you heal the better, everything must happen fast. This is the primary reason why some have turned their backs from the basics which is embraced by the followers of Eastern healing philosophies like Reiki. Followers believe in the concept of balance as the key to having sound bodies and spirits. The reason why people acquire illnesses is because all the stress they face each day block the flow of their life energies, that which is essential in any living creature. And so in reiki therapies, a special kind of massage is used to open the pathways of energy within. More than that, though you can have a healthy body by having a balanced diet and free flowing life energy, there must also be a spiritual balance. This can be achieved through meditation. Reiki masters advocate the importance of cleansing your spirit by taking away negative thoughts and freeing yourself from things that only give off stress, chaos and fear in you. When you meditate, you not only achieve these things that lead to complete relaxation, but you also do your chakras a favor by letting them spin freely.

Those who are introduced to the healing properties of Reiki are energized and feel a new sense of vigor. This is because toxins are released through palm healing; energy is helped to flow in a more relaxed body. True, these effects make reiki an effective alternative medicine and if you have finally learned how to do it yourself, you can also help others who are in pain. Just like any other alternative medicine, this has its own limitations; that is why it still works best as a complementary aid to other healing processes you go through or medicines you take in, especially when your ailment is the complicated and serious kind.

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